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Sovereignty Among Chaos

It’s as if there are two worlds vibrating in the same space right now – the world on the brink of war, directed by hypnotic media, government and commercial messages, doomed to incurable diseases and the world on the brink of bursting consciousness, of awakening to the remarkable destiny of the human being, surging with light!

The former is still in a reality we could call the “dark age,” one that leads to self-destruction. The latter is moving into a new reality, “the golden age.” This golden age could also be called a “golden state” because it exists when life (or an individual) is attuned with the pure Source energy — the heart of creation, the original energy (also referred to as “God” or the “Universe) from which life expresses.

Like radio stations, many different “realities” can occur simultaneously offering infinite wavelengths for one to tune into. We have always been able to elevate ourselves to our full human potential, but never before has there been such a strong impetus to do so. The implications of the dark state have reached a critical point that, like an alarm clock, have stirred the hearts of many to take action either personally or communally to find solutions.

In today’s world all free people have a very distinct and final choice to make – to either live in darkness, which basically implies becoming a slave to a sub-human paradigm or to follow a path of “bread crumbs” – of “truth vibrations” and ascend up and out of this common, dark consciousness in order to attune with a frequency that harmonizes with the vibration of Source.

In fact, I think the most important task for us all is to elevate our frequency to harmonize with Source. Doing so will ensure everything else in our lives is protected – a bit like calling “safe” in a game of tag.

There are so many forces vying to vampire our energy, our attention, all of our resources. Many will allow theirs to be leached and thereby lose all their power – these are the ones who will unwittingly subject themselves to big Pharma medicine, who’s minds will grow dim and dull from years of hypnotizing media, who will have non-functioning bladders and cancer-ridden prostates and spend their lives in depressing jobs to pay debts on things they never needed. These are the inevitable effects of submitting to the social norms of our day. The unwitting person is so easy to steal from and the media, government and commercial enterprises take full advantage of this vulnerability as they use everything in their arsenal to keep the masses in the unwitting state.

I don’t say this to be scary or dooming. It’s just that if you are attuned to the common station, this is how it is. Happily, this is not the only choice you have, that frequency is not the only radio station in town! You have always been able to attune to Source. That is your home frequency – what your being resonates with best, and you will know it to be so when you feel it. When you achieve that experience (which, like cell cleansing, is a visceral experience that you will undeniably feel on every level, not some ethereal concept) you will have another choice to make – to create a life in sync with the Source energy that will enable you to remain attuned to it or to attune to your previous frequency or something in between. The greatest beauty and the best choices will come from your most consistent attunement to Source energy. However, as you attune more consistently with this extraordinary sensation, you may go in and out of it for some time. That’s perfectly normal. As you hold these higher, harmonious frequencies longer and longer you will eventually achieve the supreme state of holding it, even as you move through the world with all it’s seeming ups and downs.

All the practices and principles we underscore at DetoxTheWorld are tools for elevating and harmonizing your frequency with Source. The raw green juices and dietetics that magnetize the old waste up and out of the cells, tissues and organs and the colon cleansing protocols help the physical body become less dense so it can vibrate higher and higher with more life force (Source energy) conducting through it. If you’ve experienced it, you know that electromagnetic energy surging through body is sheer bliss! Attuning with Source through meditation, dissolving your cultural programming through recapitulation exercises and increase awareness and then changing everything you are ready, willing and able to change to reflect this awakening work all serve to attune you in this way. Consciously attuning with Source energy is will make and keep us sovereign, enabling us to actualize and maintain our full potential as creative, loving, self-governing humans.

The practices of transitioning into a highly raw food diet, of drinking green juices, of meditating, of raising “life-force” families are far from ends unto themselves – or even from serving the physical body alone. They are all done for the greater interest of this noble attunement.

It’s also important to appreciate that if one wishes to be healthy, it is not enough to eat raw food, drink green juice and have a clean colon if one is otherwise attuned to the dark culture. That is why some people struggle with their lives even when they do these things to the letter. More and more, as the world dives deeper into chaos, those who wish to have full sovereignty (health, mind, spirit, relationships, creativity, etc.) must attune with Source. The downward pull has never been greater and without the frequency around and within you to prevent it, it’s inevitable that you will be pulled down with it.

The attuning of our being (with it’s multiple fields – physical, emotional, mental, etc.) is our greatest protection from the downward spiral that would make us slaves to commercial and political enterprise at the cost of our health, power, fertility and mental sovereignty.

When you undertake the practices that develop this harmony in place of the dissonance, you will own this sovereignty and appreciate that there is nothing more important you could own. And yes, you will also see that your body has been transformed, that your illnesses are no longer a part of you, nor are your old inclinations toward jealousy, greed, self-absorption. They will merely serve as memories of what a low, inharmonious vibration creates.

Rather than harboring fear and/or anger over the world’s descent into chaos, keep your eyes and heart on Truth and move toward it until you are fully immersed in it. There in you will find nothing but beauty, protection, inspiration, life and love. Enjoy the journey there – every green juice, every mediation that brings the bliss into your cells, every ring of truth through your body and every time you recognize the higher choice and make it!

All Love,

DetoxTheWorld exists to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to become harmonized with the Source energy and enjoy the fullest expression of your beautiful life!


More on Transfiguration

I know many of you are hungry for more insights on transfiguration. Before I begin this next installment on the subject, I would like to invite you to take a moment to still your minds from the mental chatter and to soften the old common belief systems. Open as much as you can to the idea that humanity was born out of a powerful union with the Source of all life – like a son or daughter carrying all the attributes and qualities of the parents’ DNA. Consider that we’ve been on a long journey away from that truth, and consider the effects that this distance may have had on us. Once you feel you have grasped the wonder of that perspective and open mental state, I invite you to read on…

There is light all around us and inside every atom of our being – such exquisite, pulsating, living light that is the very essence of health, beauty, and joy. Even though this world of light is rarely seen or understood, and largely untapped, it’s very much still there, living with us. It’s as bright and undiminished as ever. We just don’t incorporate it in our human realm because it is not a part of our cultural paradigm.

Why not? Where did it go? Somewhere along the line we cut ourselves off from the great Source, possibly when we traded indigenous life for so-called civilized life. Along the trajectory away from the Source, we developed new paradigms that blocked us off so much that, with the exception of a very small group of spiritual warriors, this connection is buried in our unconscious minds.

Modern civilization cut off every strand of possible interconnectivity with the Source. Moving away from the Source has exponentially reduced the light and power we could receive from it, thereby darkening our perception, limiting our abilities, and weakening our physical and mental faculties in general.

Uniting with our Source Energy, I believe, is our ideal state of being. Not only does it ensure we move with the interconnected network of life so essential to our joy, well-being, and progress as a species, but it also ensures we are made up of all the qualities of that Source – that we are made in its image. Humanity, I believe, was designed to be a microcosmic manifestation of the macrocosmic Source. In that ideal state, we have everything we could ever conceivably want or need. In that state we share Cosmic Intelligence (much as our individual computers tap into the global Internet), enriching us with all its energy as it flows through us. If this sounds implausible, that’s because we have been cut off from it for far too long!

Over the course of separating from the living light, our whole world has mutated to reflect our crippled consciousness. You can imagine it this way: If you get less and less oxygen, your body will start to degenerate and you will look and act like a dying person. Our world is looking and acting like a dying world. Human life has also become denatured, reflecting our denatured consciousness and environment. To put it in Western theological terms, we could call this our “fall from glory,” and we could understand “original sin” as our separation from the living-light Source.

Consciousness diminished has led to dangerous belief systems, which has led to dangerous choices. This is how a trajectory that veers even a few degrees off course can become perilously difficult to retrieve, like trying to lasso a bird in a tornado. Physically, over time, this has translated into reduced abilities, lack of mental clarity, dysfunctional choices, atrophied physiology, deteriorated blood chemistry, reduced organ power, and loss of essential life-generating connection. Socially, it has translated into corruption, motivated by greed and power, which seek to serve the self, not unity. We are like fruits cut from the vine.

Or, to put it another way, like fish out of water we can only wriggle in desperation for so long before perishing. Instead of thrashing around blindly and perishing, I suggest turning back to the Source. The moment we enter unity-consciousness, we reconnect with the living network of life force energy and rapidly transfigure ourselves on every level. We transfigure our beings into the living-light matrix and prepare for the next evolutionary leap. We were not intended to stagnate or degrade but to keep evolving, synergistically developing all our abilities, sensitivities, strengths, and dreams.

The most fundamental Cosmic Law is that Nature must be free to flow and express itself. Anything that opposes Nature is doomed. It is our nature to be one with the Source Energy. Transfiguration is not about escaping the physical world, as many new-age texts suggest. Rather, it is about recognizing that the physical and the spiritual realms are one, that we are physical-spiritual beings. All matter is alive with energy and spirit, something to be honored and integrated into our whole experince. Our physical bodies are fluid living light.

We have explored how obstruction in the body is the cause of all physiological disease. Illnesses and their symptoms are indications of a profoundly misguided trajectory of thought and behavior. We find that all pain and dissonance can be traced back to the obstruction of natural flow and expression. In modern society, we have gone even further than obstructing Nature; we have utterly cut ourselves off from it.

When we block off our connection to the macrocosmic Source, we, its microcosmic offspring, becomes blocked in every conceivable way. So, we go about developing societies and institutions from that dangerous persepective. We develop substances that block our cells that we call nourishment. We produce TV shows, movies, music, books and magazines that reflect our obstructed mindset and call that entertainment. We cram kids with decontextualized facts and call that education. We spend our days consuming products that harm us and then work endless hours to pay off the debts they cost and call that life.

Every single pathway of our prodigiously complex human system reflects the obstruction. It must, because that’s the Cosmic Law of twin macro- and microcosmic expression. And so the walls above have created walls below; walls without have created walls within. Now we are all walled up, with little comprehension of our pain and anger. We do not comprehend our illnesses, our infertility, our depression, our rage, our addictions, or our longings. Walled up as we are, it’s nearly impossible to see that it is the walls themselves that are the problem. The walls must come down, be dissolved. We must see that they are the origin of our suffering.

Before I educated myself and began to practice the art of transfiguration, I experienced all the pain common to our way of life, including severe childhood trauma, the loss of a parent at a young age, all manner of abuse, heart break, addiction, envy, greed, confusion, fear, self-loathing, body hatred, and countless other programs and conditionings. I was the poster child of the modern world, and every bit as miserable, suicidal, disempowered, and insecure.

There came a point in my life, in my early 20s, when I’d had enough. I knew there had to be another way to live. I set my full focus on it because I knew my life depended on it. I want to share my journey with you because I believe I am just like everyone else. There’s nothing special about me that is not special about you. I have no unique powers that you don’t have. The only thing that is different between someone who dissolves the walls and someone who doesn’t is the degree of focused intent. You have to want it badly enough to stick with it through the massive learning curve, to keep your eyes fixed on the light even when it’s barely visible. Let the law of obstruction be your guiding light, and it will gradually dissolve away the walls of your life.

To practice the art of transfiguration:
1) realize that change is needed;
2) understand that the worldview we were raised to adopt is the cause of our suffering;
3) understand that we are children of the Source, and to journey back to it, we must plug ourselves into its network of energy with every choice we make.
4) apply a paradigm of thought and behavior that is fully sympathetic with the network of energy (aka unity consciousness and the actions that flow from it);
5) promote molecular and energetic revisions to the whole being until transfigured into an integrated body of living-light energy.

The two most popular transfiguration legends are (a) the alchemical change from lead to gold and (b) the transfiguration of the resurrected Christ. Transfiguration can occur in large and small ways, and within all kinds of living substances, bodies, and beings.

Transfiguration is the final result of a three-tiered alchemical process, by which one form is elevated to another: 1 – Transformation; 2 – Transmutation; 3 – Transfiguration.

Though the three terms sound similar, they are different. Transformation indicates the changing of the physical form. It has to do with the lower material forms and the lower natures. Transmutation has to do with an inner change – a change of the substances within, the properties that a being is made of. Transfiguration is the energetic changing of form associated with changing material formation.

The leap is there for us to take, whenever we are ready to reconnect with life. I will write more when I feel better able to illuminate the journey to the Source. In the meantime, I recommend spending time considering what it means to be plugged into the network of living energy. Who are you when you do this? What do you do? What don’t you do? How do your thought patterns change? What does unity consciousness afford you? What fears does it dissolve? How does it heal relationships? How does it ground you and make you more at peace in your body?

Try to release yourself from your belief system for just 5 or 10 minutes each day and envision yourself as a child of the Source, with all its shining qualities, united with the network of living energy. Try it on for just a few minutes, if that’s all you have time for, and see if it doesn’t inspire you to come back for more!

All Love,


Inner Nectar

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been blogging for a while because I’ve been integrating another stage of increased perception. With each leap I’ve taken in consciousness, I’ve had to retreat. As a wife and mother of two school-aged children, that does not mean disappearing into a cave but rather only doing what is necessary to maintain a balanced, well-operating, loving home.

Raising your consciousness and integrating new levels of seeing, feeling, and being requires space, attention, and much rest. If you do not claim these for yourself, in order to facilitate this period of personal growth, your leap will be inharmonious and may actually become a liability–a curse, rather than a blessing.

People around you will not always understand what is occurring, and when you disappear from communication and social interactions, they can sometimes take offense. I’ve learned from experience that this is often a time when some relationships show their true stripes and fall by the wayside and others reveal a strength and understanding that lead to greater intimacy and depth. I’ve learned not to be too attached to either outcome and just to be grateful for the chips falling where they will, remaining in a state of non-judgment.

I have wanted to write about my experiences before now, but I haven’t been sure if it was time, as the leaps are still taking me into newer and newer territory. But then it occurred to me that perhaps it would still be worthwhile to share the steps along the way.

What I will share here with you here, very humbly, is simply my own personal experience and nothing more. It’s what has occurred as a result of a practice I call “keeping my eye single to the Light.” I have managed to clear this statement of any religious orthodoxy or connotation. For me, it simply means that I strip away all illusions of our world as projected inside our minds, hearts, and cells–as well as outside of us, in the world we perceive–and focus only on the source of all life: the Light.

I held this focus for brief moments at first, then for hours, then for days, weeks, and so on–until I saw my whole life through this lens. Not only did it bring me a sweet nectar of peace, which filled my heart and coursed through my bloodstream with pulsating living energy, but it also caused even the most stubborn programs, fears, and illusions to dissolve.

The process enabled my heart to open to Love like never before. It also transformed my physical energy as I reconnected with Mother Nature, awakening the cord between my heart and my physical being and the heart of the Earth. This opened a powerful portal, allowing life to flow between us. It created a new synergy that greatly enhanced my ability to access and comprehend universal and cosmic knowledge. This knowledge came–and still comes–in flashes and epiphanies, like puzzle pieces linking together all at once.

This state of being is the only state of being I desire now, and I have learned to keep vigilantly away from anything that would decrease it or separate me from it. I have been working on the fine art of participating in the world without being sucked into its anti-energetic influences.

I care for my family, enjoy wonderful friendships, am physically active, and continue to work on projects that I deem valuable contributions to society, all while maintaining the sweet flow of this inner nectar. This requires vigilance above all. I craft my life around the internal and external activities that support this connection, and then, as external things come up, as they inevitably do, I hold them up to what I now know to be true to my heart and work with them accordingly.

Keeping my eye single to the Light has brought me peace in a world of madness. It has helped me see the life-deteriorating stories, labels, programs, and conditions of our world so much more clearly, so I am more fully aware of them, so they cannot sneak up on me, hook me, or carry a charge for me. I believe this makes me much better equipped to raise my children and to communicate effectively with others.

True spirituality–which, for me, means connection with cosmic consciousness–is simple. But, like true health, true spirituality faces much obstruction and interference in the modern world. Our ability to reconnect to our Source is only equal to the extent to which we can dissolve and release our spiritual blocks. We must be ready and willing to move toward lightness (physically and spiritually) and walk away from the things that do not serve our greatest good, however hard it may initially be.

The approach is the same as the physical cleansing approach: awaken (acknowledge/see the obstruction) and release (recognize how it disempowers you on all levels and gently let it go). Then, remember: we do not detox to retox. This is where vigilance comes in: keep your peaceful warrior at the gate, interviewing anything that should desire entrance into your consciousness, knowing what is welcome and what is not.

Each time you undertake a new integration like this, you will receive a huge amount of energy. That is consciousness returning to you. Increased consciousness = increased energy. Decreased consciousness = decreased energy. However, before that increased consciousness is fully anchored and integrated into your being, the shift can make you feel very sleepy and mentally overwhelmed. It’s really important to sleep when this happens. Catnaps are wonderful and are sometimes needed, even in addition to a solid 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night. You’ll dream more deeply than usual and have very meaningful dreams that are worth contemplating and reflecting upon.

It is important to make time just to be with yourself. I like to sit in the lotus position or lie down with my right palm on my heart and my left on my belly and just feel the Love growing in my heart. My hand on my belly keeps me grounded and aware of the importance of the body’s powerful connection to the mineral energies of the Earth and to all the physical laws.

I have a tendency to move into the upper chakras, so I continuously reinforce the value, beauty, and power of the natural, physical world and of Gaia to help balance this aspect of my nature. We all have our spiritual inclinations. In my case, I suspect I gravitate toward the mental energies because I felt burdened by the body early in life. I subconsciously tended to look for ways to leave or reject it, so I tended to value the mental energies and focused on the higher tones. Recognizing and integrating the Earth tones and the physical expressions of Light were key to opening my heart, and also to bringing the living energies into my body to support my physical experience. I noticed a distinct improvement in my physical power, posture, skin tone, musculature, agility, and general youthfulness once I fully reconnected with the Earth’s power.

If you are interested, I will share more about this with you as I progress. It is the most exciting experience I have had so far on this journey. And that is saying a lot, because the whole process has been one of magical discovery, liberation, inspiration, and blessed knowledge. I am so full of Love, Praise and Gratitude. My cup runneth over! And it’s all a result of staying true to the place from which Life, Light and Love flow.


A Nation of Addicts

Why is just about everyone you or I know taking a pill or some other substance to suppress emotional pain? Why is everyone numbing themselves, and why is it accepted as normal? What is the common denominator here?

A slow but steady detour away from the independent values that made our country great two hundred years ago has landed us in a nation addicted: land of the numb, mind-controlled, programmed masses. As a people, we have lost our consciousness, and with it a tremendous amount of wisdom. We have confused what is considered desirable with what is life-generating. We have lost touch with our true emotions—that voice within which speaks for inner balance and self-knowledge. Too many of us sleepwalk through life following a set of socially programmed norms that can only lead to ruin: physical, mental, and emotional.

The hard fact is that just about everyone is an addict today because a sinister social conditioning has quietly snuck its way into “normal” living: the consumption of foods unfit for the human body. These foods are profoundly harmful and highly addictive. That’s right: the most insidious addiction today is not to recreational drugs, but to grains, sweeteners, food additives, and preservatives (including hormones and antibiotics, just for starters) in the mainstream diet. Addiction, therefore, is a problem not only for the drinker, the smoker, and the drug abuser; it is a problem for every human being who is not aware of what he or she consumes.

 But here’s the gem: the cause and cure of addiction hinge on the same all-important factor—consciousness. We can understand addiction as a loss of consciousness, and it’s ubiquitous in today’s diet-lifestyle, which in myriad ways poisons the biochemistry of the blood and ravages the intestine, cells, and tissues. Yet, we keep eating and living according to the customs that have been programmed into us by the so-called authorities, the media, and the influence of our peers. We have thus become little better than a nation of addicts.

When our inner voice knows better, when our spirit rises up to question the status quo and to resist the whole program, we are quickly labeled “depressed” or “chemically imbalanced” and written a prescription. In the meantime, the dictates of mainstream culture urge us to silence our distress with “comfort foods,” alcohol, drugs, and other mind-numbing diversions.

How long will we slap names on diseases without truly understanding them? How long will we continue suppressing the symptoms so that more virulent forms of illness crop up? How long will we blame the imbalance rather than its source? After all these millennia of medical achievements, we have missed the obvious universal law of nature: when there is pain, it is a call for change, not a call for suppression!

Social norms dictate not only how we should live, but also how we should feel. We are taught to avoid “negative” emotions and embrace only the “positive” ones. Over the generations, we have completely lost touch with the wisdom of our emotions. We have learned to repress undesirable emotions without even knowing that we are doing it. These repressed emotions become the harbingers of addiction.


All the spiritual leaders and great minds of history—including the Buddha, Christ, Socrates, and Jung—emphasized the importance of awareness. And contemporary teachers like Eckhart Tolle have made the concept more familiar to people today. However, there is still a great chasm between the desire to practice this virtue and the practical application of it. For so many people, living in the present is so hard to do. Nonetheless, it is the single most essential tool of personal liberation available to us. Once we start to live with awareness, we gain clarity about ourselves and the world around us. We see through the clutter of social expectations to hear our own authentic voice.

Any set of social expectations that fails to honor a person’s spirit and allow for its honest expression is an agent of repression, and is therefore antithetical to life. The emotions of pain, anger, and fear arise to tell us to pay attention. They come to us as friends, to pull our hand away from the flame. In heeding rather than repressing them, we can let them go, and also let go of our addictions. Soon, we can bring awareness to any situation, ideology, or question with a penetrating power of discernment. We can ask ourselves: “Is that a social conditioning or is a life-generating truth?”

We are a nation of addicts because we have been living in the dark. Too many widely accepted norms are destructive to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our authority figures perpetuate the madness by creating more drugs for more illnesses and building more infrastructures to keep the vicious cycle alive. Frittering away personal power, we get ever more lost in the quagmire, blind to the road signs of our emotions. Addiction feels like a normal life experience rather than an aberration of nature. The modern ethos is to pacify feelings with all that glitters and sells. “Don’t feel this,” our culture whispers in our psyches. “You don’t need to feel sad. Here, take this instead. Have a donut and a latte. There, there. Now, isn’t that better?”

The cure for depression, obesity, and even cancer may be far simpler than we ever realized. It is time we (a) correct our biochemical imbalances through cleansing, and (b) expose destructive social norms for what they are and cultivate the power of conscious choice. It’s time we wake up to what we are really made of—as fully empowered human beings who know our own authentic needs and desires, not mindless automatons of an addiction-fueled society.

We all want to lead great lives and achieve wonderful things, but a great outer life is only possible through a healthy, balanced, and beautiful inner life. Let us feel deeply and let our emotions nourish our personal growth through smart, life-enhancing choices.