Empowering Your Life by Revising Your Values: An EFT Journey with Brad Yates (Audio)

Hi Everyone,

Macha and I would like to introduce Brad Yates, leading Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master (a.k.a. EFT Wizard). In this audio, you will learn more about EFT and Brad generously offers his time and talents to create an EFT “tap” just for you all on the subject of VALUES. I highly recommend listening to it, as it is a very powerful recording! I absolutely know it will have a positive, life-changing effect on everyone who listens and gives it a try–simply follow along as Brad leads you with Macha’s help–you’ll see! Just listen . . . then, for more of Brad’s EFT taps, please visit his website, BradYates.net, where you will find additional transformative taps. You may also find you would benefit from a one-on-one session with him to help dissolve any personal blockages that may be impeding a richer flow in your life.

You’ll find the links to the taps below (note the second one listed is in MP3 format). The charts illustrate the accupuncture points Brad refers to in the recording. Further down, below the illustrations, you’ll find a bonus tap Macha just sent me that she did with Brad entitled, “Changing Old Patterns.” I’m sure everyone will want to listen to that one too! Thank you, Macha and Brad!!

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Values Energy Detox:

Changing Old Patterns bonus tap:


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