Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 3/29/2012

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  • Zero Limits by Joe Vitale
  • Toby Burrows, artist
  • Brain Over Bridge by Kathryn Hansen


  1. What are your thoughts on liver cleanses?
  2. What causes migraines and how can you become free from them?
  3. How can you get the most enzymes without a juicer? I have a blender.
  4. Does store bought kombucha contribute to yeast?
  5. Why did my friend have her appendix removed after a juice cleanse?
  6. If we are cooking it, does goat cheese need to be raw?
  7. How can I alleviate pain in my knees?
  8. How do you recommend supporting a 15 year old who has fatty deposits and scar tissue on the liver?

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