Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 4/12/2012


  • Upcoming Events: Advanced Training Course & Culinary Institute
  • Ongoing Opportunities: The Rose Cleanse (to be re-launched soon) & PhDetox
  • Your Questions: Thank you for submitting such great questions! We are receiving more than we can address on each call, but we are keeping track of them. We will prioritize those from callers who join us live and others that have not yet been addressed on previous calls.


  1. Intuitive Eating: How can you differentiate between yeast feeding cravings and true hunger?
  2. Emotional Eating: What exactly is emotional eating? How do you know the difference between emotional eating and simply loving the foods you eat?
  3. Probiotics, fermented foods, and prebiotic foods: What role do they play?
  4. Fats & Oils: Why is it so difficult for women to process them? Are oils safe when applied to the skin?
  5. Lightheadedness: What is the cause and cure of this symptom?
  6. Skin Tone: I have an orange tint on my palms and feet. How long does it take for this to go away?
  7. Raw Chocolate: Why does this sit in the body like dead weight?
  8. Peroxide: Thoughts on using some during colonics?
  9. The Sun: How is it possible to get our energy from the sun if our bodies are meant to eat food?
  10. “Metabolism” & Breakfast: Does juicing for breakfast slow down metabolism?
  11. Skin Reaction: My husband is following the Rose Cleanse and has red bumps on his skin. What do you recommend?
  12. Dry Brushing: Can you describe the best process for dry brushing? What are the advantages?
  13. Dark chocolate cravings: Why do I crave chocolate in the morning?
  14. Colon: What is the mark of a healthy colon?
  15. Financial Constraints: I’ve fallen off the wagon mostly because I can’t afford colonics. Any recommendations?

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