Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 3/1/2012

  • Welcome & Purpose of Calls


  1. What do you suggest for someone who keeps falling off the wagon and struggles with addictive behavior?
  2. I am struggling with blood sugar imbalance and keep getting pulled into mainstream thinking. What do you suggest?
  3. I feel great but I have recurring acne and my blood work shows low iron and thyroid levels. Why is this?
  4. How do you explain why you eat one meal a day?
  5. Why is my iron low?
  6. Is nutritional yeast ok on a Candida cleanse?
  7. How long should I wait between drinking juice and coffee?
  8. I can’t afford weekly colonics and am not eliminating everyday. Should I do more frequent enemas?
  9. My nails are peeling and breaking and my scalp is itchy and dry. Any suggestions?

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