Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 5/10/2012

Natalia addresses a few questions from the community:

  1. Symptoms: I am a new mom with weight gain, skin eruptions, and other symptoms. Is this a thyroid issue?
  2. Rose Cleanse & Bowel Movements: I am doing everything else right; why am I not moving on my own yet?
  3. Diet without Bowel Cleansing: I won’t have access to colon cleansing while on vacation. What do you recommend dietetically and otherwise to stay feeling great?
  4. All about the Water Filtration System/The Liberator: Is it pressurized? How do you know if it’s working well? What are some recommended techniques for adjusting pressure and temperature? Who’s eligible to purchase one? How long should sessions last?

Joyce Rockwood of LYT talks Colonics

  • Bloating after Colonics: Do you have any suggestions for preventing this bloating feeling?
  • Tools to stimulate the bowels: Wheatgrass Implants, Castor oil, & Aloe and more!
  • Meal after Colonic: What do you recommend eating after a treatment?
  • Book Recommendations: Any book recommendations for an aspiring colon hydrotherapist?
  • Need for Colonics: If I go to the bathroom regularly do I need colonics?
  • Length of treatment: How long can treatments last?
  • Frequency: How often should one get treatments?
  • Preparation: How can we best prepare?
  • Bowels Freeze: It takes 30 minutes to an hour to move my bowels, what do you recommend?
  • Fertility & Colonics: How can women get their period back?
  • Alternative to gravity colonics: I live in a place where there is no gravity hydrotherapy center. What do you recommend?

Listen to Live Q&A Call From May 10, 2012