Live Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 9/6/13

Listen here: LiveQ&A-September 6th, 2013



  • Wheatgrass Implants – I heard that a wheatgrass enema will help rebuild my intestinal flora. How do I do one?
  • Alternative to breast milk – A friend is having problems pumping enough milk and needs to supplement while she figures it out. Any advice on brands?
  • NuNaturals Stevia – Have they changed the formula? My new bottle tastes bad.
  • Stevia Recommendation – Can you recommend a brand other than NuNaturals?
  • Water Fast – Do water fasts ruin metabolism in certain individuals and cause the body to store the foods that you eat after the fast as fat rather than burning them?
  • New Sleep Patterns – My internal clock completely turned upside down from working at night last year. How do I change my sleep patterns so I easily fall asleep and wake up early?
  • Body Slant Board – What brand do you recommend?
  • Abuse – My husband is not physically abusive, but he is abusive in every other way. How do I disengage from his drama and madness and live my life in spite of him? How do I keep my self-esteem when the one who’s supposed to love me the most tells me I’m worthless?
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