Extreme Cleansing Delivered to Your Door!

Today marked the pre-launch of our delivery service: Natalia Rose Institute Delivers.

Chef Doris delivered a select few celebrity tasters—Part One of two deliveries for the week. She brought me everything she sent our tasters, and I have to say, while I expected great things, I was blown away by the creativity, flavor, and abundance of her beautiful, fresh, impeccably combined dishes.

Tonight, I’ll be having raw vegetable sushi using raw parsnip “rice” filled with marinated shitake, carrots, red bell peppers, scallions and radish sprouts served with a creamy carrot dip—just what I would make for myself if I had endless time and patience!

All of the salads—including the Chopped Salad, the Beet, Zucchini & Fennel Raw Goat Cheese Salad, and the Squash Fettuccini with Marinated Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Salad—are generous, abundant, and colorful portions. Again, they are just what I would have created to show off the beauty and appeal of this way of eating. I can’t wait for the fresh, raw Pasta Puttanesca with olives and capers over a pile of the freshest zucchini spaghetti!

There is nothing weighted, dense, boring or sparse about these offerings. They are lavish and indulgent while at the same time the epitome of CLEANSING and FRESH!

There’s nothing like this anywhere else. Best of all, it comes with a fresh delivery of Norwalk Pressed fresh, raw vegetable juice made from the master juicers at Liquiteria! Remember, the Norwalk Press maintains 100% enzyme integrity over 3 days. That means you don’t have to worry about making juice every day. It gets delivered with your twice-weekly delivery and you just kick back and reap the enormous benefits of this amazing juice! You can choose from several delectable flavors or just keep it purely green.

I can’t wait to see Part Two on Wednesday! Please note: this is a highly personalized service. There is an extensive questionnaire and plenty of customer service support to make sure you LOVE your DETOX DELIVERY!
Let Chef Doris Detox Your World—she’ll do all the work (the shopping, chopping, creating, combining, and juice fetching) and bring it right to your door! Go to detoxtheworld.com/shopping-detox-the-world-delivers.php or call her at 646-319-9904. Doris has also been creative about accommodating people outside of the immediate NYC area.

What a way to cleanse the weight of winter and be light for the sun-drenched months to come!

Next time I’ll shed new light on the location of the fabled Fountain of Youth. There’s so much to share, so much to know that will excite you about the incredible being that you are!

Next week will be another exciting new launch: The Natalia Rose Institute Community. Keep your eyes peeled—it’s what you’ve all been asking for!

All Love & Support,


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