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The Green Baby Movement

BEAMGREEN Beamgreen.com 


I wish to bring your attention to a truly remarkable venture undertaken by a bright, young visionary, Mary Boehmer. Once in a great while someone starts something unmistakably powerful and it’s ripples are destined to make the most beneficial waves across the sands of mankind. Such is Mary Boehmer and her social club and website, Beamgreen.com.

Mary came in to see me as a client back in the fall of ’08 and told me about what she wanted to create: a community for women to receive and share information about conception, pregnancy and parenthood that would correct the error that leads to all manner of modern children’s imbalances and mothers’ confusion over how to conceive and raise vibrantly healthy offspring.

Mary wanted to tackle the root of deterioration of the human body and mind due to the perpetuation of the modern misguided lifestyle and set out to do something about it! She coupled her altruistic, humanitarian passion with her natural sense of style and “social butterfly” personality to create a most appealing synergy: a modern high-consciousness social club for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Beamgreen.com has been up and running for only two months and yet it is already being talked about across the country. Already, Mary has managed to gather cutting-edge leaders on the subjects of health and pregnancy to share their pearls with women hungry for this information. American women have been starved of truth in this area for several generations and as the world is waking up from the intoxicated slumber of falsehood, women across the country are ready with open eyes and ears to receive what Beamgreen.com has to share.

If you are in or near New York City, I encourage you to join Beamgreen for an evening at the beautiful Tavern on the Green and then consider a regular membership. If you’re not in NYC no problem — it’s all being broadcast on the site! There is so much erroneous information that can misguide you during this extra-sensitive time in you and your baby’s life. Don’t leave it to chance. Tune into a group where more rarified, pure knowledge is shared and enjoy the comradery of like-minded, truth-seeking mothers and mothers-to-be.

You can view the talks from January and February here on the Beamgreen.com site.

I will be speaking for the next few months (or as long as Mary will have me). I rarely participate in speaking engagements but Beamgreen, and all it stands for has my unique attention and affection. I could not support Mary Boehmer’s vision more. I hope to see some of you at the next gathering on March 25th. Visit the Beamgreen web site.