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The Root of All Suffering: Wall Street or Wetiko?

What if I were to tell you there is a virus we have all been exposed to that has caused a severe form of psychosis, one that has led to virtually every known disease and form of suffering in the world today?

The virus, called wetiko, was first identified by the indigenous peoples of the Americas and written about by Jack Forbes in Columbus and Other Cannibals. Wetiko is a spiritual sickness that results in the deliberate and systematic exploitation of others. It is considered a form of cannibalism because it compels humans to consume the lives of other humans in pursuit of self-gratification. Worst of all, it is hereditary: it gets passed on from generation to generation through DNA, family tradition, and cultural conditioning.

On May Day, Occupy Wall Street (also International Workers’ Day) initiated its spring campaign, renewing its commitment to end social and economic inequality, greed, and corruption. Occupy Wall Street calls itself the 99%—in essence the ones who are exploited by wetiko’s accumulated wealth. But as we embrace this spring awakening of social consciousness, it is worth asking ourselves who the real enemy is. Is it the 1%, per se? Or is it the wetiko mindset? And if it’s the wetiko mindset, aren’t the 99% just as likely to be infected with it? Don’t we all share the same social programming and self-destructive inclinations? Would the 99% be the 1% ruling elite if they could? Given a choice, who among us would take only what we need?

Don’t get me wrong: I believe the mission of OWS is a noble one. It’s the take-action outcry against destructive social inequalities that our wetiko culture has created, and thank goodness so many people are defending the worth of the human spirit against the gross amassing of wealth! But we will not achieve any semblance of equality until we have cured ourselves of wetiko and moved toward unity consciousness—the understanding that life can thrive only as a whole interconnected web. By the same token, we must defeat the entrenched wetiko dogma that deems equality impossible; that says in order for the world to go round, there must be haves and have-nots. This belief, also known as separation consciousness, is at the root of our modern psychosis.

The problem is that wetiko is a kind of autoimmune psychosis. It does not merely harm that which it exploits; it also causes irrational, self-destructive behavior in its host. Such behavior is manifest in the overconsumption of toxic substances that we think we want and need—including drugs, chemically processed foods, fossil fuels, and insidious media messages—which lead to all manner of physical, psychological, and environmental imbalances. Thus, wetiko wages a powerful assault on the mind, body, and spirit of all who come into contact with it.

In the wetiko world, we seek individual power through the accumulation of goods, namely commodities that the collective group deems valuable. We also seek power by conforming to contemporary fashions—which, of commercial necessity, are always shifting in order to generate new “must-have” looks and products. The lords of wetiko wield ideals of wealth and beauty to control and increase their power over the likewise infected masses. Through advertising, marketing, political lobbying, and other means of mind control, they lure the masses to consume products that promise instant gratification but only leave them feeling empty and craving more.

The good news: wetiko is curable. But the cure must begin with ourselves. No one else can do it for us. Whether we are the 99% or the 1%, we are all on the same unsustainable course. Instead of just pointing the finger at others, we must do our own soul-searching and work to loosen the grip of wetiko on our minds. In order to do this, we must recall everything we know about how nature operates and link forces with it. Only nature’s wisdom has the power to defeat wetiko, which will fight hard to stay alive and keep us hooked into the beliefs that direct our actions, our purchases, our choices—all the consumer habits that have put the 1% in power, toppled our economy, and left us physically and spiritually denatured.

The only social revolution worthy of the human spirit is one that vanquishes wetiko and restores us to a state of true vitality: of thriving, interconnected life and respect for all life. This spring, let’s vow to stop feeding the psychosis with our own complicity. Let’s fight the good fight by opening our minds and hearts to the world and letting our better natures in.


Electric Boogie Woogie: The Fountain of Youth, Part One

We cannot hope to know how to care for our bodies if we don’t know what we are made of and what actually sustains our being. I want to introduce a new but entirely scientifically sound and accurate concept about our physicality. I invite students of quantum physics, medicine, and lay people to sit with the incredible simplicity of this physical model. I call it The Theory of the Electric Human. When I say this is “new” I mean that it is new to modern man. To the ancient mystery school teachers and great minds like Hippocrates and Pythagoras, this was a solid, basic concept. It’s time we emerge from the dark ages of human understanding and see the body as it truly is.


Everything in the world of form contains both negative and positive polarities, but gives off either a negative or positive ionic charge based on the number of electrons to protons in its atomic structure. A healthy person’s cells and tissues are made up of negatively charged ionic particles. This makes the human body alkaline. (All life-generating substances in the world of form carry a negative, or alkaline, ionic charge). An ion is simply a particle that is electrically charged, either positively or negatively; meaning an atom, molecule, or group that has lost or gained one or more electrons.

When an atom has more electrons orbiting its nucleus than there are protons in the nucleus, it carries a negative ionic charge; when there are more protons in the nucleus than electrons orbiting the nucleus, the atom or group is said to carry a positive ionic charge. Alright, now that we’re up to speed on basic atomic structure, let’s move on…

Electrons are whirring orbs charged with life force. Much as their name implies, electrons are electronic! When one electron meets up with another electron, they conduct an electric current—or electricity. We often think of electricity existing in electronic gadgets, light bulbs, and lightening, but we don’t usually think of ourselves as walking, talking beings of electronic activity. However, this is what the Life Force Energy is.

When our cells are clean and our subatomic parts are healthy, lots of electrons are passing this vital electric energy from cell to cell. In fact, this is what keeps cells alive. When the subatomics are short of electrons, imbalanced atoms steal electrons from healthy atoms and nullify the electrical potential. You might have heard the term for these imbalanced electrons: they are called free radicals.

Since the body thrives on alkaline substances, which are made up of electron-rich atoms, these electron-devouring free radicals are the opposite of alkaline. They are acidic. They enter the body through all manner of unnatural foods, drinks, and substances—through all the openings in the body, including the mouth, skin, nose, ears, and emotions. Food can be acidic, but so can relationships, jobs, regrets, and the environment.


Our bodies are designed to live off their own electrical energy, supported by alkaline-rich substances. Healthy alkaline cells meet and pulse this vital current through the body. As long as each cell receives the pure force of this vital pulse, the body will stay alive, strong, properly functioning (and, it has been suggested, under perfect circumstances, immortal).

Only the substances that humans are by nature intended to consume can help conduct this electric current: fresh water-rich fruits, vegetables, “living” air and water (“living” meaning electrically pulsating with life force), sunlight, and vital relationships. These substances are highly alkaline and hydrating, for they are grown under solar radiation, which means they have lots of healthy electronic energy. All this makes these substances ideal nourishment. We must finally abandon the myth that calories, dense foods, and vitamins nourish the body. The body is nourished byelectromagnetism from the sun. This is what man is made of; this is what he thrives on. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and the human body’s high water content supports conductivity. Thus, hydrating fruits and vegetables serve us best.

A virgin body (one that has not been defiled by modern substances—no one I know) from perfectly clean lineage (one that has consumed only the purest substances—again, no one I know) should, according to this theory, be able to live easily on its own electromagnetism and that which it receives from clean negative-ionically-charged air, water and fresh fruits and leaves (which are almost entirely made up of negative ions, and synthesized sunlight with a bit of cellulose). The clean-celled human was designed to live on his or her own electronic substance with these elements constant regenerative force. The life-sustaining electromagnetic activity was so rich prior to modernization that it was all man needed—in fact, the best thing for man was to live primarily off, this rarified vital air being the most essential and vitalizing (this is where the idea of being breatharian comes from). This, of course, is not the case for modern man, who is highly addicted to the dense foods and chemical substances that he regularly consumes despite his body’s distressed reactions to them (what modern medicine call “symptoms of illness,” blaming age and bad luck).

Unknowingly, modern humans constantly expose their beings to highly acidic, electron-impeding substances through all the physical, emotional, and mental receptor sites. The biochemical makeup of these substances block the conductivity of life force between cells. From this unnatural, defiled state, science determines what is normal. In turn, the conditioned masses cannot see beyond their little programmed world. They follow a professed hierarchy of leaders with wide-eyed awe at their research studies, so-called nutritional discoveries, and medications.

Each research study can only be dubbed “normal” within a corrupted framework. How long should we be able to live? What motivates us? What’s worthy of our time, attention, and praise? What is our normal height and weight? For how many decades should we enjoy a state of excellent heath? What is the natural experience of menopause or childbirth? Such questions cannot be answered in the light of truth if the research studies take the average corrupted human being as their norm. They can only be answered based on the observed norm within the control group. All that can be measured today is what is common, which should not be confused with what is natural.


Once the human organism loses this conductivity of pure, vital, self-sustaining force, it looks outside of itself for ways to regain a sense of completeness. Of course, this is a futile endeavor. The further off the trajectory of its truth one veers, the more desperately one reaches for fulfillment in the outside world. This is the beginning of the selfishness that dissolves all trust and fuels all manner of dissonance in our relations with one another. This is the root of seeking success at the expense of others suffering.

Healthy human relationships work like healthy atoms and cells: good feelings conduct good feelings and support groups of all sizes with mutually enriching experiences. It’s a macrocosm of the atomic expression. In our truth we all thrive. It is a mistake to believe that crime, heartache, and war are the natural traits of humanity. They are not. They are the traits of the lower, animalistic state of man. As long as we fail to understand how we really work (on solar electricity), we are doomed to rely on our lower survival instincts: eat or be eaten, seek fulfillment of desire in lust and materialism, follow misguided thoughts and values. The herd mentality makes animals of us—full of lust, greed, rage, gluttony, competition, addiction, and instability. Knowing our true nature and living in harmony with it elevates us.

Once cells are blocked from receiving the electromagnetic current of vital force, those starved cells start to die, just as you would if you did not receive oxygen. New cells spring forth as long as there is adequate life force in the organism, but even that process slows down as the electronic force in the body weakens. This weakness comes not from the number of times you spin around the sun (your age), but by how blocked from the current of vital energy the cells become.

From the moment we step foot into this world, we experience a slow death because of all our modern habits that cut off the electronic current in the body. The way most people live today, it would be more appropriate to refer to our “death spans” rather than our “life spans.” If we want life spans, we must open ourselves up to free-flowing electronic conductivity.

Yes, we can become beings of highly charged electronic energy. All we have to do is intelligently begin to remove the blocks that snuff out this vital conductivity in the body. This requires a smart transition and a courageous attitude that’s not afraid of bucking the old conditions and programs.

This is why Arnold Ehret and Norman Walker emphasize that the root of all illness is constipation. When positively charged ions enter the body in the form of food, drugs, and environmental poisons (including radiation from computers and cell phones), this positively charged substance sticks like a magnet to the negatively charged alkaline substance of the intestinal tissue. This substance that sticks in the tissue snowballs and suffocates electronic conductivity. As the acidic substances continue to enter the organism, filling the intestine, not only will more cells suffer and die off, but the blockage sends the body the message that this organism is becoming unfit. The self-destroying agents are then sent in to break down the organism like flies on a carcass.


Life means one thing: change. Either a living organism generates life, unfolding and flourishing like a ripe garden that grows richer with each season, or it is deleterious to life, being decomposed by that which breaks life down. Pests, vultures, bacteria, cockroaches, and rats (the latter two being the most proliferating species on the planet for this reason) are decomposers. They become more durable as their work demands it of them. This is why flu strains, bacteria, and pests have become more impervious to inoculations, pesticides, and antibacterial agents over time.

Blockages in the intestine become blockages throughout the organism (see “Over-consumption + Under-elimination x Time = Accumulation” and “Why Are We Sick? The Vicious Cycle Explained”). Inevitably, the body recognizes this blocked state as life-deteriorating, so the ambassadors of decomposition—namely bacteria, yeast/fungus, and viruses—take hold.

Healthy microbes eventually surrender to these rogue microbes and the body begins the slow breakdown toward death. The body does send warning signals that life-deteriorating actions have been set in motion. If such signs—like ear infections, common colds, headaches, poor bowel function, bad breath, and underarm odors—were heeded and their causes corrected, this destruction could be avoided. But in our culture we have moved so far away from understanding how the body communicates that we have lost this art of healing.

One of the major signs today that must be noted is infertility. Infertility is the alarm bell signaling extinction. Fifteen years ago, menstruation troubles came under the spotlight. This alarm bell (which was suppressed by drugs and hormones) preceded the more dire siren of infertility. Now we have a generation of women of child-bearing age turning to drugs instead of cleansing to reproduce. And what of their offspring?


When the body is cleared enough to conduct a significantly greater than “normal” amount of this vital force, it experiences dramatic improvements. It’s like suddenly sprouting wings where there were once only fins. Learning to conduct this brilliant vibration is how we step into the light—by becoming an organism of pulsating electrical vitality, the radiant embodiment of heaven on earth.

The results and rate at which we can rekindle our lost electromagnetic state of being is directly related to the extent to which we have poisoned our cells and tissues in our lifetimes, and the extent to which we apply the many rekindling tools available to us. It all comes down to sheer will and determination. There are those who long for nothing more than higher knowledge, and there are those who are not yet ready to venture onto such a rarified road. Many of us know the higher truths, but few of us actually follow them.

So, how do we initiate or accelerate the reconnection with our electronics? We remove the blockages from the decades of dietary error through transition diet (see The Raw Food Detox Diet) and bowel cleansing. We must do it consistently and thoroughly for it to work. Raw vegetable juices, proper food combining, vegetable-centric meals, and regular bowel cleansing (ideally using gravity method colonics; see my listing of recommended gravity colon hydrotherapists) must be implemented with consistency for the awakening and release of old blockages to take place. Don’t have a short memory when cleansing. You cannot cleanse a 30- or 40-year-old body in 3 weeks or even 3 months. In 3 years you will be making solid headway. Let this keep you humble and honest, not discouraged. You will reap immediate results, but all results are relative. After a few months, you might feel far better than you originally did, but remember: what you are capable of is exponentially greater.

But you must do it all, and you must do it consistently, otherwise you are simply not doing it. Just eating more raw food, just having a few colonics, or just juicing won’t work. You need the power of at least 16 to 32 ounces of raw vegetable juice (not blended shakes or powders) every day to coat and awaken the waste with its powerful alkaline charge. You need to rest your body from overeating and poor food combinations that exhaust the system and prevent it from ever reaching the old waste because it is so preoccupied with trying to process the new intake. You need to focus on vegetables (fruits are too clean for most people today, who are too yeasted or too impacted). The modern human is best eating mostly raw and cooked vegetables. I call this vegetable-centric eating. By all means, be super-creative and use lots of delicious herbs, a little organic butter, marinara sauce, sea salt, stevia, garlic, etc. to make these vegetables hearty and mouthwatering. Do this and you’ll be completely satisfied with vegetable-centric eating. Note: this is different from traditional vegetarianism, which includes lots of beans, nuts, grains, and processed soy-based foods.

Once you have the awakening and releasing technique down and working for you to dislodge the big, obvious, structural blockages, you’ll start to feel your subtle energy body. This is your prana, your chi, your vital electrical charge. Here are a few of the many effective tools to help you circulate and increase that charge:

• Rebounding on a mini-trampoline (Reboundaire is a great brand)
• A “chi” machine (The Chi-vitalizer: Allaboutchi.com)
• Body Brushing with a natural bristle body brush
• Gravity colonics
• Deep breathing in fresh country, sea, or mountain air
• Deep stretching (yoga or just plain old stretching is fine—use your intuition to read what needs to be opened to increase your vital electric flow)
• Sun-bathing (no oils or SPF, ideally nude in the sun’s mid-morning rays)
• Plenty of deep sleeping (Your body cannot recharge without this. Rest to the extent to which you tax your body. Without many hours of deep sleep, it will be like an assembly line gone amok with the un-metabolized burdens of past substances and stresses).

See how you feel when you do all these things. Modern humanity tends to overlook the free and obvious because we are conditioned to put our faith in something external, such as scientific discoveries. This stems from the belief that humanity descends from a Stone Age of numb-nuts, and that only with our modern scientific minds and technologies are we finally able to understand our world and make great discoveries. In fact, there was a Golden Age prior to the Dark Age that we are only now emerging from. Step into your own personal Golden Age as soon as you are ready.

When the body is flowing with clean, vital electromagnetic energy, you will have access to the treasure of your being. What I am referring to is the power of your endocrine system, continued in “The Endocrine System: The Fountain of Youth, Part Two.”