Q&A with Natalia & The NRI Team – 5/30/14

Listen here: Live Q&A- May 30th, 2014

The team opens with a discussion about the 10 Day Juice Fast and Summer of Lightness.

  • Deep inside of my ears have been very itchy. Whenever I put peroxide in my ears, inside starts hurting. Then I stick a cotton swab and I get smelly brown stuff on it. I know I should go see a doctor, but I’m wondering if its a sign of mold, fungus of that kind. All I can think of is that I wasn’t eating well this winter, and that toxicity might be coming up now.
  • Is ear-popping gas leaving the body?
  • What are your thoughts on the Clean Stream shower enema?
  • What are your recommendations when you get a stomach bug?
  • What is safe cookware?
  • How can I encourage my own bowel movements?
  • My friend has Chron’s disease; what are your recommendations?


The community calls will now take place once a season; the next call will be in the summer.