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The Heart of Judgment

Dear Friends,

This blog is actually coming as a surprise to me and emerging as a result of a recent series of not merely coincidental events. They all happen to circle around the same theme: judgment.

I have always been completely honest with you all–both because I have nothing to hide and because I have always felt that the more we share openly, the more we can help one another heal and become more free. I have openly shared my life’s journey, including the physical, mental, and emotional anguish that fueled my indefatigable search for answers.

As you might imagine, for all the people who are attracted to the wisdom of this work, there are always going to be some people who are offended or threatened by it. Sometimes these people express their criticism to me in highly unconstructive ways (fortunately not that often). I usually consider their comments, appreciate their perspective even if I don’t agree with them, and move on with my day.

Recently, I stumbled upon a litany of really callous remarks on the comment area of a video interview I did last year. My initial reaction was to feel hurt (I’m human), but then I thought about all the judgment and confusion that haunted my childhood and young adult life. And I thought about how painful it was to be under the shadow of all those projected expectations. I don’t have that experience anymore. What’s more, I realize that all the harsh words and criticisms were merely a reflection of these individuals’ wiring–a result of a culture of immature judgment. A knee-jerk sense of entitlement to judge without facts is all too common among people in our cuture–particularly when armed with letters on a keypad and undisciplined opinions behind the anonymity of the internet.

I have learned over the years not to take these comments personally. Their words are like swords that they have pointed at themselves, albeit unconsciously. How can one not feel compassion for that kind of pain if one has suffered it oneself? Such comments serve to remind me of the wide variety of people out there who are observing this work, peeking in to see what we’re up to over here.

On this particular occasion I was criticized by about a hundred viewers for the following reasons: first of all, because my breasts are way too small (assumed to be a result of the detox lifestyle rather than my genetic dice); next, because my chest bones are visible on my décolletage, I am far too thin, and I look unhealthy; because I am a poor public speaker and use my hands too much when I talk; and, finally, one person even commented that I didn’t seem like a happy person. Well, I certainly hope no one is going to them for psychic readings! I resisted reading further.

My first reaction was a deep disappointment. I wanted people to take in the information, not my cup size. But I guess this was naive of me, given our cultural attitudes. The point of these critics’ commentaries was to dismiss the ideas about cleansing by systematically stripping away my credibility based on my on-screen image–in their estimation, not what a healthy woman should look like.

As you have been learning here, most people do not know what a healthy body looks like because they are either overly conditioned to accept the norm of overweight, puffy mainstreamers or they assume that anyone who is of a lean girth is a disordered dieter. We don’t see many truly healthy specimens–male or female–in our culture. Strip away the gas pressure, yeastedness, and water retention and what’s left are tight but healthy, energetic, clean cells. Without those acidic waste by-products, the body will look more contracted. But despite leanness, the skin and eyes should be clear, vibrant, and bright. This is not to discount the day-to-day fluctuations in the body (please refer to my blog on the motion created by living foods: A Salad in Motion Remains in Motion), but overall the net result is often (not always, but often) a surprisingly slender physique. Most women don’t complain about this!

I was teased in middle school for having virtually nonexistent boobs. It’s interesting to see that some people are still in the middle school mind-set. Perhaps if I had elected to surgically enhance my breasts, that would have secured their approval? I respect everyone’s right to elective surgery, but that’s just not my beat.

Frankly, I like my boobs. They are small but they fed my two babies who are now thriving children of 7 and 9 years old. My breasts have served their purpose as breadbasket to them, sealing their future health. Moreover, the man I love adores them and has for 18 years. Need I say more? Eating a cheeseburger (as several of the commentators recommend I do) or accumulating gas pressure and bloat will not serve my highest good (though it may make my critics feel better about their choices). And it’s certainly not going to make my boobs grow a cup size.

I’m not here to make the authors of such thoughtless comments feel more comfortable. If I were to strike back, I might suggest that they consider their own body fixations, since they appear to be the ones with the issues. Of course, it is not my place to force anyone to look at their issues. I can only be true to myself and be of service to those who want this service.

I’m grateful for my body. I spent many years being hard on it, and it survived my abuse for eight years from ages 13 to 21. Since then, my body has run on exotic sands, pedaled many hundreds of miles, climbed mountains, borne and nursed children, soaked up sun, and danced all night, many nights. My body also survived a horrible accident when I was a child–I was run over by a bus when I was 4 years old. Both sets of tires crossed and crushed my core, shattering my pelvis and causing internal bleeding that nearly did me in. An entire hospital staff of doctors told my parents that I would never walk again–that was if by some miracle I happened to live. They were also confident that I would never be able to have children. And now there are nearly a hundred comments about my boobs being too small…the irony! On the one hand, it’s comical; on the other, it’s really sad that so many people think and communicate from that space.

The other irony, of course, is that these comments are being made by people who are obviously surfing the web for diet information–not because they are content with their bodies, I can assure you of that.

Our culture is full of people who are ready to dole out judgments but incapable of compassion. Their hearts are wired shut, and perhaps these judgments are their cries for help. This is a group of people who are quick to swallow the advice to be found in eight-second soundbytes spoon-fed to them by their media gods, but slow to take responsibility for the larger context of their personal health. And they are quick to look to the government for social security and Medicare solutions, but slow to realize the impact of their way of life on the next generation.

You or I may never measure up to the standards of these people, who will always find someone to project their own shortcomings onto, but why would we ever aspire to? I do admit, though, that it’s a real disappointment to be confronted with so much ignorance when all you want to do is grow with your community into a more evolved way of life. It’s a very real reminder of what we’re contending with, and that we must maintain a steady course, full speed ahead, even while respecting the fact that others are at different stages of their own journeys. We must remember to honor everyone on their journeys and really mean it.

Those who misinterpret this work and do not understand the context of cellular cleansing have accused me of being anorexic or orthorexic or extreme in some fashion. I understand that this work appears extreme to the uninitiated, but I can assure you that I am not suffering from an eating disorder. My path started with disorder at the tender age of 13. I have been there and know what that is about. I could not in good conscience be a leader in this work if I were still under that influence. I can only be true to myself and in so doing live out my purpose. That is all I can do. Like I said, I understand that this way of living appears extreme to many people. But I caution that it’s the mainstream lifestyle that’s extreme. Reclaiming our natural balance in the face of it only appears extreme from that worldview.

I welcome your questions, and I understand where they are coming from. I will openly and honestly answer any genuine questions you have about me or about this work. My goal is to help illuminate the way, not to shroud it in more confusion or make it seem scary. What I will not do is engage with catty, mean-spirited kindergartners who do not want to understand but only criticize in order to continue courting the old paradigm that feels familiar but not safe, consistent but not liberating.

As you walk this path, I urge you to be thoughtful and discerning rather than self-righteous. We can all be better at this. Whenever we dole out this type of unconstructive criticism, we are usually projecting our own pain, limitations, and self-judgments onto others. We can try to avoid undisciplined commentary, and, when invited, offer constructive, thoughtful reflections. But let’s check our motives and shadows before we judge. If we are to be of any good use, we cannot indulge in dogma, self-righteousness, and lowest-common-denominator criticisms. We do not need to one-up our brothers and sisters. We won’t get anywhere on that merry-go-round. Rather, let’s first look within ourselves for what’s obstructing our ability to see and love one another. Then what we offer can serve the highest good of all.

If you have any questions for me, be they personal or otherwise, I will be happy to answer them. Feel free to post them as comments and I will respond in kind. In the meantime, I hope you will join me in diffusing the unloving judgments that are so common today, particularly in the dietary wars and self-righteous dietary communities. They do not serve anyone’s highest good and they certainly do not make anyone’s blood cleaner (or boobs bigger) 😉

With Love in Unity,


Energy: The Simple Truth

Dear Energy-Seekers:

Energy is a hot topic in our culture, and for many it is the ultimate currency. Just as all the misleading dietary information is confusing people, so is all the erroneous information about energy. I think it’s high time to set the record straight about energy. Fortunately, like all great truths, it’s really very simple.

There is only one thing to know about energy. Energy is a current of electromagnetic force of dual polarity (-)/(+). In the physical body it is at its greatest potential when the body’s cells are clean and clear. You are ENERGIZED when you have open pathways (no mucoid matter in the bloodstream, lungs, or throat and no waste matter stuck in the intestines or intestinal walls) and when the energy can move freely between the cells and tissues. I like to imagine cells conducting energy by “kissing” each other with electricity. Energy can only reach the cells and conduct if there are no blockages.


Let’s be absolutely clear: You do not become energized by consuming calorie-dense substances. Instead, you become energized by removing blockages between cells and within pathways so that the electromagnetic current can travel like a lightening rod through the body. If you are feeling weak or lacking power for your workouts when you eat this way, it is ALWAYS due to one or more of the following three reasons:

1) You have awakened matter that your bowel cannot release on its own. Therefore, your center is blocked and the awakened poisons have been released into your bloodstream, making you feel ill and tired. You need either bowel cleansing or a less than perfect meal to give your bowel a break from the transition to clean foods—one or the other, but preferably the former.

2) You are so addicted to the stimulation of cooked proteins, whey or soy protein workout products, coffee, refined sugar, flour, soda, etc. that your body is not coping with the change. The problem is that you’re having withdrawal symptoms—not that the clean diet is failing to deliver energy. You probably need to transition more slowly. People are often deceived into thinking they need meat when, after a week of a meat-free diet, they go out and eat a steak and suddenly feel “energized.” This is a FALSE FIRE!

The wave of false fire is not real energy. It is just the stimulation of the acidic animal protein that an addicted body responds to. Additionally, when the animal is killed, the “fight or flight” hormone—adrenaline—surges through the bloodstream of the frightened animal. That adrenaline is in the meat when consumed, and is often confused with a feeing of energy—again, FALSE FIRE! Acidic, dense substances—whether animal flesh, dense nut/seed bars, protein bars, or yogurt and granola—can never give you real energy, only stimulation. To an unclean body addicted to the stimulation, continuing to consume such substances feels good and familiar. Stopping too suddenly leads to withdrawal symptoms and a feeling of weakness. Hence, people often associate a clean diet with feeling weak. This is why making a gradual TRANSITION away from the old foods, rather than going cold turkey, is so crucial. It will help you avoid many pitfalls!

3) You are mentally programmed to believe that only consuming calorie-dense substances can sufficiently energize you for a workout. The fact is, eating muesli, granola, a power bar, or a shake before a workout can actually physically drain energy from you. But mental programming is a powerful thing; for years you’ve been absorbing the erroneous propaganda that you need these substances for energy. So now it’s a case of mind over matter: work to reverse your thinking and align with the greater truth.

Most of all, keep an eye on the big picture of cleansing. A clear body is an energized body. Arnold Ehret said it nearly a hundred years ago in his equation: Vitality = Power – Obstruction. “Power” may not have been the clearest word choice. “Electromagnetic Conductivity” is more accurate. So, with all due respect to Ehret, I’ll take the liberty of rephrasing his equation: Vitality = Electromagnetic Conductivity – Obstruction.

Every time you’re feeling a little less energized than you want to feel, revisit these three points. Ask yourself how clear your pathways are and how well your cells are conducting the electromagnetic power. Even when you’re blocked, this energy is always lying dormant within you, ready to be unleashed. Do all you can to remove any blockages, and then watch your body come alive with the blissful vibration of life force conducting through you!

Then do the happy dance!

Here’s to your energy-kissing cells,



Your Body: A Temple?

Many of you have heard the saying that our body is a temple. What does this mean exactly? The original concept carries a Biblical connotation because there is a text in the Bible which reads, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) But the concept is not the exclusive domain of scripture or religion of any origin—it predates them. It is about the true purpose of the physical body.

It is essential for seekers of health and happiness to realize that health occurs only when the physical body is clear enough to function in its intended role for the Spirit. Health is not the numbers on a medical checkup sheet or the number on a scale. Health is when the physical body supports the Spirit’s journey through the world of form. The body is a vessel for the Spirit’s expression and experience in the material world. Therefore, when the body is clogged, the Spirit’s experience becomes compromised. The body becomes a liability rather than fulfilling its intended purpose as a vehicle for exploration.

Through the body, the Spirit is able to see, hear, touch, taste, emote, challenge physical boundaries, experience physical endurance, interact with others, and so much more. If you contaminate the body, you contaminate and handicap the Spirit. This accounts for so much of human suffering in contemporary society, but it is completely reversible if you simply know how!

I have often wished for a way to do more than educate and motivate people who are suffering, but we each must do it for ourselves and undertake to free our own Spirit—by literally helping it to re-member itself (put itself back together). I can help show you the way and guide by example, just as others have done for me. Once your vessel is clear and functional again and your Spirit can flow freely, you will discover your inherent power.

The Spirit, or Being, experiences the world of form through a system made up of the following four components, or energy centers:

1) The physical body (cells, tissues, organs, blood, lymph)
2) The will center (action and reaction stimulated by motivation)
3) The emotional/heart center (feeling and expressing feeling)
4) The mind (thinking, projecting thought)

We are truly healthy only when these four components are clear and functioning in the best interest of the Spirit (which is really the fifth component of Being). We need to cleanse them in this order, for as each component is cleansed, the next one automatically shifts for the better.

In my practice today, I rarely encounter a person who is clear on all these levels. Most of my clients are out of balance in the physical body, the will center, and the emotional center, and a growing number are also imbalanced in the mind center (or on the mental plane). What I have discovered is that reordering/cleansing the physical body has a dramatic healing effect on the other centers—so much so that I strongly encourage making deep tissue cleansing a first resort, or at the very least a tandem process with any other therapies, for those with imbalances in the other centers.

Hence, I have always stressed that it is more important to cleanse the body than to undertake talk therapy or other therapeutic modalities. We can make the most efficient strides by addressing the body’s distortions first. As the body clears, many of our emotional and mental disorders (anger, aggression, frustration, jealousy, moodiness, poor focus, etc.) also disappear. Any remaining imbalances, we can assume, are not directly related to the physical blockages, but rather rooted in our present or past life experiences.

We can trace the origins of our imbalances further back than within our own lifetimes. The corruption of the will center (the solar plexus energy center around the navel; the center of action and reaction), emotional center (the energy center in the heart), and mind (the energy center in the brain) occurred over eons of generations living out of alignment with our true nature. (Some refer to this as “the fall.”)

Once out of alignment, we made more and more choices that further alienated us from our true origins. We started mistaking harmful behaviors and substances for appealing behaviors and substances, and in our distorted rearview mirror, we lost track of the path back home—which now appeared boring and difficult compared to the material indulgences ahead. We were like kids in a candy store, grabbing all the colorful sweets by the fistful, not pausing to reflect or anticipate the stomach aches until after we’d stuffed ourselves sick!

Eventually, however, we were consuming these unfit substances with regularity, disturbing the flow of our life force energy (Spirit) and deeply contaminating our cells and tissues with indigestible waste. The consequent stagnation of the Spirit manifested in slower metabolisms, organ dysfunction, and bacterial imbalances…which, of course, led to moodiness and a dramatic loss of vitality.

We passed along these physical, emotional, and mental imbalances to our children, who in turn would pass them along to their own children, and so on. Over the generations, the collective imbalances have intensified into much more severe manifestations of physical, willful, and emotional expression—such as extreme illness, abuse, depression, repression, and rage. We’ve learned that in order to feel good, we must consume “candy” and seek approval from the outside world. We are like drug addicts, mainlining toxins into our bodies.

At this stage, mankind has completely lost touch with its self-sovereignty. When the snowballing imbalances reach the mental plane and the mind becomes increasingly distorted, we turn to medical experts and institutions. However, when we try to fix mental and emotional disorders through drugs or traditional therapy, we ignore their root cause: a physical vessel being thrown so far off course that physical imbalances penetrated the emotional plane so deeply, they wound up on the mental plane.

In a generation so mired in physical and emotional imbalances, it is high time we take an honest look at the origins of these imbalances. As we cleanse the physical organism first, allowing residue of blockages to dissolve, our actions tip back into balance (the will), our emotions heal (the heart), and any mental disorders (the mind) finally lift, leaving the body clear and harmonious for the Spirit.

Self-help books, psychology, chakra balancing, and other new age therapies can help support your efforts, but they will not get to the core of your imbalances if you do not use them in tandem with deep tissue cleansing. Clearing the muck out of the physical body through cell/tissue cleansing is the necessary first step, and it will work wonders if you proceed intelligently.

Once you cleanse the physical body, you can correct any remaining imbalances by cleansing the emotional or will centers. If you attempt this in the reverse order, you will spend untold time and effort to heal many ills that only need physical cleansing. My friend and colleague Gil Jacobs will tell you it happens all the time: someone will get on the colonic table feeling irritable and upset about some outside circumstance, and then, when the waste and gas pressure have left the body, feels happy, calm and untroubled. So much of our emotional experience is due to our physical obstruction!

Remember, your body is a vessel of your Spirit’s journey through this life. Cleanse each level of the Spirit, starting with the physical and working your way right on up to the mental plane, clearing all the blockages to the pureness of your true Being.

In Divine Balance,


Stop Clogging Your Life with “Miracle” Cures—Make Way for Cellular Cleansing!


Last week I had a group of the most intelligent, light-filled, beautiful women in my home for a two-day Teacher-Training Intensive course. These women all attended with the intention of understanding the principles and details of the program at the most advanced levels in order to help others in their community—privately and professionally. I praise these women for their dedication to truth and am extremely grateful to know that they are now out there carrying a light into places I could not reach alone. (I plan to offer another training course in February 2008. Keep an eye out for an announcement in October with dates and instructions for applying.)

The world is so much in need of such leading lights. When we truly comprehend the link between unfit consumption and the resulting illnesses, we are more likely to notice the link between the unfit things we put into our lives and our suffering. Our bodies are truly a holograph of what is going on in our personal, familial, and global environments! This is why it is so critical that people begin to awaken to the truth about their bodies.

The “wellness” market continues to take advantage of health-seekers, and the health information highways are just saturated with absurdities. I stopped being shocked by all the deceptions a long time ago, but it is worth reminding you that that all these “miracle” powders, Noni juices, supplements, and the like are all useless. You have been programmed to believe that a physical problem is due to the lack of some kind of nutrient. But this is not so.

Please hear this, if nothing else: it is the obstruction in your body that prevents you from experiencing your physical, emotional, and mental perfection. It is not a missing nutrient or miracle ingredient!

Obstruction in the form of food wastes or emotional blockages are compromising your inner terrains and preventing the optimal flow of your Life Force. Only the removal of these physical and emotional wastes will render you radiant, lean, youthful, brilliant, and all the rest. Don’t be a peon to the deception and pay homage to pills and powders. Instead, support the removal of your obstructions through gentle transition, easy-to-digest combinations of foods, and plenty of waste-removal-support (proper colon cleansing, sauna sweats, dry brushing, correct breathing, and rest). This is the only way.

Of course, this may not be what the masses want to hear—for it requires some discipline and thoughtfulness—but for so many of you, the power to persevere and become the best you that you can be is well within reach. The rewards for aligning with truth are beyond measure and deeply thrilling!

There has never been a time of so much physical and mental disease and distress. This is a call for change on the largest scale! All of you who are embracing the path of cellular cleansing through transition will be the living examples we need to pave the way for others. You will all be teachers of the highest order, helping to heal the world!

With happy cells and heart,


How to Activate Your Life Force Energy: Align Your Spine and Hold Your Flame

As those of you who read Raw Food Life Force Energy will recall, I emphasized that the human body is not made of some dense matter, as it may seem, but of living light-energy. Remember the tenets of quantum physics as originated by Albert Einstein in the equation: E = mc2. Let this knowledge inform the way you carry yourself. I call this “holding your flame.” Yes, your body, that sometimes hard-to-rouse-out-of-bed lump of flesh is actually living light. At its very essence, light is fire! Therefore, you, my friend, are a living flame!

The spinal cord, which is the core of the body (like the core of an apple) is the fire-rod-axis which conducts your life force. Running through your spine is your spinal fluid, whose essence is pure energy. If this energy were visible, you would see it move as a fluid light current following the donut-like pattern of a torus. Picture the light-energy flowing into you from the head (the crown chakra; or the positive, male pole) while simultaneously flowing from below in the root chakra (the negative, female pole). In this way, the current runs up and down the length of the spine until it reaches the opposite pole, then moves outward and around you to re-circulate fresh energy.

Everything in the fruit and vegetable kingdoms follows the torus pattern of energetic flow. It is the flow of all living things—from the smallest atom to a massive tree. You can even see this lifeline flowing within a carrot, an apple, or a Brussels sprout! The energy enters from both directions and flow into, through and around the plant, giving it its life force and fanning its indwelling firelight. Likewise, from the macrocosmic perspective, our earth, the other planets, and even the solar system follow the torus pattern, sending indwelling life through their cosmic pranic tube.

Like the earth, when your inner pole/axis is rightly aligned and moving energy in swift waves, harnessing both the negative and positive poles equally, your being will thrive. This is why physical and energetic blockages (through unfit foods and unhealthy relationships, environments, and experiences) are so damaging. Disturbances in the energetic flow manifest in our physical body in the form of illnesses. Becoming aware of this is the first and best step you can take to revive your inner flame.

Tune into and align yourself with your flame.
Now, I ask you to sense your body as a living flame whose greatest intensity runs right through the vertical axis of your body. Next, I would like you to feel this flame’s power in the chakra centers of your body. Feel the power take hold at the base of your spine in your root, then feel the creative energy in the area halfway between your root and your navel. Then feel the Life Force Energy awaken in that flame at the spot right behind your navel. Next, feel your heart center surge with the power of this fire; allow the fire to rise into the throat opening and enlivening that area so you can express yourself more authentically. Feel the heat in your forehead as the flame rises in your brain, between your eyes, and then finally allow it to surge through your crown, up into the higher realms where it will connect with the more spiritual dimensions of your energy field. Notice how your posture naturally lifts, opens, and surrenders to the graceful flow of this energy.

Instead of merely straightening your posture, note the effortless rise of your body once it embodies the flow of this flame. Notice that it does not cause you to stiffen. Notice how it lifts your mid-spine and opens your shoulders like wings. Notice how it lifts and draws back your head back ever so slightly, like that of a swan or a giraffe. Hold your flame, feel it rise and emit its powerful energy all around you. Open up to its fullness. This is your natural alignment and your indwelling power.

Remember this as often as you can as you walk to work, shop for groceries, type emails. Notice how much clearer and how much more heart-centered your communications and emotions are when you hold and embody your flame.

The way to fully activate your Life Force Energy is to fully activate the pranic tube (“sahsumna” in Sanskrit). It is said that through this power you can overcome aging and even death. Such an empowering concept, yet so few people are aware of it.

Frequently Asked Question of the Week:

Do you offer private consultations?

Yes, I do, either via phone or in person if you are in the NYC area. Please visit my Personal Consultations webpage.

My goal is always to provide as much information through my public offerings to reduce the need for personalized sessions, but for some of you, personalized guidance is the missing link.

I am currently working on two new book projects and will keep you updated as they progress. For all you parents out there, one of them is a book for adapting this lifestyle for children. With two young children of my own, I am fully aware of all the challenges that parents face in this regard and look forward to supporting you with this publication.

In loving service,