A Pet Project: Wild Kitty Cat Food

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Pet Owners Everywhere!

We recently added a new member to our family—a fabulous baby Bengal boy-feline called “Lugar.” It took over four decades, but I finally snagged myself a pet! It’s all thanks to my daughter, who insisted it was time for a furry member of the cat family. Now we are all having a ball!

I had never thought much about the feeding of non-humans before. Playing chef-to-the-pet was a completely new concept to me! Fortunately, my husband came across the most high-integrity feline food we could hope for: Wild Kitty Cat Food was an answer to our little Asian leopard’s cry for health. In just the week or so since he has switched from the “wellness” formula originally suggested for him, we can already see a difference. We have realized that, just like the human variety, what was palmed off as pet food was mostly junk food.

Everything about Lugar today speaks of power and bliss. On the mainstream cat food, his innate power was clearly degenerating, and now he is without question restored to the fullness of his being. Here’s a little excerpt from theWild Kitty Cat Food company (which by the way, runs the business as a labor of love with miniscule profits, so wemust support it for the sake of our furry friends)…

“We at Wild Kitty Cat Food think the answer is obvious. A cat requires raw meat. The type of high density protein found only in muscle meat. Meat is in short supply in many commercial cat foods. Your cat deserves better. In fact we think your cat deserves the best. We think the secret to keeping your cat happy and healthy is a super premium raw cat food made with the finest organic ingredients.”

I second that. You can read more at www.wildkittycatfood.com.

Lugar, on behalf of felines everywhere and the entire Rose household, sends his love and gratitude to Wild Kitty Cat Food!

Here’s to the true care and protection of all Earthkind!


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