Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 3/15/2012

Recommended Resource:

  • Building a Meditation Practice, as offered by Edgar Cayce


  1. Do calories count or is it all about density, water content and quick exit qualities?
  2. What starches are safe on a yeast cleanse?
  3. Should we pay attention to fats?
  4. While juicing a develop a rash around my eyes but don’t when I consume the same ingredients in a smoothie. Why is that?
  5. Where is waste stored in a lean body?
  6. Why does digestion freeze when you’re flying?
  7. What do you recommend as safe and healthy options for menstruation, especially for young girls?
  8. What might cause gas immediately after eating dinner?
  9. Are my juices still fresh if I make them before work, take them with me, and store them in the fridge?

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