Political Philosophy As Illustrated by Human Terrain

Political Philosophy As Illustrated by Human Terrain

With the decibels of political white noise growing intolerably amplified, I wonder how often the citizens of this beautiful planet stop to think about what makes a government legitimate. What does functional government even look like and how can we crystallize a fail-proof vision of government that could genuinely serve our highest expression as individuals and as a collective?

As with all things, we can find our answers in nature and in this case, more precisely, in the human terrain. N.B. When I say human terrain, I am referring to the multi-tiered and interconnected terrains of our whole makeup – the terrain of the flesh, the terrain of the mind, the terrain of the emotions and the terrain of the spirit.

Nowhere do the facets of politics factor in more than they do in the human being. Ergo, it’s no surprise that in our governing ‘bodies’ we find a holographic model.

It all comes down to assigning correct authority and ensuring that that this ‘correct authority’ remains in perfect integrity (and I mean mirroring the tightly knit quality of healthy tissues, built on subatomics that are also in perfect integrity/centripetal spin). Correct authority is the impeccable executor of justice, liberty, legal code, and property rights because this sole authority truly knows what these inalienable rights mean to the expression being governed. First and foremost, we have to know that this is what we are looking for in an authority and know what precisely those terms must represent (because firstly, we develop this authority within ourselves — knowing that any external authority is only optional, arguably superfluous, and at any given time, expendable. Otherwise, we will choose a lesser authority and dangerously put our trajectory (and our group’s trajectory) in the wrong hands.

Healthy terrain, internal systems, thoughts, emotions and human spirit depend on ideal justice, liberty and property rights as much as does any free citizen.

Our human terrains cannot operate functionally and remain in a sytropic, life-generating state without the freedom to be themselves and follow their primal inclinations/desires. As you know, when repression and suppression smother that primal expression, illness results. We need leadership that lives by the codes of primal justice, primal liberty, primal property rights. I’m not suggesting that can be arranged overnight but the more we can appreciate how the holographic model works, the more we can activate the correct authority within ourselves and start self-governing!

Here’s where the body as ‘political philosophy teacher’ becomes really interesting…the body has it’s own checks and balances system. If you start to take away the body’s rights to be free to do what it is designed to do, symptoms/pain ensue. Now, this would seem obvious but the point is that no undermining of freedom escapes justice – thus, there can be no stealing, no sloth, no murder without immediate collection of compensation (per the Natural Law of Compensation). In short, the price is paid; the sentence is delivered and swiftly carried out. The same is true for the emotions, mind and spirit (have you ever seen a repressed emotion, idea or spirit throw off it’s chains and hold a tribunal for war crimes against it (a.k.a. repression)? I have – I’ve seen it in myself to boot!

Let the white noise that gives no worthy guidance, that is incapable of selecting a ‘correct authority’ be until it’s decay cycle is complete. In the meantime, you and I have our work cut out for us as we bring to power the inner government, whose Constitution is based on nothing less than the quintessentially legitimate integrity of Natural and Universal Law. That’s how I vote anyway.