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‘Eat to Evolve’ Interview: On Navigating Uncharted Territory & the Extremely Green Detox

Eat to Evolve talks to Natalia Rose.

Certified Nutritionist Natalia Rose is without question one of the world’s experts on detoxification and cleansing. Since the 2005 publication of her first book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, Natalia has been teaching the purest, most effective diet and lifestyle methods to promote regenerative health and longevity. But lately, her work has emerged from its roots in classical Natural Hygiene principles and entered a new realm of liberating, uncharted territory.

These days, Natalia views cellular purification primarily as a means to an end, a vehicle whose purpose is to carry us into the discovery and embodiment of what it means to be truly human. Fully awake, unconditioned and free, hers is a path of personal sovereignty, of reclaiming control over one’s entire being on every level, body, mind and spirit.

One of Natalia’s most attractive qualities—beyond her radiant physical beauty, of course—is her authenticity. This is a person who clearly practices what she preaches. And she has been brave enough to evolve her message, to change and to grow, in full view of her public. Each new detoxification program has developed naturally and sequentially from the one before, in step with Natalia’s own personal journey towards ever-deepening degrees of transformational self-purification and awareness.

Extremely Green Detox is the next step in Natalia’s journey. Founded upon the removal of our deepest-seated obstructions and enabling uncompromised freedom from prevalent mainstream, health-depleting ideologies, this brand new program is being introduced to the world with a unique opportunity: participation in a month-long, fully supported group cleanse led by Natalia and members of her Natalia Rose Institute team.

Complete, detailed diet instructions and recipes, bi-weekly video lectures and phone conferences, food prep demos with top chef Doris Choi, and personal consultations with senior detox counselor Joanna Novick, CN, are all included in the Extremely Green Detox package. Beginning on July 1st, the program offers all the perks of going on a luxury health retreat without having to leave home (and for a fraction of the cost!!).

I spoke with Natalia earlier this week about Extremely Green Detox, the fully supported group cleanse, and why she believes we need to turn the detox dial way up in order to prevail over the assaults of living in a toxic world.


Natalia, tell me about the Extremely Green Detox. Why did you develop this program, and what is it designed to do?

The best way to describe it is this: we are living in extreme times that are taking a toll on people’s health in a way that has never been seen before. Between the pathogens that are running rampant in everybody’s body, the endocrine system being so dysfunctional and the organs being so weakened, there’s this extremely slippery slope into illness that is hard to escape. What ends up happening is that most people are having a debilitating life experience. It’s either going to be rectified by the right protocol, or it’s going to bring you all the way down, slowly or rapidly, depending on what, if anything, you do to address it.

Essentially, we have three options for dealing with a deteriorating life experience: 1) just let it go down and deteriorate all the way, 2) try to slow the deterioration by doing a few things right, or 3) correct things 100% percent.

Option three is the only way to achieve an optimal life experience. Otherwise, it’s just various shades of doom. The Extremely Green Detox is a call for us to put aside our path of least resistance—our crutches, our addictions—and correct things 100 percent. The beauty of it is that if we can follow the protocol long enough and steady enough, we can win the war, as it were, and bring our bodies back to great strength.

Where does the Extremely Green Detox fit in relation to your other programs?

It’s definitely a progression. The Raw Food Detox Diet gets people out of the mainstream way of eating. Detox 4 Women—which I want to emphasize is also for men—pulls people out of pathogenic problems such as yeasts, molds and fungal issues. And the Extremely Green Detox brings people out of the quicksand and on to the mountaintop. It’s for those of us who want that peak experience, who want our blood to be the blood of youth, and our bones to be the bones of youth. This is what we use to get to the top of the mountain. Once you’re there, if you want to do some of the other things once in a while you can, but it’s not the daily experience any more.

I noticed that many foods you allow on your other programs—low-sugar fruits, goat cheese and baked sweet potatoes, for instance—are missing from this program. What is the reason for this?

A big part of it has to do with eliminating the pathogens that still have a hold in people’s systems. We have to kill them, and for this to happen, things like sugars, fermented foods and dairy all have to be left out of the equation unless one is a true beginner.

There’s also another piece. The key to successfully moving forward in this technocratic society, which is in decline, is to have the fewest needs possible. Of course having a sense of interconnected compassion trumps all. But the person who needs the least, who is the least dependent on outside substances, is the one who will survive with the most success.

That’s why we are focusing on the raw green foods. Green food is primordial food. It’s synthesized sunlight—chlorophyll, plus the living enzymes which you just don’t get with supplements and green powders. When the majority of the diet is coming from live, vitalized green foods like wheatgrass juice, juiced greens, dark green leafy vegetables and salads, amazing changes start to happen. For one, the palate changes. Even after just a few days, the palate starts to readjust so that you actually enjoy the taste of simple, unadulterated food in its natural state. The indigenous state of tasting is regained, and this has a profound, transformational influence over the perception of what we think we need to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

So, as the palate shifts, the craving for sub-optimum substances is reduced and addictions lose their hold?

Exactly. And when addictions fall by the wayside, you become empowered. So we’ll be dealing with this during the guided cleanse. We’re even going to look at the shadowy addictions, the ones which we may not be aware of, or don’t want to admit. Even stevia can be an addiction. But as the palate readjusts, addictions fall by the wayside.

Once that happens, if we want to dabble in the less than optimum choices, we can bring those things back on an occasional basis and still maintain balance. Somebody who does the Extremely Green Detox protocol long enough to truly strengthen themselves will be able to do what we call “safe poisons” once in a while without a problem, but it will be less of a daily experience—not out of a sense of forced deprivation, but because the desire to make it a daily experience will be gone. Once the body is strengthened, the safe poisons won’t bring you down if you just do them periodically.

So raw goat cheese, for example, is a food that can be reintroduced down the road?

Raw goat cheese is a good substance that the body can utilize. If the system is in good working order and the body is clean, something like raw goat cheese is not going to undermine the system. It’s something a strong body should be able to manage. The same goes for things like wine, or a piece of fish.

The problem, though, is that our bodies are not strong. We need to find a way to maintain the highest levels of human health at a time when the world is so acidic, and we are constantly being bathed in chemicals and radiation. That’s what the Extremely Green Detox is for.

What else is different about your new program?

One big addition is the daily wheatgrass juice, which is going to be treated like a sacred meal. And green juice is also going to become a sacred meal, consumed consciously, with a sense of “I am taking in my true nourishment now.” Both of these green drinks are loaded with chlorophyll, which makes them optimum foods for the blood, the brain and so many body systems. But the wheatgrass juice in particular has another role. It will make it easier for people to do the program, because it provides a sense of fullness and satisfaction on a subtle level. It functions psychologically as well as physiologically.

So, starting with 1 ounce a day, wheatgrass juice will be included as much as people can tolerate it—five days a week if possible. And they’ll be encouraged to build on the quantity every week, so that by end of four weeks, some will be up to 4 ounces every day. Others may still be doing just 1 ounce and making a face, but they’ll be doing it!

I know that face! Wheatgrass juice can take some getting used to in the aftertaste department, but it is an amazing healing substance.

The idea is that people will come to enjoy it as essential. This has been my experience. Your body takes on the qualities of whatever substance you take in, and as your body takes on these qualities, it begins to desire those substances more. This happens with negative substances, too. The body gets used to whatever you are feeding it, and creates a habitat for that.

So, when we take in super nutrient-rich and high vibration substances, such as the wheatgrass juice, which is pure living chlorophyll, our body becomes made of that, and it craves that. Over the past few years, I have worked up to drinking 4 ounces of wheatgrass a day. Now the experience of taking it in has become one of the highlights of my day, but it was a process to get here. So this is something we will be doing together on the cleanse that I am really excited about sharing.

Can you talk a little about the Natalia Rose Institute community, and why you decided to introduce your new program, Extremely Green Detox, within the context of a fully supported cleanse?

Our goal is to create a place where people can heal, strengthen and retain their human qualities on this bizarre stage. We need to keep on finding solutions as we navigate being a human being in a non-human world.

Ultimately, the goal of a fully supported cleanse is about giving people the ability to stand alone. The bottom line is, you wake up with you in the morning. No matter who you went out to dinner with the night before, no matter what temptations were there, how are you going to feel in the morning? Will you look in the mirror and say “I guess I gave up because everyone else was doing it,” or will you feel grateful that you honored your body’s true needs, and your deeper desires to take your life experience and your health to the next level?

As long as we don’t relapse and fall back into the false notions of what “civilized people” need, we are in new territory. That can be a little scary. With the supported cleanse, we have the guidance of the leaders, along with the built-in support of the group structure, to helps us cross the bridge to get there.

It looks like you’ll be providing a lot of support during the four weeks of the program.

In addition to all the emails, there will be group calls once a week, plus a weekly video with a live chat feature. We have a private Facebook page where people can interact, and a hotline is in the works. We’ll tackle the social-emotional-mental challenges. We’re going to dismantle all of the social pressures, like a kid who wants to dismantle a computer. We’ll take it apart. This is the power of the group.

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity! People must be getting so excited.

Every day will be a whole new experience and as a result, there will be an overwhelming sense of well being from doing this program—visceral experiential knowledge, rather than textbook. Extremely Green Detox is geared towards experienced cleansers, but we’re bringing in all levels, and making modifications for different needs, so everyone will get the best out of it. Already more than 100 people are signed up! It’s almost like a small country with a new vision.

‘American Yogini’ Interview with Natalia

American Yogini talks to Natalia Rose.

My private practice and personal interest has always had a heavy focus on kids and family. Maybe it’s because I have two children myself, but I cannot help but be very passionate about feeding the younger generation and hoping that the ills that plague my generation and my parents generation will, with perseverance and care, be remedied through the enlightenment of my children’s generation.
Obviously, there are so many levels at which correcting what I would call the “mutation” in our dietary evolution must be addressed: in the home, in public health, in school cafeterias, in commercial products and in social settings. Even though it sometimes seems an insurmountable task, all it really takes is getting parents and kids motivated and enthusiastic about embracing a natural lifestyle.

Here’s how to start:

  1. The first thing that we all can do is be an example through our own lifestyles. By truly living this clean, prana-filled life that you are all becoming more and more at home with, you become a beacon to other parents and families, to your children’s teachers, doctors and especially to other parents and parents-to-be. We do not always need to be vocal to be heard. We can simply live this way and raise up our own beaming, light filled, mucus-free little ones with the good sense of natural living and we will inspire others.
  2. We must practice what we preach to our children (or better yet, practice and don’t preach). If you do not believe in eating meat or donuts and other junk foods, you must stand up for this when you purchase groceries. We cannot feed ourselves one way and then stock the refrigerator and cabinets with junk food that goes against everything we believe in for the others in our home (children, family, extended family, visitors). Our home must be the embodiment of our lifestyle. However, there is a fine line between living what we believe and forcing them to do what we have chosen to do. We don’t want to oppose anything so strongly that we wind up creating an eating disorder in our child or rouse anger and rebellion in the home. We must proceed sensitively. What I have found helpful in this regard is:
    • Set the tone in the home: I keep only healthy foods in the house so that if they have the occasional non-ideal item outside the home it is not a big deal because it happens seldom.
    • Avoid nagging but do explain to your kids why you make the choices you make in your lifestyle and why you do things differently to what is common.
    • Permit exploration: I allow my children to try anything they want when we are in restaurants. They can even order a steak if they want to. Nothing is forbidden but I will not bring animal flesh other than fish into the home. I will not handle these flesh foods as the act of killing and eating animals is not in my truth. My children and husband respect this and know that they are always free to have such foods in any restaurant anytime.
    • Prepare as much of your child’s daily food intake as possible: I pack my children’s lunches so that their school day eating is natural.
    • Give them a sense of independence around food: I always let them choose what they would like to eat at mealtime. I keep lots of ingredients on hand for sprouted grain French toast or spelt pancakes for breakfast, sunshine burgers or sweet potatoes or their favorite soups for dinner and their lunches are always utterly delicious.
    • Make it a sweet thing: I make sure there are fun sweets and desserts in the house so they can always have healthy indulgences whenever they like
    • Let freedom ring: my kids never have to eat if they are genuinely not hungry, they can have more of one food than another, they can go into the kitchen at anytime if they would like something; while I do encourage eating at mealtime and refuse to be a short order cook, children need to feel empowered to follow their own palate and desires, particularly to avoid a sense of the parent holding too much sway over their eating. You can wield more power if you can give them more power. It creates a necessary balance that makes them feel free yet keeps them healthy.
    • Make healthy snacks accessible: I keep bowls full of delicious apples and bananas around for “fast food” that they will take frequently during the day. My son will reach into the fruit bowl and wind up eating 2 apples and 2 bananas every day like a little monkey. At 4½ it gives him a sense of independence to take it when he likes without having to ask for help.
  3. We are all well aware of the cancer and weight crises spreading swiftly among our children. Too many children are suffering needlessly from obesity, depression, ADHD, asthma and more easily preventable physical and emotional ailments. The only way to help is to first start with your home and your children, standing up to all that our government, commerce and social conditioning hopes we will ignorantly keep consuming: such as their “square meals,” milk products, meats and packaged, processed foods that are outright killing our children physically and stealing their spirits emotionally.
  4. Food, however, while a good place to start and surely a necessary thing to get right, is only half of the equation. The other half is healing the emotional scars and societal habits that make us overeat and gravitate toward unfit foods to begin with. Our children are eating out of pain, out of a sense of loneliness brought about by our modern way of living so out of touch with each other. Our primary endeavor as parents must be to stand as a safe haven of unconditional love for our kids. Instead, we typically project our own pain and criticisms onto them. Children today are inundated with parental, societal and peer-projected expectations from academic and athletic competition. They are further over exposed to the constant onslaught of stimulation from the media. The incredible amount of anxiety that comes from this gets channeled into food because food serves as a numbing agent – a place they can go for temporary, albeit false comfort. Once they form this habit in the early years it is very difficult and in some cases impossible to change it sending them into a lifetime food and weight battle that eventually manifests in dire health and psychological consequences.


We need to find every way we can to bring them peace. We can do this through sending them the message of unconditional acceptance in every single interchange we have with them each day. We do this by recognizing our own projections and correcting them if they are harmful. We do this by creating a home environment that is soothing, gentle and loving. Switch off the TV, light candles and enjoy dinner together, encourage older children take a relaxing bath and practice deep breathing exercises. Go for long walks together. Children are intuitive and would rather be with you having a gentle time than being over-stimulated by some form of media any day. From this place of peace they will also choose more natural paths, including how they eat.

The only way to bring them the kind of peace they need to have truly productive lives that serve themselves and their community one day is by opening our hearts and giving them what is sometimes difficult to give – attention and dedication to changing deep seated habits and casting off deeply encoded cultural programmings about what matters, what is healthy and what it really means to be a good parent.

Once you find the bliss of peace that comes after you face up to the truth about how to best serve your families you will unleash a whole new spirit in the home that will shift the whole family unit into harmony and set the stage for health and well being in every area – from the kitchen to the classroom and beyond.

Natural eating, in turn will keep them calm and in sync with their inner selves and ultimately lead to better relationships, more creativity, better choices and a better sense of their place in the world. It is a healthy cycle that once begun feeds and sustains itself effortlessly.”

Ideas for healthy lunch bags:

  1. Sprouted grain sandwiches filled with:
    Avocado, goat cheese and Dijon mustard
    Raw nut butter and pure fruit spread or raw honey
    Organic butter and raw honey
    Organic butter and pure fruit spread
    Sprouted grain bagels with organic cream cheese or organic butter
    Sprouted grain pita bread filled with nut butter and pure fruit spread
  2. Lara bars or other raw food bars
  3. Dried strawberries, dried pineapple or dried mangoes (unsulfured, no sugar added)
  4. Banana slices topped with cocoa powder and agave nectar
  5. Sliced apples topped with pumpkin pie spice
  6. To drink: Lemonade water: water with stevia and freshly squeezed lemon or lime
  7. All Organic Gourmet or Kollar cookies
  8. Raw brownies or other favorite raw food treat!

I personally keep lunches really simple: one healthy sandwich as above, a whole apple, a whole banana and a bar like a Lara bar or a whole grain cookie. This takes about 5 minutes to put together before school!

When it comes to feeding my family and advising my clients feeding their kids, I firmly believe in keeping it simple. Kids are usually happy with simple, natural foods. Don’t become too obsessed with perfectly combining foods for your kids either. Just make sure they are eating fresh, whole, largely raw foods most of the time and then you won’t have to worry about what they are doing the rest of the time.

I wish you and your family the most vibrant, love filled lives!

Natalia Rose

The Chalkboard Mag: A Day in the Life with Natalia Rose

OUR GUEST THIS MONTH, Natalia Rose, is inspiring from head-to-toe. Her killer physique, wealth of wellness wisdom, and generous attitude toward life all make her a stand-out health superstar. But when it comes to living that family life, we think Natalia makes an especially notable role model!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our limited edition Pressed Family Gift Set with Natalia! The set of 12 juices   includes flavors that are perfect for every member of the family, big and small! In our first Gift Set to include our ever-popular mini-bottles, this set is perfect for a mom on a mission, who is looking for ways to get the whole family hooked on health. There are rich and nourishing veggie juices for dad, sweet, classic green juices for mom, citrus-y minis for big kids and coconut-rich minis for toddler and baby. We’re excited to hear the feedback from families as each of them give these healthy flavors a try!

Until your gift set arrives, we’re sharing a little healthy family inspiration via a day in the life of Natalia herself who says, “As a busy mom trying to tend to all the family needs and still get to do all the things I want to do to fulfill my personal quests, the days are packed. I fit my desires in around the family and somehow manage to have it all!”

  • 7:00 AM

    Get kids, Thandi, 12 & Tommy, 10, ready for school

  • 7:30 AM

    Make baby Electra’s,15mo., raw baby shake, feed her & play with her

  • 9:00 AM

    Rebound or ride bike & sauna – sometimes I take business calls in there!

  • 11:00 AM

    Meditate with either Anita Briggs or Almine guided meditations – both of which elevate me to a markedly higher frequency.

  • 12:00-3:00 PM

    Write, develop and prepare for upcoming courses; touch base with Natalia Rose Institute team on top goal projects

  • 3:00 PM

    Call Health Nuts for grocery delivery: with so many mouths to feed this is almost a daily activity – often I’ll take Electra and get the items myself and enjoy a green juice as we shop.

  • 3:15 PM

    Pick up kids from school & drop older daughter off at ballet

  • 4:00 PM

    I’ll try to sneak in a few moments on my inversion board to rebalance. This is a quick fix for my mind and body between the two intense parts of my day.  I get fresh blood to my organs, give my internal organs a chance to breath in a way they can’t when I’m right side up and something about being upside down helps me get a better perspective on all things.

  • 4:15 PM

    Head to favorite local juice bar for daily fix of wheatgrass & green juice

  • 4:30 PM

    Oversee children’s homework & manage myriad of household demands…this is the second intense part of the day, the first being running the business side of things on a very limited amount of time while the kids are at school.

  • 6:00 PM

    Prepare beautiful raw salad such as baby romaine, sunflower sprouts, dulse, nori & tahini dressing, served with a plate of bohita and cerignola olives and sweet potato slices

    Feed each child dinner of choice

  • 6:45 PM

    Darling husband comes home and the children flock to him!

  • 7:00 PM

    We dine and connect.

  • 8:00 PM

    Play with baby in nursery with all the kids – we have lots of fun & laughs here!

  • 9:00 PM

    I lay down with baby while hubby puts big kids to bed and hopefully she sleeps through the night so we can have plenty of fresh energy for the next epic day…


    There are 12 juices in each gift set, 3 for each member of the family:

    For dad: 3 full-sized bottles of carrot and greens-based Roots 2

    For mom: 3 full-sized bottles of apple-sweetened Greens 2

    For big kids: 3 mini-bottles of tropical Citrus 2

    For toddlers: 3 mini-bottles of creamy Apple Strawberry Coconut

    VISIT PRESSED JUICERY for more information and to buy now!

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The Chalkboard Mag: Entertaining in the Raw

WHEN IT COMES TO entertaining friends, we save the soup to nuts dinner parties for the colder months.  Summer is all about lighter fare, freer table settings and a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re a raw foodie year round or just like to dabble when the temperatures rise and appetites shrink, these two recipes from Natalia Rose are perfect for a little light entertaining!

Both recipes, from Natalia’s most popular books Raw Food Life Force Energy and The Raw Food Detox Diet, are perfect as a quick menu for a night in with girlfriends or as dishes to add in to any healthy get-together. Get details below to win a copy of Raw Food Life Force Energy for yourself!

    Recipe from Raw Food Life Force EnergySimple to make, delectable to eat and easy to serve!

    1/4 to 1/2 lbs mesclun or baby romaine lettuce
    1 cup grape tomatoes, halved
    1 medium beet, peeled and finely julienned into spaghetti-like strips
    3 oz Alta Dena raw cheddar-style goat cheese, grated
    1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
    NuNaturals stevia to taste
    1 Tbsp diced sweet onion, optional
    1/4 cup chopped fresh basil, optional
    2 Tbsp chopped fresh oregano or chives, optional


    Toss all of the ingredients together in a large salad bowl and serve!

    Recipe from The Raw Food Detox DietIce cream that isn’t ice cream at all. If you’ve never tried raw, vegan ice cream before, make this the summer you do!

    3 bananas
    3 Tbsp pure cocoa powder (I recommend Green & Black and Shiloh Farms)
    2 Tbsp organic raw unsalted tahini
    NuNaturals stevia to taste
    6 organic dates, pitted, optional
    3–4 cups ice cubes, about 14 cubes


    Place the bananas, cocoa powder, tahini, stevia, dates, and 1/4 of the ice in a K-Tec blender, or other high-powered blender. Slowly add the remaining ice cubes, as long as the mixture is flowing and blending well. You may have to run it two or three times to use up most of the ice. You don’t have to use all the ice, just use enough to make the mixture thick. You may also wish to use a little coconut water to facilitate blending. Makes about 4 cups.

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The Chalkboard Mag: In & Out in NYC with Natalia Rose

IT’S THE EVER-PRESENT QUESTION OF city living, “Should we eat in or eat out?”  Either choice comes with its challenges for those of us making an effort to eat healthfully – especially if, like this month’s Guest Editor, you’re living in New York City! No matter where in the world you live, eating in means a whole lot of shopping, prepping, cooking and storing. And eating out means navigating menus, finding healthful choices and trying not to cause a stir!

When it comes to the ever-pressing culinary question of ‘in or out’, we wanted to know: how does one of our healthiest raw role models do it? Natalia Rose is sharing her favorite tips for making either choice a bit easier, from the best items to stash in your purse to the perfect dressing to make at home. Whether you live across town or across the country, there is something useful here for everyone.
As for take-out – eating out while in – you’re on your own!


    Celebrate salad as a main course! You can add just about anything into a large bowl of greens and have a really enjoyable meal.

    Trust yourself to make inspired raw salads without using recipes!


    Instead of waiting til the last minute to gather your ingredients, keep all of your favorite pantry staples stocked up at all times.

    What are your favorite seasonings, spices and sauces? Keep these ingredients at the ready and get to cooking! If you’re always stocked up on dry goods, you can keep the focus on really high-quality produce as you need it.


    Learn what constitutes a good dressing. Always include an acid, a sweet and a fat to balance the palate.

    Also, learn when not to dress your food: don’t over-season and keep things simple!


    Avoid restaurant oils: ask for everything clean steamed and add your own things to it. Carry an extra lemon for dressing – and dark chocolate in your bag!


    Make eye contact and be  kind and honest with your waiter about what you are looking for. Don’t be pressured into eating anything you genuinely don’t want to – your body, your choice.

    Order a double order of salad or ask for a steamed veggie plate – even if it’s not on the menu, most restaurants can quickly make you one.


    Gemma, for the great vibe, Amaranth & Orsay for the Orsay Salad

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The Chalkboard Mag: Letter From Guest Editor Natalia Rose


IF THIS LETTER doesn’t speak for itself, then check in with us all month as we share our favorite insights from one of our sweetest, most long-standing health heroes, Natalia Rose! From her thought on living healthy in New York City, to her picks for juice flavors that will please your whole family, we’re thrilled to be sharing the thoughts of this top nutritionist and best-selling health author. Natalia’s books, The Raw Food Detox Diet and Raw Food Life Force Energy are great reads for anyone seeking more than just freedom from ‘dis-ease’, but vital healthful living! Here’s Natalia…

Dear Chalkboard readers,

For me, July is synonymous with childhood. Unstructured days and totally in-the-moment aliveness are my immediate associations with this month. I could put aside the pressures and expectations of the school year and reclaim my freedom – no ticking clock to dictate to me! Mystics call this no-time and suggest that it is only in this state that we can truly be innocent.

I rediscovered my childhood when I got into deep-tissue cleansing. The in-the-moment aliveness that left me when I became a teenager came flooding back with so many other childlike qualities after only about six months of dedicated cleansing. Today, I measure my clients’ progress by the reappearance of these childlike qualities: cells regain their juicy, spherical shape evidenced outside the body as well as inside; tissues de-bloat, returning to their elastic, tight state; a bouncy quality returns to the bones (think bungee cord rather than peanut brittle); and a rosy glow returns to the cheeks, and lips and eyes become clear and shining. But there’s so much more…

When the cells, tissues and organs regain their ideal state, they actually start to hum. This hum is the frequency of life and it brings effortless joy and open-heartedness in its wake.

People think they come to cleansing for weight loss or the myriad health benefits. I think that’s just what their conscious mind is attracted to. Their unconscious mind is attracted to the freedom and innocence that cleansing brings – the return to a life experience they vaguely recall from childhood that disappeared when the world, to paraphrase Wordsworth, became too much with them.

When we cleanse, we don’t just cleanse the waste residue from decades of accumulation, we cleanse the accumulation of disappointment, inferiority, dysfunctional competition. Innocence is the quintessential quality of childhood at any age.

Adulthood was never meant to be a discarding of these qualities. The childlike qualities are not merely for children. They are human qualities – fundamental to our full development in adulthood. These childlike qualities let you know you’ve arrived as a cleanser. So this July, my wish for everyone is that your cleansing endeavors bring about a great flooding of childlike qualities so you can enjoy July as you enjoyed it when you were 8, 9 and 10 years old, and never let go of the feeling. When we drink our green juice and raw salads and leave out the harmful stuff that blocks our life force, we can be kids of summer forever!

All Love,


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Natalia on Huffington Post

Natalia Rose, CN, is a graduate of New York University and a clinical nutritionist. In her private Manhattan practice, Rose works with some of the world’s most body-conscious men and women, including models, actors, and media personalities. She has served as nutrition director for the Frederic Fekkai Spa and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Landmark Spa. Rose and her books have been featured on NBC, FOX News, MSNBC, The View, NPR, and in publications such as The New York Times, USA TODAY, Woman’s World, First for Women, The Enquirer, Yoga Journal, Hamptons Magazine, and Psychology Today. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

Natalia Rose believes that cleansing at a cellular level is the key to vibrant health, emotional balance, and mental clarity. She offers this knowledge on her website,, and in her books, The Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy, The New Energy Body, and Detox 4 Women.

Coach Joelle Audio Interview with Natalia

Listen to the interview on Coach Joelle’s website:

For our first Make Your Life Interview of 2011 it is my honor to introduce you to Top nutritionist, author and health expert Natalia Rose. 

I was first introduced to Natalia on my own journey to greater health and vitality.  As I read her books on raw food and detoxification, her approach that encouraged cleansing at a cellular level as the key to vibrant health, emotional balance and mental clarity stuck a powerful chord.

As you will hear in the interview, Natalia’s path to accessing what she calls “life force energy” through living food has taken her not just to optimum health but to a deep understanding of the nature of the human experience.

At one point in the interview all I have to say is “WOW!” as her sharing and insight literally expanded and blew my mind.

Whether you are gearing up for a more vital body, want to raise healthy children or are exploring the meaning of life, this interview will open up whole new worlds.



Natalia Rose – Beam Green Pt.2


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Mary came in to see me as a client back in the fall of ’08 and told me about what she wanted to create: a community for women to receive and share information about conception, pregnancy and parenthood that would correct the error that leads to all manner of modern children’s imbalances and mothers’ confusion over how to conceive and raise vibrantly healthy offspring.

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If you are in or near New York City, I encourage you to join Beamgreen for an evening at the beautiful Tavern on the Green and then consider a regular membership. There is so much erroneous information that can misguide you during this extra-sensitive time in you and your baby’s life. Don’t leave it to chance. Tune into a group where more rarified, pure knowledge is shared and enjoy the comeradery of like-minded, truth-seeking mothers and mothers-to-be.

Natalia Rose — Beam Green Pt. 1


I wish to bring your attention to a truly remarkable venture undertaken by a bright, young visionary, Mary Boehmer. Once in a great while someone starts something unmistakably powerful and it’s ripples are destined to make the most beneficial waves across the sands of mankind. Such is Mary Boehmer and her social club and website, Beamgreen.

Mary came in to see me as a client back in the fall of ’08 and told me about what she wanted to create: a community for women to receive and share information about conception, pregnancy and parenthood that would correct the error that leads to all manner of modern children’s imbalances and mothers’ confusion over how to conceive and raise vibrantly healthy offspring.

Mary wanted to tackle the root of deterioration of the human body and mind due to the perpetuation of the modern misguided lifestyle and set out to do something about it! She coupled her altruistic, humanitarian passion with her natural sense of style and “social butterfly” personality to create a most appealing synergy: a modern high-consciousness social club for mothers and mothers-to-be. has been up and running for only two months and yet it is already being talked about across the country. Already, Mary has managed to gather cutting-edge leaders on the subjects of health and pregnancy to share their pearls with women hungry for this information. American women have been starved of truth in this area for several generations and as the world is waking up from the intoxicated slumber of falsehood, women across the country are ready with open eyes and ears to receive what has to share.

If you are in or near New York City, I encourage you to join Beamgreen for an evening at the beautiful Tavern on the Green and then consider a regular membership. There is so much erroneous information that can misguide you during this extra-sensitive time in you and your baby’s life. Don’t leave it to chance. Tune into a group where more rarified, pure knowledge is shared and enjoy the comeradery of like-minded, truth-seeking mothers and mothers-to-be.

‘Sarah Best Health’ Interview with Natalia Rose

Sarah Best Health talks with Natalia.


Renowned clinical nutritionist Natalia Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet, was plagued with anorexia and bulimia during her teenage years, and with related challenges during her early twenties. I interviewed her last year and in part one of that interview she talks about the wisdom she has picked up on her journey of physical and spiritual healing.

“I was raised not to share this kind of stuff,” Natalia Rose tells me at the start of the interview during which she has agreed to talk, publicly and in detail, for the first time, about her struggles with disordered eating. But she is ready to tell this very personal story now, to offer hope to the many who are going through similar challenges.

She tells me that she remembers wondering, at the tender age of 15 – by which time she was already in the grips of anorexia – “‘What’s so great about life? It feels like it’s all about food and restriction.’ I was going to an amazing school and I had an amazing future ahead of me but all I could think of and see ahead was a future of having to restrict myself.”

And six years later, having left the more dangerous forms of disordered eating behind, but still waging a daily battle with her weight, her prevailing thoughts were, “If it’s this bad at 21, what will it be like at 35? After I’ve had kids I will feel matronly and so unattractive. What’s the point when it’s only going to get worse from here?”

Well, Rose is 36 now, and she has two children – 11-year-old Thandi and 9-year-old Tommy. She has the figure you see in the photo above, and depriving herself of anything she wants to eat is but a distant memory. It’s just that, with a clean body, she now desires only clean foods.

“We’re bombarded with the spoken and unspoken message, ‘Have this slim, sexy body’ but also ‘Eat this [processed] food,’” she observes. “You can’t do both.” And on the subject of life, she now has this to say, “It’s so liberating to have the path lit up. I feel like every day is a chance to make sense of more; to log more miles on this path of discovery. Life is just really, really fun.”

Her stunning transformation was thanks not only to adopting a cleansing diet and lifestyle, but also to a parallel voyage of spiritual discovery. “Yes, I changed my diet, but there was a huge leap between there and coming to consciousness. I was trying to make the life I was living work. That life doesn’t work.

“So yes, change your diet from mainstream to natural foods. But while you’re doing that, see if you can spot all the other things that need to be changed from dysfunctional to functional. This is not just about the food – this is about bringing us back to our humanity. In my case, ultimately it was a shift, on every level, from a life-deteriorating paradigm to a life-generating one that transformed me”.

Rose was raised in the affluent Los Angeles district of Encino. Her father, Ben Barrett, began his career as a heavyweight champion and then found even greater success as a recording studio contractor who worked with many of the music industry’s greats during the 60s, 70s and 80s. He was 64 when he met Rose’s mother – many years his junior – and 69 by the time his daughter was born. “I attribute the fact I have to put a lot of effort to get the health I would like to the fact I was born to an older father,” comments Rose. “This wasn’t the springy DNA of a twentysomething.”

Nonetheless, food at home was at least healthy (relatively speaking) and Rose remembers frequent trips to “70s-style, oldworld health food stores – the kind that smell of B12!” adding that she, “had exposure to consciousness about food from my mother.”

Rose suffered from digestive problems as a child, and recalls stopping on street corners clutching her mid-section, doubled over with the pain. “My mother at least knew to give me acidophilus rather than go to pharmaceutical drugs, and my girlfriends came to know me for my unusual pharmacopoeia of vitamins and other remedies.”

Rose recalls that she and her mother would spend every Saturday shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. “I had beautiful clothes and a willowy figure and it was a constant fashion show. It was nice but I never took it that seriously.” It was when she went to boarding school at 13 to escape LA – a world that was by then starting to confuse her – that food first became an issue.

Back home, the only treats in the pantry were raisins and, occasionally, corn chips. But at school, much of the fare was processed, laden with sugar and salt, and pastry-encrusted. “I had fun, but after four months it was time to go home for Christmas break and I couldn’t get my jeans on,” she remembers. “School was a safe environment to be plump, but home wasn’t. I was going back to fashion central. That’s when I lost my innocence about food.

“When I got off the plane, my mother didn’t have to say anything. She wasn’t even reproachful. There was just this look of, ‘What have they done to you?’ My brother and father also gave me disapproval without meaning to. My brother was very ‘cool’ and handsome, with lots of gorgeous girls around and I felt like a pile of lard next to them. So that Christmas break I decided I don’t want this body – I want that body.”

Rose went back to what she then knew about the best way to lose weight. It was 1989, and fibre was the big thing. “There was a cereal called Common Sense Oat Bran. It was really good.” She remembers. “I got everyone in school on it. The amount of gas in that girls’ cafeteria! I focused a lot on cereal and cottage cheese, and I dropped enough weight that I could go home next break and not feel like a beached whale.”

Rose remembers an extended trip to France the following  year as, “the first foray into the extremes of my personality. I told myself, ‘You are going to come back super skinny.’ That was the goal. Not to learn French or to find romance. My priority on that trip was not what I was doing but what I was eating, and when I set my mind on something, I go for it.”

This was when anorexia started to exert its insidious grip on her. “It was almost a high, realising that I had the power to push beyond limitations others couldn’t,” she recalls. “Even though that’s because they’re balanced and don’t need to, in the warped mind of an anorexic it seems like a strength.”

Before long, she was existing on an egg for breakfast and a few bites of chicken and vegetables for dinner. Her weight duly plummeted – at 5’6 she soon weighed just over six stone. “The body contracts the most the first time you do something like this,” she says. “Especially a young body that is strong and able to throw off a lot of weight. I was really proud of it and I got so much praise and validation when I returned home to LA.”

Back at boarding school, Rose started to eat again and gained some weight back. Then the following spring, her father passed away. “A few nights after my Dad died I threw up for the first time,” she recalls. “It was International Night at school and I was so sad and frustrated with everything, I was mindlessly consuming all the food I could.

“I got extremely good at purging. Like anorexia, to the person ill with bulimia it can feel like this strange power that nobody else has. What it was really doing was processing my pain in a really perverse way. I was numbing myself with the food, then purging it out in a really big expression that I needed to make, but didn’t know how else to.”

During summer break, the habit spiralled further out of control, going from once or twice a day to five times a day. “I was in the house on my own so I’d eat and throw up. Then I’d feel acidic, and food would calm that, so I’d repeat the cycle. But something happened in my senior year. I was in a good space and I got over it. It just goes to show that happy, whole people don’t need to do that.”

The following summer, Rose left for the East Coast to begin her studies at New York University. Knowing no one in the city and feeling extremely isolated, the twin demons of anorexia and bulimia again became her coping mechanism. But it was a brief relapse, and she soon banished them once and for all. “I was 19 and I accepted I would have to walk through life a little plumper than I would like,” she says. And of those who have suffered with both anorexia and bulimia, Rose was certainly one of the luckier ones – she has no fertility, digestive nor dental issues.

At 19 she was already dating her future husband, Lawrence – 15 years her senior. His was a world of private jets, lavish parties, and the most expensive clothes on the most gorgeous bodies. “I knew I wouldn’t look lean, but I tried to find things that didn’t draw attention to all my wobbly bits,” she says. “I had a smaller upper body and heavy legs. I tried to find black pants that wouldn’t draw attention to the girth in my hip and thigh area. Life became about making sure I looked the part to be his girlfriend.”

So once again, food and body image consumed her every waking hour. “If I wasn’t thinking about what I’d eat for lunch and dinner I was working out on the Stairmaster,” she says. “If I threw caution to the wind and didn’t even eat excessively – just ate what those around me ate – I would be so heavy. I was also sick all the time: bronchitis, pimples, cystic acne and chronic bladder infections. Inside was painful, and outside didn’t look good.”

She adds, “I was living a life of suffering that is familiar to so many – at the mercy of when they’re going to get the next migraine or bout of IBS. I had graduated from NYU, I was engaged to a man many girls would kill to be with, and I had a great bunch of friends. Relative to what we are conditioned to want, I pretty much ‘had it all’. But I’d reached another point of thinking, ‘Life really sucks. I feel like I’m in prison being tortured.’”

It was soon after this that the concept of the raw diet and lifestyle came onto Rose’s radar. One day, while browsing in the health section of a bookstore, she picked up Paul Nison’s The Raw Life and started reading the interview with [the colon therapist] Gil Jacobs. “This particular interview spun my head around, just like destiny,” she remembers. “I put the book down, picked it up and read the interview through again. Then I decided I just had to meet this person.”

She called to schedule an appointment at Jacobs’ Manhattan clinic Chakra 17 but he was booked up well in advance so she settled for an appointment with another therapist. “In that hour I watched vast quantities of waste matter leaving my body and I thought, ‘I get it. I think we’re onto something here’.”

With every treatment, Rose felt her body shift, and her whole way of being along with it. Five months down the line she was regarding her appearance in the mirror with amazement, wondering, ‘Is that really me?’”

She began having all her colonics with Jacobs – whom she now refers to as her mentor – so she could pick his brains. She also jumped enthusiastically into the raw diet and lifestyle. “I was having a green juice in the morning, something like date and nut balls with salad for lunch, and dinner was pretty raw, too; I’d have just a few cooked meals in the week.”

She adds: “The first few months to a year, I really got into the food preparation – the juicing, spiralising and dehydrating. I was going to Indian stores in the East Village to buy spices I’d never used before. It was very entertaining, it captured my imagination, it was fun, it was flavourful, and it was almost a full-time pursuit! I was getting excited about all I could do. There was very, very little on the market to buy at the time – temple balls and flaxseed crackers and very dry banana walnut cookies, which I’d have with salad.

“What I was eating before this was ‘correct’ according to the mainstream health magazines I used to read. Now I was eating many more calories and foods we’re told we’re meant to stay away from, like nuts, avocados, bananas and dried fruit. But it was having such a beneficial effect – I was feeling and looking so much better.”

As she devoured book after book on the topic, she soon started connecting dots. “Now, looking back at how I used to struggle with my many ailments, I realised it wasn’t just me – everyone was feeling like this, and everyone was desperately attempting to stop the decaying, premature aging and all that goes with modern life. I started seeing beyond the superficial cultural concept of ‘detox’ to the sheer depth of accumulation of waste matter. That’s when the doors of perception opened. The depth of that waste is not something you get rid of in a month, nor even a year.

But Rose’s journey was about transforming her mind a well as her body, and she cautions that the raw diet and lifestyle can only take you so far on this path. “I spent 10 years getting to the bottom not just of physical stuff but of spiritual stuff as well,” she says.

“It was almost a full-time job. I was reading 10 books at a time – everything from Sufism to Shamanism, plus all of Rudolf Steiner’s books and eventually the Derrick Jensen and Daniel Quinn books, which really transformed my consciousness and which I highly recommend. All these things have been a step along the way. I don’t think everyone needs to experience all I have, but I was as hungry to make sense of life on the planet and why we’re here as to figure out the human body.”

Rose shares that her husband and her mother often used to accuse her of being ‘negative’, and still do at times. “I’m always saying: ‘Look how wrong that is,’ pointing out our society’s life-destroying norms,’” she says. “But that whole notion of, ‘Let’s be positive and look on the bright side of life’ is just another of our cultural distractions. No, let’s look at what is and do something about it. When you start to see the world in these terms, it’s a breakthrough, and you wonder why everyone doesn’t see it.”

Rose says that the journey has been a lonely one at times; that she was “often ridiculed, condescended to and made to feel I was naïve,” and that it, “took until about six or seven years ago to really nail it. The last six years I’ve been using what I know to go even further.”

So what advice does she have for gracefully dealing with those in our life who openly disapprove of our choices? “Meet it with a sense of humour,” she says, without missing a beat. “Family and close friends know how to push your buttons and many of my clients have issues in this area – but only because they’re choosing to engage with it. People get incredibly sensitive about other people’s diet choices! But no conscious or aware person would defend eating in a way that damages their body or the planet, so if you’re challenged by someone who does, be clear that you’re just not going to collude in diet drama.”

She adds: “And once you’ve found your way, however you did it, remember that that’s just something that worked for you. Be grateful and share your journey with genuinely interested people, but don’t try to convince those who aren’t, and don’t assume that your way is the only way. Humility goes hand in hand with real enlightenment.”

Rose’s husband, Lawrence, does not share her passion for the cleansing lifestyle, nor for esoteric spiritual pursuits. Many on a similar path to Rose will routinely discount any prospective partner on those grounds, but she cautions against viewing people in such ‘black-or-white’ terms. “Lawrence has a really big heart and a love for people and animals so he naturally has this sense of interconnectedness. A lot of things I’ve personally had to raise a red flag about and put a lot of effort into learning he’s had with him all along. I go at this stuff from almost an analytical or scientific perspective; he from his heart.”

And on the subject of choosing friends, Rose has this to say, “So many of the people I like to spend time with don’t eat the way I do. If I’m going out on a Saturday night I want my friend Richard to be there. He doesn’t care what he puts in his body and could probably do with a series of 500 consecutive colonics, but he makes me laugh. You only need one or two friends that can really speak your language. If you have even one you’re insanely lucky.”

She adds that when you’re physically and spiritually healthy, “you really fall in love with people and appreciate human beings and personalities, even quirky ones. You just love people so much more and you love engaging with them.”

How else do people know they’re on the right track, I ask her. “If you’re not feeing gratitude and humility, you haven’t found a working blueprint yet. If you are still trying to impose your ideas on others, you are not whole yet and are not ready to help others – in fact you may do them more harm than good. When you find you’d rather dance than teach; that you’d rather lay under the sun and enjoy the life pulsating around and within you than talk about diet; that you’d rather enjoy people than criticise people, then you’re on the right track.”