Q&A with Natalia & The NRI Team – 4/24/2014

Listen here: Live Q&A- April 24th, 2014

Natalia opens up the conversation with an personal story describing how to get back in tip-top shape after a night of too much indulgence.

  • I was exposed to a chemical that aggravated my eyes. After 2 weeks of rubbing, I know have deep wrinkles. Do you have any suggestions to help this heal?
  • I am nursing a 5 week old, and I am hungry all the time. I’d like to start a Rose Cleanse, but I just can’t stop eating. Any advice?
  • What is the difference between ozonated water and structured water?
  • Juice fasting questions. How much juice daily? When do I incorporate fruits?
  • Carbonic gas questions: What is the cause of it in the body? What is the silver bullet solution to getting it out?