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Birthing Sophia: An Audio with Macha and Amanda

Macha and I were so moved by Amanda’s birthing story that we had to call Amanda in to share it with you too! As you may know, Amanda Dennis, leader of our Life Force Families site and my business partner, moved to Hawaii’s Big Island last spring with her husband, Jason, and 3-year-old daughter, Madeline. If you’ve been tuning into Life Force Families, you will have read her blogs about the move and followed her pregnancy this year which, culminated on September 2nd with the birth of her second daughter, Sophia.

Amanda’s birth experience was beautiful and deeply moving. Having a natural birth in this environment was particularly special for her in light of her first birth experience in a traditional hospital. You’ll find the recording below, but I encourage you to visit www.detoxtheworld.com/lifeforcefamilies/parents-blog.php to see her photo gallery as well. The pictures will move you.

Here’s the audio: