God-Code Matrix of 188

Here’s a four part series that will be a bit of a time investment. Hang in there for the vast implications in part 4 — I hope it will help connect a lot of dots for you.
This enlightened and cutting edge series left me with renewed reasons for optimism and steadfastness unity with the pure frequencies of our earth and Source.

Part 1: Major Discovery of Earth’s Mega-Quake Ley-Line Energy Grid

Part 2: Quake Ley-Lines Reveal Earth’s Merkaba & Ascension March 2013!

Part 3: Quake Ley-Lines REVEAL 3D Pyramid INSIDE Earth!

Part 4:¬†Quake Ley-Lines Reveal Earth’s STAR-MERKABA Ascension 12/2012 to 3/2013

After these, you might go back to watch Nassim Haramein’s lectures: