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Life Force Lesson #1: Expand Your Worldview

Take a good look in the mirror, and consider this: the body you inhabit today is the outgrowth of your worldview and the choices that flow from them. If you want to transform your body, you must change your worldview, because everything that comes to roost in form and experience is the effect of a cause.

From Belief Springs Action

What you believe determines what choices you will make, and the choices you make determine the expression of every cell in your body. When you adopt a perspective that cultivates health, radiance, and beauty in all aspects of your life, your body will naturally manifest those qualities.

Making the paradigm shift from an unhealthy worldview to a more harmonious, life-generating one includes but also transcends dietary considerations. The worldview at the core of today’s mainstream culture supports divisive ways of thinking, behaving, and consuming that destroy both the human body and the human spirit – all living things, in fact. You might think you only need to change your ideas about food or exercise, but it’s really the whole infrastructure of your mindset that drives the choices that will make you feel variously old, sad, sick, ugly, tired, and fat.

Of course, this means you will have to learn how to see with new eyes and prepare to abandon the path of least resistance. As Daniel Quinn says in If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways: “If we’re going to make any progress here, I’m afraid, you’re going to have to resist the long-standing impulse to listen, nod and acquiesce.” But once you summon the courage to question everything around you and begin to see the world with your own unblinking eyes, you will experience a great awakening.

Stretch Your Limits of Perception

Ask a romantic and he’ll say love makes the world go round. Ask a business executive and she’ll say money makes the world go round. Who is right depends on how you see the world and what you consider the world to be.

We each see only what we are conditioned to see within a given field of vision. We inherit our socially conditioned eyes from our parents, our teachers, our peers, the media, and countless other influences long before we’re aware of it. When we are lulled into a sleepy herd mentality, there seems little reason to question our perceptions. Usually, it is not until we are driven to a point of terrible suffering that we are finally compelled to challenge them.

When you are confronted with new information that sounds implausible, or an idea that sounds radical or crazy, instead of rejecting it outright, consider that it is probably coming from another worldview, and your inability to relate to it may be a factor of limited perception. Consider the possibility that, once an idea is contextualized, it may come to make perfect sense to you. Be discerning, of course, but make room for new ideas and possibilities. This is a wonderful principle to live by, not only because it will make you more open and compassionate with others, but because it will also open up avenues of personal growth that you might otherwise miss.

There are as many worldviews as there are people, but there are certain lenses that become common to people of the same culture. Sadly, in the modern world, our culture is constantly conditioning our eyes and sensibilities to some very distorted and dangerous perspectives. Sometimes we have to try to step back from ourselves and expand our field of vision. Of course, this is often easier said than done, but it is truly worthwhile and thrilling to discover that the world you inhabit is far greater, richer, and more interconnected than you ever realized.

My worldview growing up did not include information about how to care for the human body in the critical ways I now understand. Had I been educated about how the body really works and what human food really is and how the foods I was eating were clogging my body and causing all my illnesses, cellulite, acne, depression, moodiness and excess blubber, I would not have consumed those things. (Note to parents: Don’t underestimate your kids! Don’t assume your kids prefer junk food over a great life experience). My physical comfort and emotional well-being were far more important to me than eating what my peers were eating, and I would have welcomed breaking cycles of addiction to the grains and sugars I didn’t even realize held my body and my emotions hostage. In short, knowledge could have freed me. Increased perception could have unlocked the cage of my compromised existence, but I didn’t have the knowledge, so I remained caged.

This principle of worldview also applies to the values that determine our life choices. Living a life of impeccable values makes for a much more pleasurable journey. I like to call it the “vitality of values.” I’ll speak from personal experience again: This may seem crazy but I only discovered good values as an adult, as part of my transformation through cleansing and awareness. I grew up going to church and having biblical dogma poured into me on a daily basis, but living an impeccable life as I like to call it – where one moves with reverence for life in every choice, and values the indwelling spirit and the well-being of living things above material gain and personal worldly success – was not a message I received even remotely. Quite the opposite. Another cage that could have been unlocked with increased perception. Like that of most kids in our culture, my upbringing was one of tunnel vision. I received one message and everyone around me exemplified that message. It can be summed up in a short sentence: “Serve your little self.” The little self is the self that is caught up in the common worldview’s snares – whose only way to survive is to participate according to its rules. The big self sees the whole picture and can walk in and among a society that holds a worldview of separation consciousness without falling prey to its message. The big self knows that all life is comprised of worlds upon worlds of interconnected life force, the élan vital, conducting as one. The big self moves with grace, at one with the forces of nature.

As our culture becomes more crass, it is up to each of us individually to seek the big self, lest the messages all around us ensnare us back into the little self, where we cannot help but fail our bodies and our spirits.

These are all examples of limiting worldviews that hold us in cages – cages of suffering that can be dissolved with expanded perception.

Not one of us lives in a vacuum. We live within overlapping, interconnecting, always shifting systems – worlds within worlds. At every level of our existence, from the solar system all the way down to the cells and DNA of our bodies, we are vitally linked together in a living, breathing network of organisms. What’s the implication of this? It means that what best serves the whole also best serves the individual, and vice versa. Understanding this principle is absolutely vital to understanding how best to care for ourselves as human beings. When we expand our consciousness and tap the wisdom of interconnected systems, we can apply for our personal good with the confidence that it is also for the good of all.

To varying degrees, we are all guilty of moving through life with tunnel vision, dangerously oblivious to how our thoughts, behaviors, and actions are affecting the entire fabric of our world. But if we are all guilty of perpetuating shortsighted ideologies that have destructive effects on the whole, we are also all capable of fighting back, of working every day to reclaim our minds, bodies, and spirits from the insidious traps of modern living. There is no greater hope for saving ourselves and those we love than reevaluating all of the programmed ideas, associations, and biases that limit our perception and hold us in the same old patterns of suffering.

Step into the Light

Think about it: from the moment we are born, we are each given a pair of corrective lenses designed to condition us to our environment. We are indoctrinated to believe in the good of modern civilization, to equate progress with technology and profit, beauty with luxury, power with politics, and so on and so forth in an endless stream of given associations. Most people today accept the indoctrinated view without questioning its accuracy or wisdom, because it’s the path of least resistance, because the modern world makes it hard to imagine there are alternatives.

Throughout our lives, we wear the lenses we were given, thinking we’re seeing clearly when we’re really at the mercy of their distortions. It’s as if we’re all living in a movie theater with 3-D glasses on, mesmerized by the images floating before our eyes, reaching out again and again to touch them, swiping air. It is not until we step outside the theater, remove our lenses, and let our eyes adjust to the sunlight that we can remember that the world is a far larger place, pulsing with real flesh-and-blood vitality.

Only, the movie I’m talking about is the history of civilization. Civilization as we know it is still a mere blip on the radar of human history. Yet, we are taught to dismiss countless indigenous cultures – people with extraordinary life-generating ways who have kept humans thriving and evolving for three million years – as ignorant, savage, barbaric. From the victor’s perspective, we celebrate the birth of nations, conveniently forgetting the means by which we’ve gained control of lands and peoples. Instead of learning from the ancient wisdom of those who would live closer to the land, we are taught to pity and fear their “uncivilized” ways.

But if we make the effort to step outside the great myth of civilization, to examine it in the context of the broader history of life, we can begin to understand why we are suffering so much today – in our lives and in our bodies. Whether we’re suffering physically, mentally, or spiritually, our worldview is at the root of the problem. By expanding our worldview to include and honor all life, great and small, we can better contextualize our experiences, draw vital connections, and begin to create real, life-affirming solutions.

This concludes our first lesson. In next week’s edition of The Rose Program Insider, we will build on this discussion with a closer look at the life cycle.

Ana’s Lazy Girl Food Tip: Preparation

Sunday Soup & Salad Prep

Sunday afternoon is the only time I spend at any length in the kitchen. Prepping for the week helps you stay on track, and keeps meals easy and low-pressure. You can even make and freeze your juice for the week if it’s your best option! My clients who juggle three kids, a hubby, and a full-time job use this tool. Here’s what I like to prepare:

  • Slow-roasted beets (at 325°F for 2 hours) in their skins for goat cheese salads
  • Small containers of diced veggies (like a shredded carrot-cabbage medley) with lemon juice and sea salt to fill out salads throughout the week
  • A big pot of neutral-veggie soup (like onion, garlic, cayenne, basil, carrot, beet, and zucchini stock) to top with goat cheese or have with a sweet potato
  • Doris’s Sweet Potato Ice Cream, a simple puree of baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon and stevia to taste (freeze, and then pull out 15 minutes before you want it for perfect scooping consistency)

This way you can open a box of greens, cover it with goat cheese, chopped veggies, and roasted beets, and follow with a warm bowl of soup. Or you can use avocado instead of goat cheese, and follow your soup with delicious homemade ice cream. All in under 5 minutes!

Ana Ladd-Griffin is our Natalia Rose Institute Senior Counselor. Her one-on-one consultations provide her private clients with a personalized nutrition regime to achieve optimal health and weight.


Master Chef Recipe by Natalia Rose Institute Executive Chef, Doris Choi: Choose Your Own Dressing

Everyday Garden Salad

This is a perfect salad base for a neutral, starch, or protein meal. Enjoy with any of the dressing options provided below. Simply add avocado slices for a starch-based meal. Add a handful of raw sunflower seeds for a nut/seed-based meal, ideally with Zucchini Hummus Dressing (see below). Or add canned tuna in water (drained and rinsed) and a handful of capers for a protein-based meal.

1 head romaine lettuce, chopped
1 medium carrot, shredded
1 medium cucumber, thinly sliced
1 medium tomato, chopped or in wedges
1 scallion, sliced, or ½ small red onion
1 handful alfalfa sprouts

Carrot-Miso-Ginger Dressing

2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
1 cup fresh carrot juice
1 tbsp white miso
1 knob ginger, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 medium lemons, juiced
¼ jalapeno, deseeded
Liquid stevia, to taste

Blend all ingredients at high speed and add to your chopped salad.

Cucumber & Sprouts Dressing

1 large hothouse cucumber, or 2 – 3 Kirby cucumbers
2 garlic cloves, minced
½ pint of alfalfa, or broccoli sprouts
2 medium lemons, juiced
Sea salt and pepper to taste

Blend all ingredients at high speed and add to your chopped salad.

Zucchini Hummus Dressing

2 medium zucchini, peeled and chopped
3 tbsp tahini
2 – 3 garlic cloves, minced
2 medium lemons, juiced
Sea salt and pepper to taste
1 handful parsley
1 tbsp za’atar seasoning (optional)

Blend all ingredients at high speed, adding water for desired consistency.


Testimonial from Meghan

Dear Natalia,
I just picked up The Raw Food Detox Diet on Friday, and I wanted to say thank you. Your book really effectively outlines the steps that individuals can take to eat better and feel better, and your love for good food and good eating is immediately apparent and sincere. I guess I’ve been seeking a middle path between being mindful of health and nourishment, and also continuing to enjoy food as I do, andThe Raw Food Detox Diet is a practice that merges those very things. I really appreciate it!
– Meghan

Glossary Term: Inherited Energy

Inherited Energy: Everybody comes into this work from a different place. This can be attributed to lifestyle and age, and also lineage. We’ve all heard that we can carry certain genes that make us more predisposed to illness, and we all know the key role lifestyle plays in repeated family illnesses, but we seldom consider the further degeneration of our DNA with each new generation that is exposed to unfit substances. Your lineage carries the dietetic and lifestyle errors of your forefathers and foremothers. What you receive when you are born is the health you inherit from them.

Those of us from Eastern and Western European lineage and non-indigenous Asian lineage are at a particular disadvantage because our ancestors have been participating in a toxic diet lifestyle for so many generations, deteriorating the DNA for the next generation. What was your inheritance? What will you pass along to your children? What have you already passed along? This should help you understand why it may be easier or harder for you to achieve the levels of health, energy or beauty you may be working towards. This important element is often overlooked when we compare ourselves to others or get impatient with our rate of progress. The cleansing process has a long memory. Simply put, the longer our ancestors were exposed to modern Western foods, health care, and technology, the more compromised our genetic lineage. This is why, for example, someone of Irish lineage may require a longer, deeper process of detoxification than someone of Haitian descent. We all struggle with compromised systems, but comparing ourselves to others will never help. When the cleansing process is not producing results as quickly as we would like, we must examine our lineage, accept it, and move forward from there.

Natalia-ism on Consciousness

“To heal your body, you must heal your consciousness.”

Natalia’s Advanced Training Workshop

Natalia’s Advanced Training Workshop is held quarterly in New York City. These special classes are designed to take students to the next level of learning, and teach them how to guide their bodies, minds, and spirits along the path to their highest good. It is a wonderful course for all levels of learning, from those who are looking to transform their own bodies, to those who would like to guide others.

Life Force Lesson #2: Rediscover The Life Cycle

Do you remember learning about the life cycle in grade school? Perhaps you were shown a circular diagram of a frog at its various stages of development. Or perhaps it was a seed sprouting roots, then sprouting stalks and leaves, then flowering, and then seeding again. Well, in the interest of expanding your worldview and coming to understand every aspect of your individual life in the context of all life, it’s time to get back to the basics of biology.

Life Is Change

Perhaps the greatest lesson to be learned from the life cycle is that all organisms are in a constant state of change. Life is always in flux, evolving or devolving according to sequences of cause and effect. Life can change for the better or for the worse, but it will never stand still. This means that every choice we make in our lives will set off a sequence of events that will ultimately have life-generating or life-deterioratingresults. No choice is perfectly neutral. Moreover, anything that attempts to suppress or obstruct the natural life cycle will set off a cycle of decay and decomposition. This, too, is the life cycle at work. That which cannot flow or grow ultimately breaks down, to make room for healthier, more sustainable life forms.

Life-Generating v. Life-Deteriorating

Everything you do has an effect. Your actions effect you, your environment, and every living being around you. In this context, I have found that life-generating and life-deteriorating are extremely helpful terms. You can apply them to every situation you find yourself in. Logically speaking, life-generating thoughts, behaviors, and actions cause life-generating effects; and life-deteriorating thoughts, behaviors, and actions cause life-deteriorating effects. Now, this may sound terribly obvious at first read, but fully taking in the meaning of this concept and applying it with focus and intention to every choice you make might take some practice before it becomes second nature to you.

For example, there are life-generating thoughts, life-generating foods, life-generating relationships, life-generating activities, life-generating occupations, life-generating ways of caring for the body, and on and on and on. Then, of course, there are the life-deteriorating ones.

Another way to think about this concept is in terms ofsustainability and unsustainability. With our increased awareness of environmental issues, we’ve come to use these terms a great deal in our household vocabulary. If it helps, you can use sustainable and unsustainable interchangeably with life-generating and life-deteriorating. Sustainability refers to practices that do not deplete or damage resources essential to life on this planet. Unsustainability refers to those practices that do deplete and cause permanent damage to our natural resources. These terms are most commonly used to describe agricultural and industrial practices, but you can apply them just as accurately to every aspect of your life such as your diet, your health, your relationships, and your work.

Author Daniel Quinn uses the terms takers (to describe members of unsustainable, life-deteriorating civilizations) and leavers (to describe those who support the interconnectedness of all planetary life). Thom Hartmann uses the terms older culture (referring to wise, indigenous, sustainable cultures) and younger culture (referring to hierarchal, greed-based societies). Taking in any of these terms, or conceptual pairings, will help to increase your perception. (For more about the differences between these two approaches to life and their effects on us all, I highly recommend reading Thom Hartmann’s book, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, as well as various books by Daniel Quinn and Derrick Jensen, especially Jensen’s A Language Older Than Words.)

Please do not misinterpret me: I’m not suggesting we should live in a black-and-white universe. I do not mean to oversimplify the world we live in; I am awed by its immeasurable range of creative expression. I am simply calling your attention to two opposing trajectories: one that results in positive change (growth and evolution) and another that results in negative change (deterioration and degeneration). Between these two polarities lie an infinite variety of choices and outcomes. Practically speaking, however, I can say this with confidence: Every choice we make will set off a series of reactions that will ultimately either vitalize or devitalize life.

The very interplay of the opposing forces of growth and decay is what makes our world so dynamic. These opposing forces are necessary in nature. Our calling is simply to learn how to read them so we can support our lives and nurture them to their fullest potential. If we learn the natural laws of cause and effect, we can use this knowledge to choose and createpositive life experiences, instead of letting experiences unfold haphazardly, without consciousness or intention.

I, personally, found it so empowering to learn that making choices that support the wellbeing of all life is the best insurance for wellbeing for the individual. When the great web of life is supported, each of our lives is enhanced, protected and supported. Think about it: when you keep your carbon footprint in check and revise your world view to support life, the air you and your loved ones breathe is more alkaline and life-generating which means your cells and theirs will be more vital, more inclined toward beauty, health and harmony, not cancer and illness. It brings well-being, open-hearted joy, beauty and real health insurance in its wake – things that money could never buy!

Whereas I was raised among a group worldview that reinforced selfishness and petty competition, it was a relief to learn that there was another way. I was put at ease in my heart when I learned I had the free will to reject that worldview and appreciate all people as equals. What an honor and privilege it is to interact with others when we can enjoy them without hierarchy. Each with his/her own unique qualities lends perspective and color to the greater human tapestry.

What a relief to see that the lens I was given was an illusion simply held in place by one group’s perspective (despite how large that group happened to be it was just ONE perspective)! It wasn’t the only perspective. Turns out it is not a life-generating one. It leads to decay – decay of the soul, decay of the cells and tissues, decay of communities, decay of our planet. It is a life-deteriorating paradigm.

After seeing my options (through increased perception), I could choose: the big-picture, life-generating approach where all humans are of equal value harmonized with my heart. That is a world that works for humans in the long and short terms. Who would choose petty, acidic, life-deteriorating competition for an illusionary spot on an illusionary hierarchy over freely conducting love and joy with our fellow man?

Consider ten choices you make today and follow their effects mentally out for the next day, week, month and year to determine if they are generating life in your world or deteriorating the fabric of your body, your relationships, the future you desire. They may include how you speak to someone, a business decision, what you eat for lunch or if you decide to get out for some fresh air or not. Notice if your choices are generally life-generating or life-deteriorating. How can you make them more life-generating?

This concludes our second lesson. In next week’s edition of The Rose Program Insider, we will build on this discussion with a closer look at what we mean by “life force energy.”

Ana’s Lazy Girl Food Tip: Easy Taco Salad

Salad to Go!

For a refreshing salad to take to work, to school, or to smuggle into a movie theater, look no farther than the produce section at your local supermarket. And I don’t mean piles of vegetables that take time to chop, peel, and grate (although we do love to prep with passion when we have the time). Most markets now carry fresh and delicious guacamole, pico de gallo, or salsa, and Belgian endive. Simply pile these dips onto organic greens, soak with fresh lemon juice (and a couple drops of Stevia, which you have stashed away in your purse or glove compartment) and scoop it all up with endive leaves for my favorite version of a taco salad.

Ana’s Sass

I am always happy to see women starting the journey of detoxification. Whatever gets your foot in the door, you can be thankful that it has brought you here. Let’s face it, most of us arrived at this point because other methods of weight loss have just not worked, and we want to look and feel our very best. We use skinny jeans, scales, mirrors, and comparisons to decide whether or not we’ve arrived, but those standards of measurement fail us again and again. It’s time to take a look at ourselves in a new light. Our bodies are not accessories. They are not symbols of wealth, status, personal power, or self-control. Being thin is not the new black.

Here’s what I’ve noticed: women throwing their bodies in front of each other like they’re the season’s hottest and most expensive handbag, or feeling inferior because their friend has a newer or better model. I’ve found myself thinking, Why can’t I have that slim-hipped, long-limbed shape that is so much more classic?! As if a body type indicates someone’s refinement or tastes.

For so long we have protested the objectification of the female body. But change starts with you and me! I will not treat my body as a status symbol or let it make me feel inferior as a person. I will not let it put me into competition with other women. My body simply moves me around the physical world in an unencumbered and joyful way. If we take the pressure off of ourselves by no longer treating the body as material possession, but instead an integral part of us, we can move forward.


Recipe of the Week by Natalia Rose Institute Executive Chef, Doris Choi: Fresh from the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market Salad

This recipe is neutral, and will work with fresh goat feta for a protein meal, or with chopped avocado for a starch meal.

2 – 3 heirloom tomatoes, or Roma, cherry, grape, beefsteak, etc.
1 orange, peeled and sliced, and/or yellow bell pepper, chopped
1 handful yellow beans
½ bulb fennel, sliced thin
½ red onion, sliced thin
Basil to garnish

Cu-ba-mint Dressing

1 hothouse cucumber, or 2 – 3 Kirby cucumbers
2 – 3 garlic cloves, minced
Handful basil
10 sprigs mint
1 cup packed baby spinach
2 medium lemons, juiced

Blend all ingredients at high speed until creamy. Pour over salad and enjoy


Testimonial from Elaina

Dear Natalia,

I will start with thank you. A friend suggested your book. After several attempts to get me to read your book, I finally took a look and purchased “Raw Food Life Force Energy” and then another. It has changed my life. I had been overweight most of my live and planned on having the lap-band. Luckily, I was not a candidate and the docs recommended gastric by-pass. I knew I would not have that procedure. But I say luckily because I then knew that I would have to make the change from within and not depend upon a crutch. In addition I was turning 50 and realizing that I had to take the weight off myself and that was the impetus to change my lifestyle. So last March 2008, I started the 21 day program. My goal was to lose 50 lbs. by Aug (my 50th birthday). I have now lost 74 lbs. and would like to lose 30 more. It was much easier than I expected. This truly is a lifestyle change that has improved my health and appearance.

I am an optometrist and see most patients once a year and many of them ask me how I lost the weight. What diet did I follow? Most of them think that I had surgery. They are usually surprised when I tell them that I changed my eating habits and lifestyle. I explain to them that it is not a diet but a lifestyle. I then give them the name of your book.

It has not been the perfect journey and I do not expect it to have an end because it is the journey itself…the life force energy that propels me forward. Thank you and I continue to learn and by the way…I look terrific, feel terrific and people have noticed the “glow”….and I know it is the “good vibrations”…

Most sincerely,

Glossary Term: Human Food

Human food: This might seem like an obvious term. Not so! People tend to assume that whatever is sold as food is human food. In fact, truly human food is a much shorter list. Food that is truly human implies that we would consume it, seamlessly assimilate and conduct its nutrients and then fully eliminate what remains through our bowel, skin and other eliminative organs. The foods that fit that bill are raw fruits and vegetables and their juices, raw young coconuts and mother’s milk when we are babies.

There are many other foods outside this category that we can consume and you are even expected to consume even though they are not so purely perfect. Some, like cooked vegetables are harmless and then there are others that only mildly compromise our systems such as raw goat and sheep’s cheeses, wild fish, organic free-range eggs, some whole and sprouted grains and even occasionally wild game, but they do run the risk of sticking slightly in the cells and tissues and taxing the organs to greater and lesser degrees based on how we combine them and what our intestinal fortitude is. But true human food is a narrow category and not what most people think it is.

These lesser offensive substances mentioned above should be consumed in the context of a life where one consumes raw green vegetable juice daily, enjoys healthy bowel eliminations, drinks living spring water, breathes clean, alkaline air, and receives adequate daily sunlight.

You can enjoy a great variety of foods if you enjoy them in this framework. The body just needs support processing the more dense and acidic substances. It’s also advisable to include foods that are not completely pure because we need to give ourselves the opportunity to detoxify slowly and safely, and break away from the addictive nature of modern eating. Cooked vegetables, raw nuts, dairy, and even small amounts of chocolate and wine make our lifestyles compatible with the modern world and help gently detoxify the modern body.

Natalia-ism on Interconnectedness

“The body exists as an interconnected, interdependent web. Fail to support this web, your body will not hold its form. We have to consider what this means for both the body and the planet, on a micro- and macrocosmic level.”

Natalia’s Advanced Training Workshop

Natalia’s Advanced Training Workshop is held quarterly in New York City. These special classes are designed to take students to the next level of learning, and teach them how to guide their bodies, minds, and spirits along the path to their highest good. It is a wonderful course for all levels of learning, from those who are looking to transform their own bodies, to those who would like to guide others.

Life Force Lesson #3: Conduct Life Force Energy

When we talk about wanting more energy in our daily lives, what are we really talking about? When we come home dead exhausted from a long day at work, or wake up the next morning feeling anything but rested, or when we feel completely unmotivated and have no greater desire than to plop ourselves in front of the TV with a bowlful of ice cream, what is really wrong? Well, now that we have reacquainted ourselves with the life cycle, it is time to talk about that most coveted and elusive of elixirs—life force energy!

Radiant and Receptive Energies

All living things pulse with radiant and receptive energies.For example, on the microcosmic scale, let’s take the atom: the nucleus, with its positively charged proton, is radiant, while the negatively charged electrons surrounding it arereceptive; our whole material world is composed of atoms that adhere to this principle of mutual attraction. Or, on the macrocosmic scale, let’s take the solar system: the sun is theradiant body to which the Earth (and our neighboring planets) are attracted. The Earth receives the radiant energy from the sun, incubates it, and conceives life from it. This solar-terrestrial partnership conceives all manner of microbes, insects, plants, animals, humans, and evolutionary life.

It can help to think of it this essential pairing of radiant and receptive energies in terms of male and female energies, especially as symbolized in the ancient Chinese yin-yang symbol: the yin is the female principle; the yang, the male. The symbol represents love by illustrating the attraction between the two complementary energies, and the wave between them represents the life force that they conceive together. This is the great trinity of life, and it can take place within your own body – creating beautiful cells, tissues, organs, bones, and shapes – if you create the right environment for it!

However, if radiant and receptive energies are to join and create new life forms, they must be able to conduct freely and continually self-regenerate. This requires the absence of obstruction. If you want to cultivate a healthy, beautiful, vibrant body, it is essential that you grasp this principle of free-flowing, unobstructed conductivity. This is what we mean when we talk about life force energy. So please, for a moment, stop counting calories and popping vitamins and simply let the importance of this principle sink in. No foods, vitamins, or dietary supplements can revitalize a body like freely conducting life force energy.

The more life force energy that an organism radiates and receives, the greater its capacity for self-regeneration, and the more highly evolved it becomes in the natural world. Life force is everywhere: in and around us, in the air, in the water, in the sunlight, and – to whatever degree of vibrancy – in the cells of our bodies. In our mainstream culture, however, we tend to value only that which we can see with our naked eyes: dense, lifeless materials and substances that often obstruct the flow of life force and ultimately destroy it. This value system has corrupted the ways we typically feed and maintain our bodies.


This means that if we want energy and vitality in our lives, the waves of radiant and receptive energies within and around us cannot be impeded – they must be allowed to conduct freely, without obstruction. If we throw up all kinds of roadblocks, we will only set off a cycle of decomposition and degeneration. Removing such obstructions from the body is the fundamental principle of detoxing, or cellular cleansing.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. To put this in more accessible everyday terms, ask yourself these questions: How does it feel when you need to use the bathroom but force yourself to wait until you reach your destination? Or when you hold back tears, laughter, or a sneeze? Or when you repress a painful emergent truth? Invariably, it feels uncomfortable, sometimes deeply so, and eventually you will have to release whatever you’ve kept pent up – or else experience stagnation. Stagnation creates an ideal environment for decomposing agents (whether we’re talking bacteria or negative emotions), which serve to break life forms down when their environments become unsustainable.

Now apply this same principle of obstruction v. freely conducting life force energy to your diet. If you’re struggling with body, health, or weight issues, it’s probably in large part due to the kinds of substances you’re consuming. If you continue to eat dense, low-energy substances that create blockages in your system, you will experience stagnation in your stomach, in your bloodstream, and in your cells.

A World of Obstruction

A life of obstruction and stagnation is no life at all. It is a protracted decomposition. I’m afraid this is increasingly our reality in all spheres of life. What’s devitalizing for our bodies is devitalizing for our environment, and vice versa. The Earth’s decay is our decay. In the name profit and instant gratification, we are systematically choking off the life force of our whole planet, without realizing that we humans will degenerate to the point of extinction long before the Earth does. As we make the shortsighted, lazy choices that pour toxic waste into the water and soil, we are poisoning our water and food supplies, which are rapidly deteriorating our cells, organs, and blood. The human species is getting weaker and weaker from one generation to the next, trudging through the days of our lives in stagnated bodies.

When you start to see the larger picture, instead of obsessing over the numbers on a scale, you will begin to understand the underlying causes of your compromised body. You’ll become less afraid to deviate from the norms in order to enact real change in your life. You will see that a beautiful body is the result of a life-generating paradigm, and that shortsighted weight-loss schemes can only perpetuate the suffering.

If you are struggling with weight gain, acne, or various health issues that leave you feeling sad, sluggish, and ugly, this means your life force is compromised. The radiant and receptive energies within and around you are not conducting freely, much less being given a chance to regenerate beautiful new cells and tissues. Think about what you are putting into your body and your environment that may be causing blockages and preventing you from absorbing all the nutrients you need. Think about how you have let peer pressure and today’s mainstream culture invade your mindset and direct your choices toward painful results.

Opportunities to practice your discernment abound. At every moment, life presents a choice because it is constantly changing. As conscious beings, every one of us plays a part in our evolution or de-evolution; we can choose to be constructive or destructive, active or reactive, life-generating or life-deteriorating, stagnating in obstructed bodies or freely conducting life force energy!

So take the time each day to honestly ask yourself: Am I humming with free-flowing life force energy? Do I feel harmonious and whole? Or do I fragmented and blocked? Am I stagnating? Where? What are the possible causes of obstruction? Will my next thought/action/behavior conduct health, beauty, harmony, and vitality?

This concludes our third lesson. In next week’s edition of The Rose Program Insider, we will build on this discussion with a closer look at the herd mentality that has usurped your power for far too long!”

Ana’s Lazy Girl Food Tip: Be ‘Grate’-ful

All Hail the Cheese Grater!

The cheese grater is an amazing and versatile tool. There are so many delicious dishes you can prepare in no time using a cheese grater and a little elbow grease. (And don’t be afraid to put those kids, hubbies, or hot dates to work!)

First, I always grate my Alta Dena raw goat cheddar for salad. And I often prefer zucchini “elbows” to spiralized “spaghetti” when making a pasta dish. You can just coarsely grate fresh zucchini or summer squash and make either raw or lightly steamed “pasta” to top with pesto, marinara sauce, or just a little butter and sea salt. And don’t forget the grated raw goat cheese.

Doris also showed me that grated cauliflower and jicama are fantastic raw grain stand-ins. Bring on the cauliflower tabouleh and jicama sushi rice!

And grated veggies add a density to salads that will really help you to savor those big, raw piles of greens. Grate carrots and beets to make a lemon-stevia slaw, or cucumbers as a perfect accompaniment to a juicy salad.


Recipe of the Week by Natalia Rose Institute Executive Chef, Doris Choi: Puttanesca

Raw Zucchini Pasta Puttanesca

I love this pasta dish on the rustic side, so I roughly chop all the ingredients. I find that warming up the garlic and crushed red pepper flakes in extra virgin olive oil coaxes out the flavor and spiciness. You can do this over low heat or in a high-speed blender. The sauce becomes richer as it sits and keeps up to 5 days in the fridge. Add grated raw goat cheese for an unbelievably satiating meal that will win converts among reluctant “raw eaters.”

6 plum tomatoes, roughly chopped
½ cup black olives, pitted and halved
1 tbsp capers, drained
2 – 3 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
¼ cup chopped parsley
1 tbsp chopped oregano
Sea salt and pepper to taste
Drizzle of olive oil (optional)
Splash of red wine vinegar (optional)
2 – 3 medium zucchini, spiralized
Fresh basil, parsley, and/or oregano to garnish
Raw goat cheese, grated (optional)

Toss all sauce ingredients together and let flavors meld. Serve on top of zucchini, garnish with herbs. Serve with grated raw goat cheese if desired.