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More on Transfiguration

I know many of you are hungry for more insights on transfiguration. Before I begin this next installment on the subject, I would like to invite you to take a moment to still your minds from the mental chatter and to soften the old common belief systems. Open as much as you can to the idea that humanity was born out of a powerful union with the Source of all life – like a son or daughter carrying all the attributes and qualities of the parents’ DNA. Consider that we’ve been on a long journey away from that truth, and consider the effects that this distance may have had on us. Once you feel you have grasped the wonder of that perspective and open mental state, I invite you to read on…

There is light all around us and inside every atom of our being – such exquisite, pulsating, living light that is the very essence of health, beauty, and joy. Even though this world of light is rarely seen or understood, and largely untapped, it’s very much still there, living with us. It’s as bright and undiminished as ever. We just don’t incorporate it in our human realm because it is not a part of our cultural paradigm.

Why not? Where did it go? Somewhere along the line we cut ourselves off from the great Source, possibly when we traded indigenous life for so-called civilized life. Along the trajectory away from the Source, we developed new paradigms that blocked us off so much that, with the exception of a very small group of spiritual warriors, this connection is buried in our unconscious minds.

Modern civilization cut off every strand of possible interconnectivity with the Source. Moving away from the Source has exponentially reduced the light and power we could receive from it, thereby darkening our perception, limiting our abilities, and weakening our physical and mental faculties in general.

Uniting with our Source Energy, I believe, is our ideal state of being. Not only does it ensure we move with the interconnected network of life so essential to our joy, well-being, and progress as a species, but it also ensures we are made up of all the qualities of that Source – that we are made in its image. Humanity, I believe, was designed to be a microcosmic manifestation of the macrocosmic Source. In that ideal state, we have everything we could ever conceivably want or need. In that state we share Cosmic Intelligence (much as our individual computers tap into the global Internet), enriching us with all its energy as it flows through us. If this sounds implausible, that’s because we have been cut off from it for far too long!

Over the course of separating from the living light, our whole world has mutated to reflect our crippled consciousness. You can imagine it this way: If you get less and less oxygen, your body will start to degenerate and you will look and act like a dying person. Our world is looking and acting like a dying world. Human life has also become denatured, reflecting our denatured consciousness and environment. To put it in Western theological terms, we could call this our “fall from glory,” and we could understand “original sin” as our separation from the living-light Source.

Consciousness diminished has led to dangerous belief systems, which has led to dangerous choices. This is how a trajectory that veers even a few degrees off course can become perilously difficult to retrieve, like trying to lasso a bird in a tornado. Physically, over time, this has translated into reduced abilities, lack of mental clarity, dysfunctional choices, atrophied physiology, deteriorated blood chemistry, reduced organ power, and loss of essential life-generating connection. Socially, it has translated into corruption, motivated by greed and power, which seek to serve the self, not unity. We are like fruits cut from the vine.

Or, to put it another way, like fish out of water we can only wriggle in desperation for so long before perishing. Instead of thrashing around blindly and perishing, I suggest turning back to the Source. The moment we enter unity-consciousness, we reconnect with the living network of life force energy and rapidly transfigure ourselves on every level. We transfigure our beings into the living-light matrix and prepare for the next evolutionary leap. We were not intended to stagnate or degrade but to keep evolving, synergistically developing all our abilities, sensitivities, strengths, and dreams.

The most fundamental Cosmic Law is that Nature must be free to flow and express itself. Anything that opposes Nature is doomed. It is our nature to be one with the Source Energy. Transfiguration is not about escaping the physical world, as many new-age texts suggest. Rather, it is about recognizing that the physical and the spiritual realms are one, that we are physical-spiritual beings. All matter is alive with energy and spirit, something to be honored and integrated into our whole experince. Our physical bodies are fluid living light.

We have explored how obstruction in the body is the cause of all physiological disease. Illnesses and their symptoms are indications of a profoundly misguided trajectory of thought and behavior. We find that all pain and dissonance can be traced back to the obstruction of natural flow and expression. In modern society, we have gone even further than obstructing Nature; we have utterly cut ourselves off from it.

When we block off our connection to the macrocosmic Source, we, its microcosmic offspring, becomes blocked in every conceivable way. So, we go about developing societies and institutions from that dangerous persepective. We develop substances that block our cells that we call nourishment. We produce TV shows, movies, music, books and magazines that reflect our obstructed mindset and call that entertainment. We cram kids with decontextualized facts and call that education. We spend our days consuming products that harm us and then work endless hours to pay off the debts they cost and call that life.

Every single pathway of our prodigiously complex human system reflects the obstruction. It must, because that’s the Cosmic Law of twin macro- and microcosmic expression. And so the walls above have created walls below; walls without have created walls within. Now we are all walled up, with little comprehension of our pain and anger. We do not comprehend our illnesses, our infertility, our depression, our rage, our addictions, or our longings. Walled up as we are, it’s nearly impossible to see that it is the walls themselves that are the problem. The walls must come down, be dissolved. We must see that they are the origin of our suffering.

Before I educated myself and began to practice the art of transfiguration, I experienced all the pain common to our way of life, including severe childhood trauma, the loss of a parent at a young age, all manner of abuse, heart break, addiction, envy, greed, confusion, fear, self-loathing, body hatred, and countless other programs and conditionings. I was the poster child of the modern world, and every bit as miserable, suicidal, disempowered, and insecure.

There came a point in my life, in my early 20s, when I’d had enough. I knew there had to be another way to live. I set my full focus on it because I knew my life depended on it. I want to share my journey with you because I believe I am just like everyone else. There’s nothing special about me that is not special about you. I have no unique powers that you don’t have. The only thing that is different between someone who dissolves the walls and someone who doesn’t is the degree of focused intent. You have to want it badly enough to stick with it through the massive learning curve, to keep your eyes fixed on the light even when it’s barely visible. Let the law of obstruction be your guiding light, and it will gradually dissolve away the walls of your life.

To practice the art of transfiguration:
1) realize that change is needed;
2) understand that the worldview we were raised to adopt is the cause of our suffering;
3) understand that we are children of the Source, and to journey back to it, we must plug ourselves into its network of energy with every choice we make.
4) apply a paradigm of thought and behavior that is fully sympathetic with the network of energy (aka unity consciousness and the actions that flow from it);
5) promote molecular and energetic revisions to the whole being until transfigured into an integrated body of living-light energy.

The two most popular transfiguration legends are (a) the alchemical change from lead to gold and (b) the transfiguration of the resurrected Christ. Transfiguration can occur in large and small ways, and within all kinds of living substances, bodies, and beings.

Transfiguration is the final result of a three-tiered alchemical process, by which one form is elevated to another: 1 – Transformation; 2 – Transmutation; 3 – Transfiguration.

Though the three terms sound similar, they are different. Transformation indicates the changing of the physical form. It has to do with the lower material forms and the lower natures. Transmutation has to do with an inner change – a change of the substances within, the properties that a being is made of. Transfiguration is the energetic changing of form associated with changing material formation.

The leap is there for us to take, whenever we are ready to reconnect with life. I will write more when I feel better able to illuminate the journey to the Source. In the meantime, I recommend spending time considering what it means to be plugged into the network of living energy. Who are you when you do this? What do you do? What don’t you do? How do your thought patterns change? What does unity consciousness afford you? What fears does it dissolve? How does it heal relationships? How does it ground you and make you more at peace in your body?

Try to release yourself from your belief system for just 5 or 10 minutes each day and envision yourself as a child of the Source, with all its shining qualities, united with the network of living energy. Try it on for just a few minutes, if that’s all you have time for, and see if it doesn’t inspire you to come back for more!

All Love,


Don’t Need It. Don’t Want It. Don’t Gotta Have It.

I wish I could say it’s good to be back in the big, bad apple–my home for the past 18 years, but, in truth, re-entry into New York City after two months of surf, sand, and sun in a state of clear, connected consciousness for two and a half months has been a disturbing experience. There’s nothing like being away from all the madness to see it for what it is — a relentless assault of images — subliminal and overt — directing all receptive minds and resources toward a parade of unnecessary trends, products, and social directives. From this lucid vantage point, I see it as an obvious form of mind-control and group madness. Ask me next week and I might be sucked back in just enough to excuse it and accept it as I have historically done, so I didn’t want to wait to express this.

The world of merchandizing and image-mongering is extreme. For decades of living in LA and NYC, it had me in its clutches. I bought in, sold my soul, pursued and purchased as directed, like a marionette. Over the last ten years of deep cellular cleansing, my ability to see through the programming increased significantly, but today it is so clear that I simply can’t find the purpose in any of it or support it at all anymore. Life cannot grow through concrete. Dead indoor air, chlorinated water, processed food, greedy pursuits, and the like cannot support life.

I have spoken several times about the trajectory of mutation–but to reiterate, it grows into disfigured rogue form over time as the mutation grows more pronounced. Physical, psychological, mental and emotional imbalances begin with lesser symptoms and bit by bit, those symptoms grow more pronounced, more acute as their cause goes uncorrected. If corrections are not made to the trajectory and the organism fails to be restored, the future generations of both the cells within that organism and the generations of that organism’s offspring (remember we always look at an organism holographically, appreciating the micro- and macro-cosmic effects) will carry more dire mutations. This is how we read the Universal Laws of Life and can thereby predict the outcomes of all causes. In the case of our civilization’s life-deteriorating trajectories, we have received countless warning signs of where it is headed (too many warning signs to mention here, but think autism, schizophrenia, infertility, depression, Parkinson’s, etc.). So we can predict that the next generations are going to greater expressions of these symptoms. If you conjured up images of zombie-like monsters depicted in movies like 21 Days Later,Night of the Living Dead, and Shawn of the Dead, you would be spot-on.

Think that might be a stretch? It turns out that right on 23rd Street and Park Avenue, where my husband’s offices are, there are a number of people exhibiting zombie-like symptoms. My husband and his colleague were telling me about it last night. There are many of them–pharma-addicts, a.k.a. pharmaceutical junkies. Apparently, they freeze. That’s right. They actually freeze in place–anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours or more–while clutching a cup or making a gesture or just sitting or standing, often with their head dropped down. Pharmaceutical drugs, my friends. If this is what extra dosages do, do you think small “recommended” doses are safe? Is our way of life a highway to a world of human zombies? How about that expression on your ten-year-old’s face while watching TV programs and ads? Is truth not only stranger than fiction but on par with horror? Is life mimicking horror, or horror mimicking life?

(Note: as I’m reading this to Ana, she nods and tells me she has seen them too. Surely, this is not a stand-alone event. Perhaps it’s just the proximity to a big-name drugstore.) Apparently the dealers are pretty easy to spot. Are pharma-drug ringleaders modern-day drug dealers? What’s more, the squirrels are going the way of the snake pit too. Apparently, urban squirrels in many of the local parks are jumping on people with packaged foods and drinks. They too have become addicted to the intensely addictive substances in our foods and are insistent upon getting their fix!

Everyone knows New Yorkers are the trendsetters. If this is any indication of what’s to come and what’s brewing, is it really the trajectory we want to be on? And let’s face it, we’re in it together. Separation consciousness is an illusion. Life is a great web. Parts disconnected from the vines of life (carrying vitality from the great interconnected organism of planetary life) cannot live for long. They wither or mutate, or both. If these people become zombies, cleansers are affected too! Do you think their choices do not impact you? Do you think their refuse does not enter the water supply or that animals that become addicted to the substances they ingest from our garbage don’t make them dangerous to you? Small consolation, but at least it sounds like you’re safer carrying around apples than chips!

Sure, you may be cleansing, but what is your teenager sneaking from the local drugstore? Do you think there are no pharma-junkie dealers in your neck of the woods? Can you be sure they or their clients won’t freeze while going 65 mph on the highway? We are all connected. Awareness followed by conscious change is the only way out. There is a great southern African philosophy called Ubuntu that essentially states, “I am who I am because of who we all are.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu offered this definition: A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.

Are we losing our Ubuntu? Are we choosing greed and dead things over connection and living things?

Going through piles of mail, I came across several catalogs. One popular brand screamed from the cover: “You Need It. You Want It. You’ve Gotta Have It!” As I tossed it into the recycling bin, I thought, No, I don’t need it. I don’t want it and I don’t gotta have it.

The lyrics of this great Elton John song, “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” nicely echoes my sentiments about my long-beloved city:

Until you’ve seen this trash can dream come true
You stand at the edge while people run you through
And I thank the lord there’s people out there like you
I thank the lord there’s people out there like you

Subways no way for a good man to go down
Rich man can ride and the hobo he can drown
And I thank the lord for the people I have found
I thank the lord for the people I have found

While Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
Sons of bankers, sons of lawyers
Turn around and say good morning to the night
For unless they see the sky
But they can’t and that is why
They know not if it’s dark outside or light

And Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends!


P.S. I thank the Lord that there are people out there like you.


Summer of Power!

Summer is here and it truly is the season of power. The sun is the great generator. For the next three months, solar energy is at its peak in this part of the world, which means that we have access to more energy now than at any other time of the year. It means that we can greatly benefit from this power if only we know how to connect with it. In summer, we can get charged up by this solar power and feel deeply infused with energy.

If you open yourself up to this solar power, you’ll feel it in your blood stream, in your muscle tissue and bones, in your womb if you’re a woman (this is a great time to boost fertility), in the creative centers of your mind and body, and last but not least, in your heart. Summer is not the time to melt and become lethargic, but a time of great opportunity for every living being.

There is nothing like the electric feeling of waking up to the summer sun in a clean body, with electromagnetic life force, chi, solar fire running though your blood, with your heart beating strong and your mind brimming with creative thoughts, propelled with a desire to capitalize on this power. This feeling is among the greatest gifts life has to offer. So let me give you a few tips to get you there.

In order to receive this solar energy, you need to be clean internally and externally, and connected to the earth and to nature at large. While it helps to live in the country, you can tap into nature’s energy almost anywhere. As I write this, I am fully linked up with enormous solar energy right here in the middle of New York City. The flow is intense, not because I’m tanning to a crisp in the noonday sun, but because I’ve consciously opened myself up to great web of energy all around me.

Unity consciousness—the perspective that life is an interconnected whole, ever pulsating with life-generating energy—keeps me connected. Separation consciousness, the typical perspective in our culture, keeps most people disconnected from the web of life and thus choked off from all the power it carries. Most people believe they get their energy from calories alone (usually unnatural substances completely devoid of life force) and seek security merely in following the social norms—such as maintaining steady jobs, signing up for health insurance plans, accumulating credit, investing capital, and so on.

The problem is that these things can be stripped away at any moment. Banks can close, jobs come and go, health insurance plans offer no insurance of health, emergencies strike, governments fail—the list of social insecurities is endless. But rooting your energy, your power, your raison d’être in nature’s great web of life is the best investment decision you could ever make. If your job, your health insurance, your stocks, and good credit were stripped away, if society were crumbling around you, you would still have your breath, your energy, your health, your passion, your inspiration.

This is not to suggest that we should ignore the workings of society and reject the world. You can certainly hold down a job (hopefully, one that you are passionate about), live in a beautifully appointed home, pay taxes, and so on. The difference is where you get your energy, where your consciousness is. Real energy and power do not unravel based on day-to-day events, news cycles, and financial markets—all the whims and vicissitudes of the social order. Real power, the energy that propels the life cycle at large, is never-ending, continually fortifying, evergreen.

We human beings are part of a great network designed to receive the electromagnetic power of the sun. That power is the life force that flows in such abundance through every atom in the natural world, in every unseen wave particle that charges the air. It is in the sun’s rays and in the earth’s electromagnetic field. The energetic field is all around us, but in this culture of separation consciousness we all too often cut ourselves off from it.

We are made up of layers of energy and energetic pathways, from our very subatomic structures—the electrons that carry the electromagnetic energy from one atom to another, from cell to cell—through our neurological pathways, bloodstreams, lymph systems, brain waves, muscles, organs, reproductive systems, spinal fluids, skeletal systems, and the unseen nadis and meridians of our energy body.

Our culture is all about separation, wielding one power over another, taking power at the expense of another. Our culture is hierarchical; we understand life only mechanistically, in parts, not holistically. Thousands of years of separation consciousness have cemented this disconnect in the minds of its citizens. Separation consciousness manifests in every single thought and practice in modern society. No wonder so many tramp off to work each day, only to come home deeply exhausted, laden with waste and disappointment. We are seeking energy and life in all the wrong places, in all the wrong ways, when there is more than enough healing, invigorating, creative energy to go around!

To perceive the great web of life, to connect with its energy, takes an enormous leap in consciousness. To step into it requires the heart and passion of a hero. You are invited every single moment of your life to link up with this great force. A powerful, pulsating sea of energy is always ready to fill your pathways and revitalize every cell of your being. Think of summer as the season of high vitality. Unblock yourself, open up your pathways, step into the light, fuel your creativity and all that is closest to your heart.

Here’s to your Summer of Power!