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Dearest Friends . . .

Dearest Friends,

I realize that I have not written a blog or recorded a new audio for the community for some weeks. In addition to all the traveling I have done this summer and having my children out of school for the break which just came to a close, I have been processing some very intense experiences. I beg your pardon for the lag but it has been a time of great revelation and I’ve needed to minimize my expenditure so I could fully receive this new information. Many of you have been extremely patient with me as I have not been able to get back to you with your various requests and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gentle understanding!

There is a time to inhale and a time to exhale; there is a time to receive and a time to radiate; there is a time to be the student and a time to be the teacher. These last few months have been my time to be the student — to receive and learn on a new scale. This process will only translate into me being a more effective conduit for you.

To your credit, not a single one of you has complained about the absence of material and for that I am extremely appreciative. You have been patient and turned to each other instead (the community has been bursting with brilliant correspondence, support, recipes and inspiration)! The selfless, loving support that is flowing among you touches my heart. I could not be more pleased and more humbled by how brightly your lights shine and how freely you share that illumination lifting one another up!

What you have learned (and I have enjoyed witnessing) is that there are enough of you on the community with sound understanding and leadership ability that you can lean on one another for your answers until such a time as each of you has mastered this work enough to find all of the answers among your own personal storehouse of knowledge and experience. I’ve also encouraged my precious associate Ana Ladd-Griffin, who is overworked as it is to try to respond to the community posts when she can steal a few moments away. She will have more and more of a presence on the community over the next few months as I segue her away from some of the day-to-day opperations so that she can do more teaching which is where her talents and knowledge are most needed!

My goal has never been to create followers but rather to give you the tools to your own mastery of this subject and it’s periphery subjects (Natural Law, the interconnectedness of all life, becoming literate in the Book of Life by becoming adept at discerning in the world around you what is life-generating versus what is life-deteriorating, etc.). To my immense delight I am observing your conversations on the community and seeing just that — you are mastering it and those of you who are getting it more quickly are lifting your sisters and brothers up! This is marvelous — well done!

I have several new articles, blogs and audios (and a new book in the works) that I am now ready to prepare for you. After the Advanced Training seminar next weekend (which I sense is going to be a uniquely special experience for us all), I will begin to pull those together so I can hand over some new material to you this fall. In the meantime, please know that the material that is out there now, particularly in Detox For Women (but all of it in effect) has never been more accurate or more timely. So as I gather more information to reinforce the foundational information in my previous books, writings and audios, bear in mind that the cornerstone has already been created. Keep studying, keep contemplating and integrating the material according to where you are each day on the transitional bridge.

I send my Love, Praise and Gratitude to you All always and I look forward to the day when you are all masters of your physicality so that you never suffer a moment for being in human form — but rather enjoy the experience immensely because of it!

Your constant surfing companion on the Great Life Wave — Kowabunga!