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Relationship Detox

When you cleanse your body you become much more sensitized to other aspects of your life. You will naturally want to organize and cleanse your immediate environment, such as your house or office space. Then, at a certain point, you will be ready to examine your relationships—how you respond to others, whom you choose to spend your time with, what levels of intimacy you seek, whether to engage in interpersonal dramas or sign up for certain social commitments, and so on.

Physical cleansing makes it much easier to identify those relationships that attract a higher caliber of experience and those that do not.

If you have heavily clogged cells, you will tend to be tired, depressed, compromised, dissatisfied, and vulnerable. You will be quick to anger, jealous, defensive, and irrational. If you are a clean-celled individual who has objectively assessed your life-programs and social conditioning and recovered your authenticity, you will tend to be calm, clear, and generally much better equipped to choose good relationships and establish harmony among family, friends and co-workers.

When you bring a clear-flowing body, heart, and mind to a previously difficult relationship, you will find one of two things happen: either the relationship will become much more harmonious because the discord had been lying within you, or you will recognize that the other person is burdened with pain and disharmony. In the latter case, you will have to determine if that relationships is salvageable—if they are willing to make the necessary investment to heal and if you have the patience and forgiveness to wait for the healing to take place—or if it is wiser to allow the relationship to dissolve.

Before you make any major relationship decisions, particularly related to marriage or divorce, I strongly suggest doing a deep tissue cleanse and reviewing the possible social conditionings that may be blocking your authenticity. If both of you in the relationship are willing to approach cleansing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual—as a kind of “couples therapy” (either separate from or in tandem with more traditional therapy), your chances are much better for mutual understanding and conflict resolution.

However, before you start trying to detoxify your relationships, be sure to take a good look at yourself. Typically, once you detoxify your relationship with yourself, you will be able to elevate your other relationships with ease. This is because the hardest part is identifying and then breaking free of the belief systems and social programming that you have absorbed over your lifetime in order to reveal your authentic self.

At first it will be hard to discern between your programmed self and your authentic self, but it will become easier as you start to draw the connections between your actions and the programming behind them. Before you let another argument get the better of you or destroy another relationship with anger, take the time to clear yourself of your physical and emotional blocks and see what happens. If you’re brave enough to allow your ego to surrender to the process, you’ll find it to be the most liberating experience—and really quite fun!

Before you fall back into the old patterns of a discordant relationship, find out who you truly are on the inside. When your cells are clean and your body is balanced, you will see the root of your interactions much more clearly and be better able to achieve peace and healing.

Overeating and Relationship Toxicity

Much of the overeating and junk food consumption I see in my clients originates from relationship conflict. When an individual (women in particular) overeats or eats thoughtlessly, it can almost always be traced back to relationship turbulence—unexpressed hurt, a fight with a parent, friend or co-worker, or an old, deep wound from a relationship that was never honestly addressed.

Imagine: Just like on the Internet or in the neurotransmitters in the brain, there are these invisible lines of energy that run between people. If the feelings in the relationship are supportive, harmonious, and life-generating, a healthy and harmonious energy will flow between them through an invisible cord. If the feelings are painful, distrustful, or angry, an unhealthy, erratic energy will flow between them through an invisible cord.

Now, imagine yourself in the middle of a circle of all the people you’ve come into contact with in your life. A current of energy extends between you and each person on that circle. The deeper the relationships, the thicker the cord will be. Some of those cords will transmit harmonious currents of energy, others will transmit neutral currents, and yet others will transmit disturbing currents that threaten to throw you off balance.

The dangerous cords trigger anxiety, and sometimes can be traced to an “energy vampire”—someone who lives off your energy by engaging you in exhausting dramas, emitting past resentments, or even unconsciously soaking in your energy to feed his or her own. Energy vampires will leave you feeling drained, depressed, and sometimes downright sick because they leach your life force.

Remember, everything is energy. Emotions and thoughts move between people in relationships even if the people are not in the same room.

For truly effective, long-term detoxification, you must ultimately detoxify your relationships as well as your body and physical environments. Otherwise, the toxic relationship cords might pull you right back to an emotional state that’s ripe for disordered eating.

How to Dissolve Damaging Relationship Energy Cords

First, you must look honestly at the relationships in your life to see if the energy cords are transmitting useful energy in both directions, or simply weakening one or both parties. In our mainstream culture we are steeped in drama. The media bombards us with television dramas, movie dramas, celebrity dramas, political dramas, news dramas—dramas of every kind. We soak in dramas in our workplaces and in our communities. In fact, so much of the information we take in every day is rooted in human drama. We mimic these dramas in our personal lives in ways that go completely unnoticed by us because they are so common. That is how dramas can override our authenticity and make us reactionary beings—like programmed robots reacting to situations based on what we have learned from others.

Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to identify these types of relationships. They are often characterized by unhealthy competition, jealousy, repressed anger, and socially conditioned expectations—energies that are transmitted through your relationship cord. Cutting these cords and seeking to eliminate thoughtless interaction will drastically reduce overeating and self-sabotage. It is one of the most healing steps you can take in your life.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a powerful violet, white-gold and pink flame and watch the flame expand to burn away every old energy cord with the people in your life. Then imagine yourself reinstating healthy cords with those who are very close to you and with whom you wish to share supportive, life-generating energy. You will never destroy anything useful with this pure three-fold flame.

You may wish to practice this exercise every day for a week to ensure it is done. Next, you must commit yourself to stepping out of any destructive dramas that emerge to create and feed inharmonious energy, much in the same way that you have committed yourself to protecting your cleansed body from re-accumulating waste from unfit foods. As a result, your relationships will glow with new health.

Satisfying Romantic Relationships

One of the major causes of overeating in adult women is their dissatisfaction with their romantic relationships. One of my favorite metaphysical writers and teachers, J.J. Dewey, sheds special light on this issue.

In his book, Molecular Relationships, Dewey explains that because women are polarized as “receivers” (with a natural negative/receptive charge) and men are polarized as “radiators” (with a natural positive/phallic charge), women must choose mates who can “radiate” energy in order to satisfy them. Dewey does not mean that men need to give women material things. Rather, women require their mates to be slightly more consciously evolved than they are so they can receive inspiration and guidance that supports their conscious evolution. Of course, women can and frequently will radiate (give off light/knowledge) for their men as well. But in order for a woman to be truly satisfied in her relationship with her mate, he must be able to send energy to her that can help her grow.

A man, likewise, needs a woman who wishes to receive and grow from what he has to give to her. This does not mean that men have more to offer than women or to establish black-and-white differences between the sexes. Rather, this means that a woman who is highly evolved or highly intelligent needs to find a mate who is slightly more evolved or more intelligent than she is. If she settles for less, she risks dissatisfaction. If you are a single woman, you might ponder this and shift your criterion as you look for a fulfilling partner.

Enjoy removing all that stands between you and your complete freedom. Remember, you are an unlimited being, forever awakening, evolving, and realizing the enormity of your light! What a ride of self-discovery this is!

Your friend on the evolutionary spiral,

The New Beauty

Cleanse the heart and the body will follow. Cleanse the body and the heart will follow.

As an avid observer and anticipator of trends, I have noted a significant shift in what we find beautiful in our culture. Instead of continuing to value youth for the sake of youth and flawlessness for the sake of flawlessness, I find that as people “awaken” to the higher truths, they are starting to let go of commonly held ideals of external beauty in favor of (a) beauty that shines from within, emitting a fresh, natural glow, and (b) personal authenticity.

Any good art designer or plastic surgeon can produce a “perfect” image, based on the current trends. The new beauty, however, makes us feel good through and through. The hallmarks of the new beauty are clarity and love and light. With our New Energy Bodies, we will naturally blossom into enhanced beauties—both spiritually and physically!

I see my contemporaries preferring the company of those who are pure of purpose and of spirit. The people I think of as leaders are those who think for themselves and choose friends, dates and mates who embody this inner beauty first.

It may be hard to imagine this shift taking place as the world now stands. But I am certain that this is where beauty-consciousness is going. Being fake and made-up is about as attractive to others as a microwave dinner—it might photograph well on the package, but offers nothing life-generating or satisfying. An authentic glow, on the other hand, comes from releasing old patterns, aggressions, and fears and truly being yourself. This is the new “hot.” It’s up to you. Are you ready to sizzle?

Frequently Asked Question of the Week:

What are the “power foods” that will really rev up the body?

Culturally, we have been trained to believe that we can fuel our bodies with “power foods” as we would fuel a car with gasoline or charge a battery with electricity. However, this is not how the body works. While some foods—like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, animal fleshes (with their hormones, adrenaline, and food additives)—have highly stimulating effects on the body, they only provide a false charge that leaves the body depleted and craving more. Then there are the heavily marketed “health” offerings and “power-foods”—such as fish oils, algae, vitamin supplements and drinks—that offer the hope of a natural energy boost. These, too, are misleading. Here’s why…

To heal and energize the body, we must remove the obstructions that are blocking our natural energy flow. In other words, to “rev our engines,” we must remove the waste that’s baked into our cells and blocking up our systems—not fill ourselves with more substances.

Our bodies are perfectly made. When we ask them to share real estate with the unfit foods and environmental wastes that do not fully leave the body and accumulate over time, our bodies fall apart. The secret is having open, clear pathways for free-flowing Life Force Energy. Remove the obstructions—and voila!—no “power-foods” necessary.

So, the next time you think about putting something into your body to energize it, think again. Eat in order to remove the inner blockages—simple combinations of quick exit foods for minimal digestive effort, with lots of veggie juices to support elimination through hydration and enzymatic activity—and you will feel your engine rev like you never imagined it could. You will also save yourself the headache and expense of trying to keep up with all the new “power-foods” and supplements that deceive most health seekers.

Highest harmonious vibes to you,