Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 11/29/2012

    1. Career – I’m finding my current, acidic work environment less and less tolerable. Can you offer advice for making life generating career choices?
    2. Drugs & Detox – I was prescribed medical marijuana to manage back pain and have begun to use it recreationally as a sort of emotional crutch. How is this affecting my cleanse? Do over the counter drugs have the same effect?
    3. Religion & Detox – My religious beliefs are monumentally being challenged right now. Can you shed light on how to navigate these questions and speak my truth within the context of my spiritual group?
    4. Chinese Medicine & Warming Foods – My acupuncturist told me the best way to “dry” a “damp spleen” is to eat warm cooked foods, like steamed vegetables and soup, and cut out juice and raw veggies. I have an auto-immune disease so this seems counter-intuitive. What do you recommend?

Listen to Live Q&A Call From November 29, 2012