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Talking Raw with Macha: An Audio

Hi Everyone,

After reading that many raw food gurus feel they need to reintroduce cooked foods, grains, and animal products into their diets, I thought it was important to address this. There are many reasons why this would be the case, most of which Macha and I discuss in this audio: Talking Raw with Macha MP3. Our aim for this audio was to help cut through the confusion that can ensue when this kind of information is taken out of full context. I hope you find it illuminating. Please be sure to comment with questions if you would like us to clarify anything in our next audio on the subject.

With Love & Appreciation for you always,


A Salad in Motion Remains in Motion

When you launch into a diet high in living foods, you will discover that these foods contain a force that creates motion. Non-living foods (cooked proteins, cooked starches, nuts, etc.) do not have this effect on the body. Given the physical laws of motion, if you eat foods with no life force, your intestines will be mostly stagnant.

When living foods suddenly enter your stagnant, acid-waste-impacted intestine, you may feel like you swallowed a bunch of expanding jumping beans! People usually embark on a diet of living foods for the weight loss and digestive benefits, so they are perplexed when their midsection suddenly starts moving and expanding!

One thing I am stressing to everyone these days is that WE MUST ALL BECOME SCIENTISTS. People are too quick to cry confusion in the face of all the conflicting information circulating in health and raw food circles. If everyone would just take a moment to sit with the common scientific sense of chemical reactions and what we know about the laws of motion, they could find all the answers they need without opening a single book or visiting a nutritionist, spa, doctor, or raw food guru.

Pay close attention now, and you’ll gain something of real value. I’m going to give you two scenarios that illustrate the two important concepts that will serve you well in this lifestyle:

1. Imagine taking the remains of dinner and tossing it into a garbage can. Seal the lid. The next morning when you wake up, go to the garbage can and open it. That stench is noxious carbonic gas that has started to grow rogue bacteria. This is what happens in your body—but your body is much warmer, so the chemical reaction and resulting bacteria are much more pernicious.

Now imagine what would happen if you took fruit—the cleanest, healthiest food known to humankind—and added it to the garbage, or to the contents of your stomach, at this moment of chemical decomposition. Would that be healthy? Health means cleanliness, so even though fruit is wonderful, it is not going to generate health in this scenario. Since the chemical reaction in the body is already troublesome, the fruit in this case would just make it worse. If you are bloated and gassy and have not moved your bowels, it’s time to think scientifically about what your next move should be: something that reduces the gas and bloat and annihilates the bad bacteria. 

Given the kinetic motions and chemical properties of foods, when you place fruit sugar on top of acidic waste and gas, the result is more gas, fermentation, and putrefaction. This scenario adds insult to injury, contributing to the intestinal distress, and ultimately endangering the bacterial balance of the intestine and constipating the bowel.

Therefore, if you were a scientifically minded live-foods enthusiast, you would take one of the following steps:

(a) wait to have a bowel movement (use an enema, if necessary) to remove waste and gas before it creates more gas and supports the proliferation of bad bacteria;

(b) choose a vegetable juice or vegetables, which will have a neutral effect at worst, and a beneficial effect at best, by hydrating the waste and contributing good microbes to fend off the bad bacteria (ideally, you would first consume some quality probiotics to help the process along); or

(c) just wait a few hours before eating or drinking to give the body a chance to clear up this digestive upset (which is commonly caused by poor food combining, poor food order, overeating, eating while stressed, etc.).

Remember, living food is only potentially health-generating. It is only health-generating if it has an advantageous chemical reaction with everything else going on in the great petri dish of the body.

2. Next, imagine the average person off the street who has consumed mainstream food or “gym head health food”—meaning lots of high protein, lean meats, soy, peanut butter, etc. This food is dead; it has no kinetic energy. Living foods are alive; they have a lot of kinetic energy.

Again, most people come to living foods because they want to lose weight and heal digestive issues and other illnesses. So they don’t expect what usually happens as soon as they eat their first living-foods meal—a ballooning midsection with lots of gas and motion! But if they put on their scientific thinking cap, they would remember Newton’s first law of motion: “A body persists in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.” Dead food piled on top of dead food keeps the intestine pretty dead. But add living foods—with all their live enzymes kickin’ around having a party—to that dead system, and that system will be moved according to the rate and force of the added food. Living foods will act upon the body in a state of rest.

It’s important to understand that this is ultimately a very good thing. If living food enthusiasts of all levels keep their science caps on and make choices that minimize the development of new carbonic gas—following my guidelines for food order and combinations—they will eventually have clean, contracted, healthy cells. This will correlate to a lean body with tremendous vitality. As you progress, keep this in mind so you don’t fall into the trap of misunderstanding the changes your body undergoes as you introduce more living foods into your diet.

Here’s another scenario: If you’re like me and you enjoy lots of raw salads, along with cooked vegetables, goat cheese, and dark chocolate, you will see your body contract a lot because the goat cheese and chocolate are not expansive in the body like grains and fruits are. This is a good choice if you want to get really nice and lean. But remember that the goat cheese and chocolate can stick in the body (even though they are better than many other foods and very helpful in this lifestyle). But if you switch it up and add fruits (even appropriately timed on an empty stomach) or some all-raw, water-containing meals like blended raw soups and bananas after consuming a lot of goat cheese and chocolate (or fish, which is also contracting, not expansive), your midsection will very likely swell up. This is because even cleaner, living foods, with all their enzymes and motion-filled energy, will hit and awaken the acidic waste residue from these other foods that haven’t fully left the body.

Most people will assume that this reaction is unfavorable and means that the cleaner living food meals don’t agree with their system. But this is not the case. The all-raw hydrating substances are just having a chemical reaction as they meet and help eliminate the acidic waste. This is why many people think that raw foods don’t agree with them when, in fact, it’s a temporary state of awakening the old matter in the intestine. The only way to help clean out the waste is to introduce these ultra-clean living foods (think of them like soap for the intestine), allow them to awaken and magnetize the waste, and then eliminate the awakened waste from the bowel. (You never want to awaken and then fail to release, as all great scientists know!)

If you understand these principles, you can use this knowledge to play with your food choices. For example, I love my goat cheese and dark chocolate, and I’ll enjoy them for several days in a row (with a raw salad and maybe some steamed veggies, but only after I’ve had my green lemonade that day)! I know that the cheese and chocolate, while not heinous, are imperfect, but I enjoy them. I also enjoy my all-raw meals. Currently, my favorite meal is to start with some just-in-season Honeycrisp apples, followed by a raw green salad with lemon and stevia, followed by my ultra-favorite banana-carob-alfalfa-sprout “milk shake” topped with shredded coconut.

This all-raw meal is going to create a bit of temporary expansion in my system when it hits the residue of anything impure (like the cheese and chocolate that didn’t fully leave; only water-containing fruits and vegetables, their juices, and young coconuts fully leave the body, and even that only occurs in a clean, microbially sound intestine). But am I going to freak out because of it? NO! I’m expecting it and using it as a “cleanup tool”—a tasty one at that! I’m doing it on purpose. I’m a scientist and I know exactly what I am doing in my intestinal petri dish. When the water-containing living-foods meal awakens anything sticky or acidic in the intestine, it hydrates it, magnetizes it up and out of the tissues, and carries it out of the body. Therefore, as soon as it leaves with the next morning’s bowel movement, I am better off, despite that temporary expansion.

Isn’t that cool?!

So let’s all keep our science caps on and consider the chemical reactions and the laws of motion as we make our meal choices. This way, we can use food and our food preferences as tools for our health, while understanding the various reactions occurring in the body. It’s really fun getting to know your body in this new way.

Here’s to the kinetic energy of living foods and harnessing the laws of science to improve our life experience!

Eat for Simplicity

If you are interested in diet, health, raw foods, or any offshoot of the detox lifestyle, you must understand the beauty of simplicity. No matter what level of health you are coming from—be it decades of raw or right off the hot dog cart—the quickest, most painless route to health and weight loss is extreme simplicity in your diet.

To practice extreme simplicity, you must ignore all the labels like “raw” or “vegan” or “vegetarian” and focus on foods that move through the body easily, or what I call Quick Exit foods. This boils down to the following foods and food combinations:

• Fresh vegetable juices (ideally on an empty stomach either for breakfast or in the late afternoon)
• Fresh vegetables (as a raw salad, whole, or steamed with a little organic butter and sea salt if desired)
• Avocados (with a raw salad for lunch)
• Baked (and raw) root vegetables like parsnip, butternut squash, and sweet potato (try these wholesome comfort veggies for dinner with your raw salad with a little organic butter, sea salt, and agave)
• Raw goat’s milk cheeses (use it liberally with raw and cooked vegetables)
• Fresh fish (ideally wild/organic, enjoyed along with a raw salad and steamed low-starch vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, nightshades, leafy greens, etc.)

These foods, while not all “raw” or “vegan” by definition, are the easiest to digest when properly combined per the instructions in my books, enabling the body to release the built-up waste matter that’s causing your ailments and excess weight. I deliberately omitted fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and grains because nuts and grains are very dense and difficult to digest, and both fresh and dried fruits can create a lot of carbonic gas in a body that’s awakening old waste matter. The discomforts and symptoms that come with transitioning to a raw diet are usually caused by abundant intake of those foods.

If you’re sailing along smoothly while indulging in raw nuts, grains, and fruits, by all means keep doing it. But if you are have trouble boosting your energy, losing weight, or reaping other benefits that the raw world promises, it is time to practice the beauty of simplicity. It solves the problem every time!

Remember, whether you are a beginner or a lifelong raw devotee, simple food from its source, in the simplest combinations possible, is the secret to cleaning your cells and lightening up! Labels do not matter. What matters is that the food you eat moves rapidly through your body. Accept this simplicity and you will overcome every dietary puzzle and will experience the true bliss of a clean, harmonious, energized body!

Don’t get caught up in complicated raw/vegan concoctions like nut-patés, tempeh, soy foods, grain mixtures, and dense desserts—all of which lead to gas, gas and more gas, along with reduced energy and a heavy burden on the intestines. This is not to prohibit you from enjoying these raw/vegan gourmet items in small amounts if you really love them. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking they are healthy and energizing or support your weight loss efforts.

Remember, simplicity trumps all. You don’t need unusual, hard-to-find items that mimic mainstream fare in raw or vegan form to succeed. In fact, you can easily find the simple foods listed above at restaurants or prepare them at home.

The goal of working toward a raw diet is to eventually feel completely content and satisfied with some fresh raw fruits and vegetables—not to require huge volumes of raw nuts and grains. Don’t fall for the marketing of so-called health foods by building your diet around the denser, more complicated raw products.

Until you are truly ready—emotionally, socially, and physiologically—to embrace a diet of 95% (or more) of simple fruits and vegetables, you are much better off bending to include steamed or baked vegetables, raw goat cheese, and even the occasional piece of fish. Do not place unrealistic pressure on yourself. Raw is not a race. Nor is it a goal unto itself. The goal is joyful, clean, vibrantly oscillating cells, which comes from eating simply, eliminating fully, and treating yourself and others with loving devotion.

Do you see the difference, my friends? Forget all the raw, vegan, and vegetarian dogma. Simple foods, whether cooked or raw, in simple combinations, is the fastest, most effective way to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Guided Meditation: Another Way to Raise Your Vibrations

If you are looking for non-dietary ways to raise your vibrations and become more peaceful, I highly recommend guided meditation. It always leaves me deeply relaxed yet surprisingly revived afterward. Those of you who are not excited by the idea of sitting in a lotus position and following your breath will love this approach.

I actually recommend lying down for optimal results. Lying down allows you to go into the deepest meditative states because no thought or effort is required to hold your body up. This approach can also be a doorway to traditional meditation, which is also useful at certain stages. Expect an intensely enjoyable experience as you start to connect with your true nature. These meditations leave you feeling unburdened, refreshed, and enlightened, and improve sleep as they awaken your mind and heart for what is to come.

Moreover, doing a simple meditation before eating helps remove so much of the pressure that causes us to over-consume. Overeating is often the result of feeding the body from the intense, spinning energy of the brain. Our eating habits reflect our thinking. If you practice meditation during the times of day when you typically binge or eat a large meal, you will find yourself eating much more slowly and recognizing when you have had enough.

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