Cancer: A Mystery?

According to a study from the American Cancer Society back in 2007, there were expected to be over 12 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths worldwide that year (about 200,000 cancer deaths a day). At this rate, we can expect that pretty soon almost everyone will be a candidate for some type of cancer. The major cancer associations and their researchers claim to be on a mission to eliminate cancer “through research, education, advocacy and service.” But from my vantage point, they are just spinning their wheels and wasting time, money, energy and human life. Anyone who understands life’s simple Natural Laws knows that cancer is the effect of modern living.

Cancer is not a mystery; it is an inevitability. The extent to which cancer ravages human cells, tissues, and organs is completely preventable. And it could easily have been predicted by anyone with a little common, cosmic sense more than a hundred years ago with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

Cancer is the eating away of healthy human tissue by rogue microbes like bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses. These rogue microbes are the decomposers of life and come into existence when conditions are not conducive to life (much as vultures, ants, flies, and other scavengers appear at the site of a carcass). The appearance of these microbes is a part of the natural, cosmic law of recycling energy.

It’s time to bring an end to the supposed quest for a cure for cancer in laboratories and the useless run/walks and pink ribbons. Cancer is a natural result of living in opposition to that which is life-generating—for the body and the planet. To put it another way, cancer is a natural result of saturating the body with substances, experiences, and environments that snuff the life out of it.

Cancer is not bad luck. It is the result of consistent defiance of life—making choices that lead to deterioration and death. Unfortunately, an ignorant plea will not save any of us from its clutches. To depend on doctors, health boards, research labs, and other misguided institutions is to forfeit responsibility for our own health. Apart from a growing group of conscious doctors who see the folly and corruption in their field, the medical approach can never solve the problem of cancer. The only way to resolve this plague is to maintain a body of clean cells and tissues—breathe clean air, drink clean water, and consume natural foods that leave the body efficiently to prevent accumulation and stagnation. For it is the stagnation of waste that breeds rogue microbes.

At this point, I would direct you to my blog on accumulation. First, you must understand how a body that becomes saturated with un-eliminated matter becomes a perfect breeding ground for pestilent feeders to overtake the healthy balance of the body’s terrains. Then you’ll clearly see how cancer is the end result of a lifetime’s accumulation of acidic waste matter and the undesirable life forms that feed on it.

Cancer begins at birth in the modern world. A baby is born into a world of non-life-generating substances, environments, and experiences. First there are the substances that clog the little body: formula, poor quality water, gluey grain-based foods, sugary cereals, milk, chicken, pork chops, soy chips, Veggie Booty, Pop Tarts, donuts, yogurt snacks, etc. This is the first stage of clogging that takes place in the early years. Of course, it just continues from there…fast food, meats, more dairy, more grain-based foods, more cheap packaged foods, diet foods, lifeless beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, and more poor quality water and air.

These things alone cause enough blockage and stagnation in the body to turn it into a walking septic system and overwhelm the good microbes in the body with the decomposing rogue microbes. In these first couple of decades the body is already well on its way to becoming so overrun by these harbingers of cancer that much of the organism’s healthy tissue is riddled with mucus, bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Ailments such as ear infections, flues, bronchitis, tonsillitis, and asthma indicate that these microbes are taking hold. The more they are given a chance to grow, the more they will take over the body. It’s kind of like the body is playing out what would have happened if we had lost WWII. Now, if we lived differently, following the rules of nature and never allowing these substances into our bodies, this would never occur. But the unconscious masses do not make this connection. We cannot live “normally” and expect to avoid cancer. Today, “normal” living at its very core goes against the laws of the body. Given the conditions of modern living, we should expect cancer, not be surprised by it.

Add to this the enclosed spaces that we were never meant to live in—from houses and offices circulating lifeless, stagnant air to the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that kill off healthy cells in our lungs (the largest internal organ) with every inhalation in and around cities and industrial areas. Oxygen is life. Our health and longevity is directly related to how much pure oxygen each cell receives.

The final straw that breaks the camel’s back is stress that comes not just from day-to-day pressures and deadlines but also from accumulated anxiety from early childhood. The family and community structure—with all its social expectations, fears, and general discord—is also based on a lot of erroneous, unconscious, accepted programs. It runs according to an assembly line of ages, stages, marriages and divorces, deterioration, old age homes and death.

These discordant feelings are bred into children, causing acidic emotions to flow through the body more abundantly than alkaline, harmonious emotions. All acid-forming substances—be they from food, drink, air, water, or emotions—contribute to the deterioration of the internal terrains. The acidic terrain is the ideal breeding ground for yeast, which, like weeds in a garden, choke the body and direct the infested organism to consume the sugars and starches the yeast feed on—contributing to the vicious cycle of accumulating substances that further clog the body.

As I discuss in my new book, Detox for Women (April ’09), people are exponentially more yeasted now than they were just five years ago. This explains why no diet seems to work anymore (however, in the book, I offer one that will). The very fact that this is occurring in conjunction with the phenomenon of cancer is clear as day. The “over-yeastedness” (which goes hand in hand with bacterial overgrowth) is the early warning sign of cancer. Cancer is just the fruition of a yeasted, bacteria-laden body. Cancer is the most mature stage of accumulated waste feeding rogue microbes until the tissue and organism approach full decomposition according to the cycle of life.

The body is always trying to protect its vital organs. It can live without healthy hair, teeth, nails, and bone, but not without a healthy liver, heart, lungs, or kidneys. So when the bacteria, yeast, or viruses get close to one or more vital organs, the body tries to protect the threatened organ by creating a boundary for the poisonous microbes and the waste they’re feeding on (which eventually permeates the intestine, reaching the internal organs). This boundary is a tumor. It’s like a little house for the dangerous mass. But this mass keeps growing if the organism does not heal, until the organ can no longer be protected from the mass and the rogue microbes begin to eat away at the organ. This is cancer.

The more the tissue of the organ is rendered “necrotic” (dead), the more the cancer has ravaged the organ/system. This explains why you’ll often hear of cancer spreading to other organs quickly. The body is one interconnected organism. Chances are, if the body is compromised enough to have one form of cancer, other parts of the body are similarly decomposing. (Note: the cancerous organ will reflect lifestyle habits—i.e., if one over-consumed cooked proteins, fats, alcohol and drugs, the liver will be the organ most inclined to suffer; if there were too many sugars and starches in the diet, the pancreas will be distressed; diabetes is a warning bell for cancer because it indicates that pancreatic function has already been compromised).

So now we know that our lifestyle is the cause of cancer. Cancer is the effect. Everything comes down to cause and effect. The problem with medical science’s approach to cancer is that it looks at cancer as a mystery with an unknown cause. It is no mystery, and I have to wonder why intelligent, highly educated people who command billions of dollars in research do not make this obvious connection. Is it ignorance or corruption? After all, cancer is a multi-billion-dollar business.

In my opinion, those who present themselves as doctors have a responsibility to dig for the truth, not simply uphold the system in which they were trained. At this point in our human downfall, there is no time for healers to be passive, ignorant, arrogant, or egotistical. Only the truth matters and will set us free. Both doctors and patients must avoid subscribing to systems that do not work. The former should be held accountable, and the latter will inevitably suffer if they do not learn, read, study and undertake the education of real health for themselves. The alternative is extinction. Moreover, we will miss out on all the joys of living in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Health is not the destination. Health is the gateway through which we can experience real life and higher states of humanity.

Perhaps the mainstream is beginning to get the message. Last week, this article in BBC online announced that the best cancer prevention is clean living. (To jump to the article, click here.) Who would have guessed it?

If your health has become severely compromised or you want to prevent cancer, the smartest thing you can do is initiate the removal of all the accumulation of unfit substances from your body that are feeding the rogue microbes. Do not overlook the importance of clean mountain or sea air, clean water, and a happy heart. I offer clear guidelines for tackling yeast in my audio Detox For Women (which is also applicable for many men) as well as in my book,Detox for Women.

Make no mistake, cancer is not a mystery. It is an obvious effect of the cause of “normal” living. The more you correct the blocks to the healthy flow of the body, the less your chances of having cancer. No one who lives according to the Laws of Nature gets cancer. Go have a run/walk—for life, for fun, for truth. Wear a pink ribbon—in your hair, because it’s pretty. Pssst! The mystery is solved. Pass it on…

Surfin’ that Life-wave,

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