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Interview with Macha and Nicole Clark of Cover Girl Culture

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, Macha interviewed Nicole Clark, producer/writer/director of the documentary, Cover Girl Culture, and asked me to participate as well. Click the following link for this interview: Macha and Nicole Clark MP3.

You may remember Macha and I discussed this cutting-edge documentary earlier this year. You can find it here at: http://covergirlculture.com/

Separately, we are really close to lauching Life Force Parents, the special edition newsletter, and the chocolate. Please stay tuned–it won’t be long now! Thanks to all of you who have been waiting patiently and writing to us with your enthusiasm for these projects!

All Love,


P.S. Happy Birthday to Ana and Doris, who both had their birthdays yesterday, 11/12! We’ll be out celebrating tonight!

P.P.S. Two things I’m loving now–fresh figs (especially the Brown Turkey variety) and slow-cooking Roma tomatoes. I put the oven on about 250 degrees until they wilt and then quarter them into mache salad with goat feta, fresh chopped rosemary, fresh raw diced garlic, fresh lemon juice, and a squeeze of NuNaturals liquid stevia.

Nota Bene: The figs should not be eaten with the salad. Figs should be treated like other fruit, enjoyed on an empty stomach separate from other foods. I love to eat the figs and the honey crisp apples (the greatest apple known to man in my book) as an all-fruit meal, followed by a couple of perfect organic bananas!