Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 4/26/2012


  • Natalia Joins!
  • A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone for the ongoing questions and for all the supportive dialogue on the community.


  • Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey


  1. Dehydration & Water: Natalia speaks more about the Community Detox Tip, “Edema,” and explains how acidic waste holds onto water until waste is released.
  2. Enema & Rash: I recently gave myself an enema and had an instant rash reaction. Do you have any insights into why that may have happened?
  3. Chocolate: Why is 70% dark chocolate recommended over other percentages? Can you recommend a brand that tastes more like milk chocolate?
  4. Cellular Memory: How can we let go of harmful memories and experiences? How can we transform ourselves through beautiful thoughts, dreams and actions?
  5. Head Cold/Sinus Infection: I’ve had symptoms for about a month, and I wonder if this is a result of unlocking my throat chakra.
  6. Getting back on track: Can you share recommendations for how to recommit to dietary guidelines?
  7. Fat & Candida Connection: Do we need to worry about the fat content in a detox friendly diet? What are your thoughts on the 80/10/10 approach?
  8. Safe Poisons: What place can they have in the long run? Walking Meditation: Amanda guides us through the steps for a walking meditation and how you can use them to re-center no matter where you live.

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