Glossary Term: Carbonic Gas

Carbonic gas occurs as soon as fermentation begins to take place. This happens anytime a substance enters your system and stays for too long. Carbonic gas invades the body on a deep cellular level, and creates a cleansing blockage in many ways: it prevents waste from moving freely out of the cells and tissues; it prevents waste from moving out of the colon, even during colon irrigation; and it prevents the body from contracting the way you would like. Apart from causing physical discomfort, it also becomes evident in the form of sagging skin, sagging facial tissue, thickened hips and waistline, and doughy musculature. You can begin to move this gas by making sure to keep your meals and newly awakened waste moving, through light-to-heavy, quick-exit eating. Anything that sits will ferment, so keep the focus on light and water-rich meals that are combined properly and consumed in an order that ensures movement.