Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 04/25/2013

Listen to Live Q&A Call From April 25, 2013

Call Notes:

  1. Juice Feasting & Yeast Eradication – Is an extended juice feast the solution to combat candida or will fruit juices interfere with my cleanse?
  2. Therapeutic Sessions & Intense Cravings – I’m noticing intense cravings for junk food after therapeutic sessions (colonics, body work, etc.). Do you have suggestions for how to overcome them?
  3. Kidney Stones – Are certain foods to be avoided when dealing with kidney stones?
  4. Money & Spirituality – Can you address the subject of money in regards to cleansing and spirituality, including how it fits into the interconnected web of life versus the artificial matrix?
  5. Stress & Anger – I am living my dream life, and I still have so much anger. How can I overcome this?
  6. Digestion – My digestion has slowed down and I’m not moving my bowels on my own. This hasn’t happened to me before. Any insight?
  7. Skin – Since moving back to the states after being away for 2 years, I’ve had intense skin outbreaks, especially on my face. Should I use an antibiotic cream from a dermatologist or something else topically?