Glossary Term: Inherited Energy

Inherited Energy: Everybody comes into this work from a different place. This can be attributed to lifestyle and age, and also lineage. We’ve all heard that we can carry certain genes that make us more predisposed to illness, and we all know the key role lifestyle plays in repeated family illnesses, but we seldom consider the further degeneration of our DNA with each new generation that is exposed to unfit substances. Your lineage carries the dietetic and lifestyle errors of your forefathers and foremothers. What you receive when you are born is the health you inherit from them.

Those of us from Eastern and Western European lineage and non-indigenous Asian lineage are at a particular disadvantage because our ancestors have been participating in a toxic diet lifestyle for so many generations, deteriorating the DNA for the next generation. What was your inheritance? What will you pass along to your children? What have you already passed along? This should help you understand why it may be easier or harder for you to achieve the levels of health, energy or beauty you may be working towards. This important element is often overlooked when we compare ourselves to others or get impatient with our rate of progress. The cleansing process has a long memory. Simply put, the longer our ancestors were exposed to modern Western foods, health care, and technology, the more compromised our genetic lineage. This is why, for example, someone of Irish lineage may require a longer, deeper process of detoxification than someone of Haitian descent. We all struggle with compromised systems, but comparing ourselves to others will never help. When the cleansing process is not producing results as quickly as we would like, we must examine our lineage, accept it, and move forward from there.