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Sovereignty Among Chaos

It’s as if there are two worlds vibrating in the same space right now – the world on the brink of war, directed by hypnotic media, government and commercial messages, doomed to incurable diseases and the world on the brink of bursting consciousness, of awakening to the remarkable destiny of the human being, surging with light!

The former is still in a reality we could call the “dark age,” one that leads to self-destruction. The latter is moving into a new reality, “the golden age.” This golden age could also be called a “golden state” because it exists when life (or an individual) is attuned with the pure Source energy — the heart of creation, the original energy (also referred to as “God” or the “Universe) from which life expresses.

Like radio stations, many different “realities” can occur simultaneously offering infinite wavelengths for one to tune into. We have always been able to elevate ourselves to our full human potential, but never before has there been such a strong impetus to do so. The implications of the dark state have reached a critical point that, like an alarm clock, have stirred the hearts of many to take action either personally or communally to find solutions.

In today’s world all free people have a very distinct and final choice to make – to either live in darkness, which basically implies becoming a slave to a sub-human paradigm or to follow a path of “bread crumbs” – of “truth vibrations” and ascend up and out of this common, dark consciousness in order to attune with a frequency that harmonizes with the vibration of Source.

In fact, I think the most important task for us all is to elevate our frequency to harmonize with Source. Doing so will ensure everything else in our lives is protected – a bit like calling “safe” in a game of tag.

There are so many forces vying to vampire our energy, our attention, all of our resources. Many will allow theirs to be leached and thereby lose all their power – these are the ones who will unwittingly subject themselves to big Pharma medicine, who’s minds will grow dim and dull from years of hypnotizing media, who will have non-functioning bladders and cancer-ridden prostates and spend their lives in depressing jobs to pay debts on things they never needed. These are the inevitable effects of submitting to the social norms of our day. The unwitting person is so easy to steal from and the media, government and commercial enterprises take full advantage of this vulnerability as they use everything in their arsenal to keep the masses in the unwitting state.

I don’t say this to be scary or dooming. It’s just that if you are attuned to the common station, this is how it is. Happily, this is not the only choice you have, that frequency is not the only radio station in town! You have always been able to attune to Source. That is your home frequency – what your being resonates with best, and you will know it to be so when you feel it. When you achieve that experience (which, like cell cleansing, is a visceral experience that you will undeniably feel on every level, not some ethereal concept) you will have another choice to make – to create a life in sync with the Source energy that will enable you to remain attuned to it or to attune to your previous frequency or something in between. The greatest beauty and the best choices will come from your most consistent attunement to Source energy. However, as you attune more consistently with this extraordinary sensation, you may go in and out of it for some time. That’s perfectly normal. As you hold these higher, harmonious frequencies longer and longer you will eventually achieve the supreme state of holding it, even as you move through the world with all it’s seeming ups and downs.

All the practices and principles we underscore at DetoxTheWorld are tools for elevating and harmonizing your frequency with Source. The raw green juices and dietetics that magnetize the old waste up and out of the cells, tissues and organs and the colon cleansing protocols help the physical body become less dense so it can vibrate higher and higher with more life force (Source energy) conducting through it. If you’ve experienced it, you know that electromagnetic energy surging through body is sheer bliss! Attuning with Source through meditation, dissolving your cultural programming through recapitulation exercises and increase awareness and then changing everything you are ready, willing and able to change to reflect this awakening work all serve to attune you in this way. Consciously attuning with Source energy is will make and keep us sovereign, enabling us to actualize and maintain our full potential as creative, loving, self-governing humans.

The practices of transitioning into a highly raw food diet, of drinking green juices, of meditating, of raising “life-force” families are far from ends unto themselves – or even from serving the physical body alone. They are all done for the greater interest of this noble attunement.

It’s also important to appreciate that if one wishes to be healthy, it is not enough to eat raw food, drink green juice and have a clean colon if one is otherwise attuned to the dark culture. That is why some people struggle with their lives even when they do these things to the letter. More and more, as the world dives deeper into chaos, those who wish to have full sovereignty (health, mind, spirit, relationships, creativity, etc.) must attune with Source. The downward pull has never been greater and without the frequency around and within you to prevent it, it’s inevitable that you will be pulled down with it.

The attuning of our being (with it’s multiple fields – physical, emotional, mental, etc.) is our greatest protection from the downward spiral that would make us slaves to commercial and political enterprise at the cost of our health, power, fertility and mental sovereignty.

When you undertake the practices that develop this harmony in place of the dissonance, you will own this sovereignty and appreciate that there is nothing more important you could own. And yes, you will also see that your body has been transformed, that your illnesses are no longer a part of you, nor are your old inclinations toward jealousy, greed, self-absorption. They will merely serve as memories of what a low, inharmonious vibration creates.

Rather than harboring fear and/or anger over the world’s descent into chaos, keep your eyes and heart on Truth and move toward it until you are fully immersed in it. There in you will find nothing but beauty, protection, inspiration, life and love. Enjoy the journey there – every green juice, every mediation that brings the bliss into your cells, every ring of truth through your body and every time you recognize the higher choice and make it!

All Love,

DetoxTheWorld exists to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to become harmonized with the Source energy and enjoy the fullest expression of your beautiful life!