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NRI Addresses Heavy Metal Toxicity

3D splashLike radiation, heavy metals are a major contributor to the demise of human health today.  Heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium and barium are entering our bodies daily through the most common elements of life, namely the air we breathe, rainwater and soil as well as through dental amalgams, cookware, pipes and drains and even deodorants, hair dyes and cosmetics.  Clearly, these fundamental elements of life should never contain these destructive contaminants to begin with. How are they collecting in our water and soil and what we can do to protect ourselves from the damage they ensue?  You’re about to find out…

Heavy metal contamination in the air is a byproduct of manufacturing and transportation emissions so it is no surprise that living in or near large cities, commuting hubs or factories will expose you to substantial amount of heavy metals through the skin and lungs.  As mentioned above, they also enter your system through your food and drink, through toxic cookware, pipes and drinking water as well as through seemingly innocuous substances like household cleaning products.

In addition, however, one must also take into account the possible effect of chemtrails.  Chemtrails are the deliberate spraying of chemicals, particularly heavy metals such as those noted above from airplanes into the atmosphere.  These should not be confused with Contrails, which are the normal emissions from commercial and cargo aircraft.   Chemtrails are not normal. Their roots are far more sinister.  All controversy aside, it is undeniable that we are being saturated in heavy metals that are causing profound injury to our wellbeing. 

The physiological symptoms and effects of heavy metal toxicity are extensive but they include everything from nausea and digestive distress to endocrine malfunction to depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia. For us to maintain homeostasis our blood must remain clean. Heavy metal contamination ruins the biochemistry of that precious, scarlet life-fluid. The effects on the endocrine, reproductive systems and brain are all debilitating. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and chemicals from non-stick cookware.

Like radiation, heavy metal accumulation weakens the integrity of the bones, compromises brain function, impacts the emotions and poisons the blood, leading to every possible degenerative disease under the sun. Yes, heavy metal toxicity is a major harbinger of cancer.

As long as planet Earth is swimming in these contaminants, it is impossible to avoid them in the body. Remember, the state of the body is a mico-cosmic mirror of the state of the earth. But, there are several highly effective ways to neutralize their effects in your body. 

egd-thumbnail1: Detoxification though a Green-Centric Diet and Colon Cleansing: Leafy green vegetables are excellent chelators. Their highly alkaline charge enables them to collect these acidic heavy metals and escort them out of the body. The more green-centric your diet, the better chance you will have of eliminating any heavy metals you accumulate.  You can increase the amount of greens you consume very easily by drinking green vegetable juice and wheatgrass which pack a wallop of chelating power! Heavy metal ions will be encircled by and bound to the chelating agent (the green juice) and then transported through the body’s eliminative pathways.  What more could you ask for?!

The more accumulation of waste in your intestine, the more you will be holding heavy metal residue in your body.  The heavy metals nest in the waste matter, creating greater accumulation as new heavy metal exposure collects. One of the best things you can do to avoid this is simply to ensure you clean your colon regularly.  

For those aesthetically-motivated among you – did you know that the body stores heavy metal residue in the adipose (fatty) tissue so the more accumulation of these metals that can be removed in the gut, the more fat the body creates to store the heavy metals away from the vital organs.  When you chelate the heavy metals, your body can start to release and eliminate the stored up toxicity in the adipose tissue and, having no further use for the adipose tissue, it can and will release it! This is a main reasons that even thin women have cellulite. The body stores the dangerous toxins as far away from the internal organs as possible, thus creating homes for it in fatty deposits in the thighs, belly, arms, neck and chin. 

For those of you that desire a detailed detox plan, we have the Extremely Green Detox available for you to undertake any time, virtually, from anywhere in the world! For more information, click here. It is the ideal protocol for heavy metal chelation. 

2. Natural Chelation suppositories are another highly effective tool. The highest quality natural chelation suppositories have been proven to work four times longer in the body than IV Chelation. In has also been shown to be gentle on the liver and kidneys as opposed to IV chelation, which can be harmful. There is the added convenience of being empowered to self-administer and simply benefit from them while sleeping overnight. There is one brand of chelation suppositories that reign supreme.  They are only 20% of the cost of IV chelation therapy. However, they are hard to come by. For more information, please read this article and use the contact information at the bottom.

3. Organic Sulfur: Organic Sulfur is among the most popular tools for detoxing heavy metals. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Chordroitan and glucosamine are all sulfur-based amino acids is highly effective in rummaging through the blood seeking out and binding heavy metals in the blood. We used to  receive a great deal of organic sulfur from plant foods. But since the advent of commercial farming with nitrogen based fertilizers in the early part of the last century, the soil has been systematically stripped of sulfur. However, like most things, the majority of commercial sulfur-based amino acids are stripped of their sulfur content during processing. In addition, make sure your organic sulfur is procured via DMSO from living trees, not mineral sulfur which is toxic (and not other plants and soil that can be deficient in sulfur).


ADCT Promos 3Your partners on the detox journey,

Natalia & The NRI Team


For more education on heavy metals, their impact on the body, as well as prevention and treatment, join us for the Master Class, October 27-29.



NRI Spotlights Radiation

Radiation is a global issue – whether you are living in a metropolitan area where you are swimming in wireless radiation, using cell phones 24/7 or on the receiving end of Fukushima fall out, humanity is bearing the brunt of radiation in escalating proportions.

There is great variation in how people respond to radiation. Younger people are more prone to the symptoms of radiation because they are still forming and they are energetically more receptive. Subtle organs like the endocrine system, reproductive organs, lymph tissue and bone marrow are first to be affected. There is no doubt that cancer is the most obvious result of radiation exposure.

Radiation affects us both directly from the devices that emit them as well as indirectly through the elements (soil, air, water and ethers)  that they have directly contaminated. Symptoms of exposure to radiation range from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, endocrine disorders, autoimmune disease, migraines and hemorrhaging. But often, the symptoms of these insidious frequencies are not immediately noticed.

 Prevention is of course the best way to protect yourself from radiation damage. However, this is very difficult today unless you live off the grid in a very alkaline environment. However, that is not an option for everyone.  While one day, society will surely regard the wireless sea as the lethal threat that it is, for now, “the grid” is constantly emitting.

Fortunately, there are some very powerful aids you can arm yourself with to neutralize the effects of radioactive frequencies.

The most important thing you can do is the two pronged deep tissue cleanse lifestyle of awakening and releasing the accumulated matter in your body through a highly-green-centric diet (green juices, green leafies and cooked greens being the centerpiece of your diet) and ample colon cleansing. Here’s why: the radiation is accumulated in the waste and adipose (fatty) tissue. When you release the waste you are also releasing the radiation! As the radiation-laden waste leaves your body, more can be called out of the adipose tissue and even out of the bones! Step one is to remove the accumulated radiation in you now. This will make your body much more apt to deal with the blows of radiation you continue to be exposed to. Step two is to prevent and neutralize additional radiation from impacting you. However, also keep in mind that as you continue to be exposed to radiation, your body will continue to develop more adipose tissue to ensure the radiation stays away from the vital organs. So ultimately, you will want to reduce your exposure or you will constantly be battling adipose deposits and cellulite.

Nascent Iodine, vitamin-C in high doses (intravenous), chlorophyll, wheatgrass, glutathione, MSM and other sulfur based amino acids are all great natural chelators that can also help with radiation. Essential oils of Rose, tea tree and Niaouli MQV also help heal radiation damage. 

Important videos to watch about radiation from cell phones and wireless devices:


Inner Nectar

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been blogging for a while because I’ve been integrating another stage of increased perception. With each leap I’ve taken in consciousness, I’ve had to retreat. As a wife and mother of two school-aged children, that does not mean disappearing into a cave but rather only doing what is necessary to maintain a balanced, well-operating, loving home.

Raising your consciousness and integrating new levels of seeing, feeling, and being requires space, attention, and much rest. If you do not claim these for yourself, in order to facilitate this period of personal growth, your leap will be inharmonious and may actually become a liability–a curse, rather than a blessing.

People around you will not always understand what is occurring, and when you disappear from communication and social interactions, they can sometimes take offense. I’ve learned from experience that this is often a time when some relationships show their true stripes and fall by the wayside and others reveal a strength and understanding that lead to greater intimacy and depth. I’ve learned not to be too attached to either outcome and just to be grateful for the chips falling where they will, remaining in a state of non-judgment.

I have wanted to write about my experiences before now, but I haven’t been sure if it was time, as the leaps are still taking me into newer and newer territory. But then it occurred to me that perhaps it would still be worthwhile to share the steps along the way.

What I will share here with you here, very humbly, is simply my own personal experience and nothing more. It’s what has occurred as a result of a practice I call “keeping my eye single to the Light.” I have managed to clear this statement of any religious orthodoxy or connotation. For me, it simply means that I strip away all illusions of our world as projected inside our minds, hearts, and cells–as well as outside of us, in the world we perceive–and focus only on the source of all life: the Light.

I held this focus for brief moments at first, then for hours, then for days, weeks, and so on–until I saw my whole life through this lens. Not only did it bring me a sweet nectar of peace, which filled my heart and coursed through my bloodstream with pulsating living energy, but it also caused even the most stubborn programs, fears, and illusions to dissolve.

The process enabled my heart to open to Love like never before. It also transformed my physical energy as I reconnected with Mother Nature, awakening the cord between my heart and my physical being and the heart of the Earth. This opened a powerful portal, allowing life to flow between us. It created a new synergy that greatly enhanced my ability to access and comprehend universal and cosmic knowledge. This knowledge came–and still comes–in flashes and epiphanies, like puzzle pieces linking together all at once.

This state of being is the only state of being I desire now, and I have learned to keep vigilantly away from anything that would decrease it or separate me from it. I have been working on the fine art of participating in the world without being sucked into its anti-energetic influences.

I care for my family, enjoy wonderful friendships, am physically active, and continue to work on projects that I deem valuable contributions to society, all while maintaining the sweet flow of this inner nectar. This requires vigilance above all. I craft my life around the internal and external activities that support this connection, and then, as external things come up, as they inevitably do, I hold them up to what I now know to be true to my heart and work with them accordingly.

Keeping my eye single to the Light has brought me peace in a world of madness. It has helped me see the life-deteriorating stories, labels, programs, and conditions of our world so much more clearly, so I am more fully aware of them, so they cannot sneak up on me, hook me, or carry a charge for me. I believe this makes me much better equipped to raise my children and to communicate effectively with others.

True spirituality–which, for me, means connection with cosmic consciousness–is simple. But, like true health, true spirituality faces much obstruction and interference in the modern world. Our ability to reconnect to our Source is only equal to the extent to which we can dissolve and release our spiritual blocks. We must be ready and willing to move toward lightness (physically and spiritually) and walk away from the things that do not serve our greatest good, however hard it may initially be.

The approach is the same as the physical cleansing approach: awaken (acknowledge/see the obstruction) and release (recognize how it disempowers you on all levels and gently let it go). Then, remember: we do not detox to retox. This is where vigilance comes in: keep your peaceful warrior at the gate, interviewing anything that should desire entrance into your consciousness, knowing what is welcome and what is not.

Each time you undertake a new integration like this, you will receive a huge amount of energy. That is consciousness returning to you. Increased consciousness = increased energy. Decreased consciousness = decreased energy. However, before that increased consciousness is fully anchored and integrated into your being, the shift can make you feel very sleepy and mentally overwhelmed. It’s really important to sleep when this happens. Catnaps are wonderful and are sometimes needed, even in addition to a solid 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night. You’ll dream more deeply than usual and have very meaningful dreams that are worth contemplating and reflecting upon.

It is important to make time just to be with yourself. I like to sit in the lotus position or lie down with my right palm on my heart and my left on my belly and just feel the Love growing in my heart. My hand on my belly keeps me grounded and aware of the importance of the body’s powerful connection to the mineral energies of the Earth and to all the physical laws.

I have a tendency to move into the upper chakras, so I continuously reinforce the value, beauty, and power of the natural, physical world and of Gaia to help balance this aspect of my nature. We all have our spiritual inclinations. In my case, I suspect I gravitate toward the mental energies because I felt burdened by the body early in life. I subconsciously tended to look for ways to leave or reject it, so I tended to value the mental energies and focused on the higher tones. Recognizing and integrating the Earth tones and the physical expressions of Light were key to opening my heart, and also to bringing the living energies into my body to support my physical experience. I noticed a distinct improvement in my physical power, posture, skin tone, musculature, agility, and general youthfulness once I fully reconnected with the Earth’s power.

If you are interested, I will share more about this with you as I progress. It is the most exciting experience I have had so far on this journey. And that is saying a lot, because the whole process has been one of magical discovery, liberation, inspiration, and blessed knowledge. I am so full of Love, Praise and Gratitude. My cup runneth over! And it’s all a result of staying true to the place from which Life, Light and Love flow.

Relationship Detox

When you cleanse your body you become much more sensitized to other aspects of your life. You will naturally want to organize and cleanse your immediate environment, such as your house or office space. Then, at a certain point, you will be ready to examine your relationships—how you respond to others, whom you choose to spend your time with, what levels of intimacy you seek, whether to engage in interpersonal dramas or sign up for certain social commitments, and so on.

Physical cleansing makes it much easier to identify those relationships that attract a higher caliber of experience and those that do not.

If you have heavily clogged cells, you will tend to be tired, depressed, compromised, dissatisfied, and vulnerable. You will be quick to anger, jealous, defensive, and irrational. If you are a clean-celled individual who has objectively assessed your life-programs and social conditioning and recovered your authenticity, you will tend to be calm, clear, and generally much better equipped to choose good relationships and establish harmony among family, friends and co-workers.

When you bring a clear-flowing body, heart, and mind to a previously difficult relationship, you will find one of two things happen: either the relationship will become much more harmonious because the discord had been lying within you, or you will recognize that the other person is burdened with pain and disharmony. In the latter case, you will have to determine if that relationships is salvageable—if they are willing to make the necessary investment to heal and if you have the patience and forgiveness to wait for the healing to take place—or if it is wiser to allow the relationship to dissolve.

Before you make any major relationship decisions, particularly related to marriage or divorce, I strongly suggest doing a deep tissue cleanse and reviewing the possible social conditionings that may be blocking your authenticity. If both of you in the relationship are willing to approach cleansing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual—as a kind of “couples therapy” (either separate from or in tandem with more traditional therapy), your chances are much better for mutual understanding and conflict resolution.

However, before you start trying to detoxify your relationships, be sure to take a good look at yourself. Typically, once you detoxify your relationship with yourself, you will be able to elevate your other relationships with ease. This is because the hardest part is identifying and then breaking free of the belief systems and social programming that you have absorbed over your lifetime in order to reveal your authentic self.

At first it will be hard to discern between your programmed self and your authentic self, but it will become easier as you start to draw the connections between your actions and the programming behind them. Before you let another argument get the better of you or destroy another relationship with anger, take the time to clear yourself of your physical and emotional blocks and see what happens. If you’re brave enough to allow your ego to surrender to the process, you’ll find it to be the most liberating experience—and really quite fun!

Before you fall back into the old patterns of a discordant relationship, find out who you truly are on the inside. When your cells are clean and your body is balanced, you will see the root of your interactions much more clearly and be better able to achieve peace and healing.

Overeating and Relationship Toxicity

Much of the overeating and junk food consumption I see in my clients originates from relationship conflict. When an individual (women in particular) overeats or eats thoughtlessly, it can almost always be traced back to relationship turbulence—unexpressed hurt, a fight with a parent, friend or co-worker, or an old, deep wound from a relationship that was never honestly addressed.

Imagine: Just like on the Internet or in the neurotransmitters in the brain, there are these invisible lines of energy that run between people. If the feelings in the relationship are supportive, harmonious, and life-generating, a healthy and harmonious energy will flow between them through an invisible cord. If the feelings are painful, distrustful, or angry, an unhealthy, erratic energy will flow between them through an invisible cord.

Now, imagine yourself in the middle of a circle of all the people you’ve come into contact with in your life. A current of energy extends between you and each person on that circle. The deeper the relationships, the thicker the cord will be. Some of those cords will transmit harmonious currents of energy, others will transmit neutral currents, and yet others will transmit disturbing currents that threaten to throw you off balance.

The dangerous cords trigger anxiety, and sometimes can be traced to an “energy vampire”—someone who lives off your energy by engaging you in exhausting dramas, emitting past resentments, or even unconsciously soaking in your energy to feed his or her own. Energy vampires will leave you feeling drained, depressed, and sometimes downright sick because they leach your life force.

Remember, everything is energy. Emotions and thoughts move between people in relationships even if the people are not in the same room.

For truly effective, long-term detoxification, you must ultimately detoxify your relationships as well as your body and physical environments. Otherwise, the toxic relationship cords might pull you right back to an emotional state that’s ripe for disordered eating.

How to Dissolve Damaging Relationship Energy Cords

First, you must look honestly at the relationships in your life to see if the energy cords are transmitting useful energy in both directions, or simply weakening one or both parties. In our mainstream culture we are steeped in drama. The media bombards us with television dramas, movie dramas, celebrity dramas, political dramas, news dramas—dramas of every kind. We soak in dramas in our workplaces and in our communities. In fact, so much of the information we take in every day is rooted in human drama. We mimic these dramas in our personal lives in ways that go completely unnoticed by us because they are so common. That is how dramas can override our authenticity and make us reactionary beings—like programmed robots reacting to situations based on what we have learned from others.

Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to identify these types of relationships. They are often characterized by unhealthy competition, jealousy, repressed anger, and socially conditioned expectations—energies that are transmitted through your relationship cord. Cutting these cords and seeking to eliminate thoughtless interaction will drastically reduce overeating and self-sabotage. It is one of the most healing steps you can take in your life.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a powerful violet, white-gold and pink flame and watch the flame expand to burn away every old energy cord with the people in your life. Then imagine yourself reinstating healthy cords with those who are very close to you and with whom you wish to share supportive, life-generating energy. You will never destroy anything useful with this pure three-fold flame.

You may wish to practice this exercise every day for a week to ensure it is done. Next, you must commit yourself to stepping out of any destructive dramas that emerge to create and feed inharmonious energy, much in the same way that you have committed yourself to protecting your cleansed body from re-accumulating waste from unfit foods. As a result, your relationships will glow with new health.

Satisfying Romantic Relationships

One of the major causes of overeating in adult women is their dissatisfaction with their romantic relationships. One of my favorite metaphysical writers and teachers, J.J. Dewey, sheds special light on this issue.

In his book, Molecular Relationships, Dewey explains that because women are polarized as “receivers” (with a natural negative/receptive charge) and men are polarized as “radiators” (with a natural positive/phallic charge), women must choose mates who can “radiate” energy in order to satisfy them. Dewey does not mean that men need to give women material things. Rather, women require their mates to be slightly more consciously evolved than they are so they can receive inspiration and guidance that supports their conscious evolution. Of course, women can and frequently will radiate (give off light/knowledge) for their men as well. But in order for a woman to be truly satisfied in her relationship with her mate, he must be able to send energy to her that can help her grow.

A man, likewise, needs a woman who wishes to receive and grow from what he has to give to her. This does not mean that men have more to offer than women or to establish black-and-white differences between the sexes. Rather, this means that a woman who is highly evolved or highly intelligent needs to find a mate who is slightly more evolved or more intelligent than she is. If she settles for less, she risks dissatisfaction. If you are a single woman, you might ponder this and shift your criterion as you look for a fulfilling partner.

Enjoy removing all that stands between you and your complete freedom. Remember, you are an unlimited being, forever awakening, evolving, and realizing the enormity of your light! What a ride of self-discovery this is!

Your friend on the evolutionary spiral,

Eat for Simplicity

If you are interested in diet, health, raw foods, or any offshoot of the detox lifestyle, you must understand the beauty of simplicity. No matter what level of health you are coming from—be it decades of raw or right off the hot dog cart—the quickest, most painless route to health and weight loss is extreme simplicity in your diet.

To practice extreme simplicity, you must ignore all the labels like “raw” or “vegan” or “vegetarian” and focus on foods that move through the body easily, or what I call Quick Exit foods. This boils down to the following foods and food combinations:

• Fresh vegetable juices (ideally on an empty stomach either for breakfast or in the late afternoon)
• Fresh vegetables (as a raw salad, whole, or steamed with a little organic butter and sea salt if desired)
• Avocados (with a raw salad for lunch)
• Baked (and raw) root vegetables like parsnip, butternut squash, and sweet potato (try these wholesome comfort veggies for dinner with your raw salad with a little organic butter, sea salt, and agave)
• Raw goat’s milk cheeses (use it liberally with raw and cooked vegetables)
• Fresh fish (ideally wild/organic, enjoyed along with a raw salad and steamed low-starch vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, nightshades, leafy greens, etc.)

These foods, while not all “raw” or “vegan” by definition, are the easiest to digest when properly combined per the instructions in my books, enabling the body to release the built-up waste matter that’s causing your ailments and excess weight. I deliberately omitted fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and grains because nuts and grains are very dense and difficult to digest, and both fresh and dried fruits can create a lot of carbonic gas in a body that’s awakening old waste matter. The discomforts and symptoms that come with transitioning to a raw diet are usually caused by abundant intake of those foods.

If you’re sailing along smoothly while indulging in raw nuts, grains, and fruits, by all means keep doing it. But if you are have trouble boosting your energy, losing weight, or reaping other benefits that the raw world promises, it is time to practice the beauty of simplicity. It solves the problem every time!

Remember, whether you are a beginner or a lifelong raw devotee, simple food from its source, in the simplest combinations possible, is the secret to cleaning your cells and lightening up! Labels do not matter. What matters is that the food you eat moves rapidly through your body. Accept this simplicity and you will overcome every dietary puzzle and will experience the true bliss of a clean, harmonious, energized body!

Don’t get caught up in complicated raw/vegan concoctions like nut-patés, tempeh, soy foods, grain mixtures, and dense desserts—all of which lead to gas, gas and more gas, along with reduced energy and a heavy burden on the intestines. This is not to prohibit you from enjoying these raw/vegan gourmet items in small amounts if you really love them. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking they are healthy and energizing or support your weight loss efforts.

Remember, simplicity trumps all. You don’t need unusual, hard-to-find items that mimic mainstream fare in raw or vegan form to succeed. In fact, you can easily find the simple foods listed above at restaurants or prepare them at home.

The goal of working toward a raw diet is to eventually feel completely content and satisfied with some fresh raw fruits and vegetables—not to require huge volumes of raw nuts and grains. Don’t fall for the marketing of so-called health foods by building your diet around the denser, more complicated raw products.

Until you are truly ready—emotionally, socially, and physiologically—to embrace a diet of 95% (or more) of simple fruits and vegetables, you are much better off bending to include steamed or baked vegetables, raw goat cheese, and even the occasional piece of fish. Do not place unrealistic pressure on yourself. Raw is not a race. Nor is it a goal unto itself. The goal is joyful, clean, vibrantly oscillating cells, which comes from eating simply, eliminating fully, and treating yourself and others with loving devotion.

Do you see the difference, my friends? Forget all the raw, vegan, and vegetarian dogma. Simple foods, whether cooked or raw, in simple combinations, is the fastest, most effective way to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Guided Meditation: Another Way to Raise Your Vibrations

If you are looking for non-dietary ways to raise your vibrations and become more peaceful, I highly recommend guided meditation. It always leaves me deeply relaxed yet surprisingly revived afterward. Those of you who are not excited by the idea of sitting in a lotus position and following your breath will love this approach.

I actually recommend lying down for optimal results. Lying down allows you to go into the deepest meditative states because no thought or effort is required to hold your body up. This approach can also be a doorway to traditional meditation, which is also useful at certain stages. Expect an intensely enjoyable experience as you start to connect with your true nature. These meditations leave you feeling unburdened, refreshed, and enlightened, and improve sleep as they awaken your mind and heart for what is to come.

Moreover, doing a simple meditation before eating helps remove so much of the pressure that causes us to over-consume. Overeating is often the result of feeding the body from the intense, spinning energy of the brain. Our eating habits reflect our thinking. If you practice meditation during the times of day when you typically binge or eat a large meal, you will find yourself eating much more slowly and recognizing when you have had enough.

The following CDs (all available through amazon.com) were created for the utmost spiritual, emotional, and physical advancement, and have been the most instrumental in both my personal and professional work. They will help bring you into an ideal frequency as well as help you heal your subconscious and unconscious imbalances. Lie back, close your eyes, and prepare for transformation!

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