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Inner Nectar

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been blogging for a while because I’ve been integrating another stage of increased perception. With each leap I’ve taken in consciousness, I’ve had to retreat. As a wife and mother of two school-aged children, that does not mean disappearing into a cave but rather only doing what is necessary to maintain a balanced, well-operating, loving home.

Raising your consciousness and integrating new levels of seeing, feeling, and being requires space, attention, and much rest. If you do not claim these for yourself, in order to facilitate this period of personal growth, your leap will be inharmonious and may actually become a liability–a curse, rather than a blessing.

People around you will not always understand what is occurring, and when you disappear from communication and social interactions, they can sometimes take offense. I’ve learned from experience that this is often a time when some relationships show their true stripes and fall by the wayside and others reveal a strength and understanding that lead to greater intimacy and depth. I’ve learned not to be too attached to either outcome and just to be grateful for the chips falling where they will, remaining in a state of non-judgment.

I have wanted to write about my experiences before now, but I haven’t been sure if it was time, as the leaps are still taking me into newer and newer territory. But then it occurred to me that perhaps it would still be worthwhile to share the steps along the way.

What I will share here with you here, very humbly, is simply my own personal experience and nothing more. It’s what has occurred as a result of a practice I call “keeping my eye single to the Light.” I have managed to clear this statement of any religious orthodoxy or connotation. For me, it simply means that I strip away all illusions of our world as projected inside our minds, hearts, and cells–as well as outside of us, in the world we perceive–and focus only on the source of all life: the Light.

I held this focus for brief moments at first, then for hours, then for days, weeks, and so on–until I saw my whole life through this lens. Not only did it bring me a sweet nectar of peace, which filled my heart and coursed through my bloodstream with pulsating living energy, but it also caused even the most stubborn programs, fears, and illusions to dissolve.

The process enabled my heart to open to Love like never before. It also transformed my physical energy as I reconnected with Mother Nature, awakening the cord between my heart and my physical being and the heart of the Earth. This opened a powerful portal, allowing life to flow between us. It created a new synergy that greatly enhanced my ability to access and comprehend universal and cosmic knowledge. This knowledge came–and still comes–in flashes and epiphanies, like puzzle pieces linking together all at once.

This state of being is the only state of being I desire now, and I have learned to keep vigilantly away from anything that would decrease it or separate me from it. I have been working on the fine art of participating in the world without being sucked into its anti-energetic influences.

I care for my family, enjoy wonderful friendships, am physically active, and continue to work on projects that I deem valuable contributions to society, all while maintaining the sweet flow of this inner nectar. This requires vigilance above all. I craft my life around the internal and external activities that support this connection, and then, as external things come up, as they inevitably do, I hold them up to what I now know to be true to my heart and work with them accordingly.

Keeping my eye single to the Light has brought me peace in a world of madness. It has helped me see the life-deteriorating stories, labels, programs, and conditions of our world so much more clearly, so I am more fully aware of them, so they cannot sneak up on me, hook me, or carry a charge for me. I believe this makes me much better equipped to raise my children and to communicate effectively with others.

True spirituality–which, for me, means connection with cosmic consciousness–is simple. But, like true health, true spirituality faces much obstruction and interference in the modern world. Our ability to reconnect to our Source is only equal to the extent to which we can dissolve and release our spiritual blocks. We must be ready and willing to move toward lightness (physically and spiritually) and walk away from the things that do not serve our greatest good, however hard it may initially be.

The approach is the same as the physical cleansing approach: awaken (acknowledge/see the obstruction) and release (recognize how it disempowers you on all levels and gently let it go). Then, remember: we do not detox to retox. This is where vigilance comes in: keep your peaceful warrior at the gate, interviewing anything that should desire entrance into your consciousness, knowing what is welcome and what is not.

Each time you undertake a new integration like this, you will receive a huge amount of energy. That is consciousness returning to you. Increased consciousness = increased energy. Decreased consciousness = decreased energy. However, before that increased consciousness is fully anchored and integrated into your being, the shift can make you feel very sleepy and mentally overwhelmed. It’s really important to sleep when this happens. Catnaps are wonderful and are sometimes needed, even in addition to a solid 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night. You’ll dream more deeply than usual and have very meaningful dreams that are worth contemplating and reflecting upon.

It is important to make time just to be with yourself. I like to sit in the lotus position or lie down with my right palm on my heart and my left on my belly and just feel the Love growing in my heart. My hand on my belly keeps me grounded and aware of the importance of the body’s powerful connection to the mineral energies of the Earth and to all the physical laws.

I have a tendency to move into the upper chakras, so I continuously reinforce the value, beauty, and power of the natural, physical world and of Gaia to help balance this aspect of my nature. We all have our spiritual inclinations. In my case, I suspect I gravitate toward the mental energies because I felt burdened by the body early in life. I subconsciously tended to look for ways to leave or reject it, so I tended to value the mental energies and focused on the higher tones. Recognizing and integrating the Earth tones and the physical expressions of Light were key to opening my heart, and also to bringing the living energies into my body to support my physical experience. I noticed a distinct improvement in my physical power, posture, skin tone, musculature, agility, and general youthfulness once I fully reconnected with the Earth’s power.

If you are interested, I will share more about this with you as I progress. It is the most exciting experience I have had so far on this journey. And that is saying a lot, because the whole process has been one of magical discovery, liberation, inspiration, and blessed knowledge. I am so full of Love, Praise and Gratitude. My cup runneth over! And it’s all a result of staying true to the place from which Life, Light and Love flow.

Summer of Power!

Summer is here and it truly is the season of power. The sun is the great generator. For the next three months, solar energy is at its peak in this part of the world, which means that we have access to more energy now than at any other time of the year. It means that we can greatly benefit from this power if only we know how to connect with it. In summer, we can get charged up by this solar power and feel deeply infused with energy.

If you open yourself up to this solar power, you’ll feel it in your blood stream, in your muscle tissue and bones, in your womb if you’re a woman (this is a great time to boost fertility), in the creative centers of your mind and body, and last but not least, in your heart. Summer is not the time to melt and become lethargic, but a time of great opportunity for every living being.

There is nothing like the electric feeling of waking up to the summer sun in a clean body, with electromagnetic life force, chi, solar fire running though your blood, with your heart beating strong and your mind brimming with creative thoughts, propelled with a desire to capitalize on this power. This feeling is among the greatest gifts life has to offer. So let me give you a few tips to get you there.

In order to receive this solar energy, you need to be clean internally and externally, and connected to the earth and to nature at large. While it helps to live in the country, you can tap into nature’s energy almost anywhere. As I write this, I am fully linked up with enormous solar energy right here in the middle of New York City. The flow is intense, not because I’m tanning to a crisp in the noonday sun, but because I’ve consciously opened myself up to great web of energy all around me.

Unity consciousness—the perspective that life is an interconnected whole, ever pulsating with life-generating energy—keeps me connected. Separation consciousness, the typical perspective in our culture, keeps most people disconnected from the web of life and thus choked off from all the power it carries. Most people believe they get their energy from calories alone (usually unnatural substances completely devoid of life force) and seek security merely in following the social norms—such as maintaining steady jobs, signing up for health insurance plans, accumulating credit, investing capital, and so on.

The problem is that these things can be stripped away at any moment. Banks can close, jobs come and go, health insurance plans offer no insurance of health, emergencies strike, governments fail—the list of social insecurities is endless. But rooting your energy, your power, your raison d’être in nature’s great web of life is the best investment decision you could ever make. If your job, your health insurance, your stocks, and good credit were stripped away, if society were crumbling around you, you would still have your breath, your energy, your health, your passion, your inspiration.

This is not to suggest that we should ignore the workings of society and reject the world. You can certainly hold down a job (hopefully, one that you are passionate about), live in a beautifully appointed home, pay taxes, and so on. The difference is where you get your energy, where your consciousness is. Real energy and power do not unravel based on day-to-day events, news cycles, and financial markets—all the whims and vicissitudes of the social order. Real power, the energy that propels the life cycle at large, is never-ending, continually fortifying, evergreen.

We human beings are part of a great network designed to receive the electromagnetic power of the sun. That power is the life force that flows in such abundance through every atom in the natural world, in every unseen wave particle that charges the air. It is in the sun’s rays and in the earth’s electromagnetic field. The energetic field is all around us, but in this culture of separation consciousness we all too often cut ourselves off from it.

We are made up of layers of energy and energetic pathways, from our very subatomic structures—the electrons that carry the electromagnetic energy from one atom to another, from cell to cell—through our neurological pathways, bloodstreams, lymph systems, brain waves, muscles, organs, reproductive systems, spinal fluids, skeletal systems, and the unseen nadis and meridians of our energy body.

Our culture is all about separation, wielding one power over another, taking power at the expense of another. Our culture is hierarchical; we understand life only mechanistically, in parts, not holistically. Thousands of years of separation consciousness have cemented this disconnect in the minds of its citizens. Separation consciousness manifests in every single thought and practice in modern society. No wonder so many tramp off to work each day, only to come home deeply exhausted, laden with waste and disappointment. We are seeking energy and life in all the wrong places, in all the wrong ways, when there is more than enough healing, invigorating, creative energy to go around!

To perceive the great web of life, to connect with its energy, takes an enormous leap in consciousness. To step into it requires the heart and passion of a hero. You are invited every single moment of your life to link up with this great force. A powerful, pulsating sea of energy is always ready to fill your pathways and revitalize every cell of your being. Think of summer as the season of high vitality. Unblock yourself, open up your pathways, step into the light, fuel your creativity and all that is closest to your heart.

Here’s to your Summer of Power!