Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 01/31/2013

The next Advanced Detox Certification Course is coming up! This course offers an all virtual, live conferencing format over 5 days, from March 4th-March 8th. You can register for the extended course, at a discounted price here:http://www.detoxtheworld.com/events.php#320134

About this call
Tune in to this call about “Recapitulation,” a potent tool for emotional clearing. Natalia and Joanna discuss the context, how to’s and results you can expect from engaging in this process. We hope it serves you well and look forward to answering any follow-up questions that emerge as you use this tool. May it guide you to release old programming, drama, tension, and emotional blockages on your journey for sovereignty, bliss, and ultimate freedom!

Listen to Live Q&A Call From January 31, 2013