10 Things I Love About my Sugar Daddy

10 Things I Love About my Sugar Daddy (I’m totally talking about the SUN. As if!)

10. The sun transmits the intelligence of the cosmos directly into our field and bloodstream from the the great galactic energy center of our central sun (Plato referred to the central galactic sun as the “supra-celestial” sun). Our sun acts like a step-down transformer for this celestial-sun, bringing the most powerful waves of cosmic intelligence right into us. When we expose our skin, eyes and energy centers to it, we receive a download of galactic proportions!

9. The sun’s healing power is so magnetic and ever ready to purify us that it pulls toxins to the surface (but then, winds up designated a cause of cancer rather than what it truly is: a magnet for cancer and a lens into the state of the internal terrain of the body). It’s not easy being a super-toxin-magnet.

8. The sun is steadfast. As we hurdle through space at lightening speeds, the sun holds center for our solar system, just as the great central sun holds center for our galaxy. It is so “grounded” in space that it holds the whole hurtling cosmic complex together. I like a man with a steady hand in the midst of rapid propulsion. Ladies?

7. The sun may actually have the original Midas touch! That’s right, legend has it that the gold in the earth is made of eons worth of concentrated sunlight! Now, I know that concept is not widely circulated or accepted but from what I know about the qualities of gold and sunlight, I find this quite an easy leap to make. You can decide for yourself.

6. The sun cures! Helio-therapy is one of the most ancient treatments in history. Solar rays have been proven to cure otherwise incurable diseases from tuberculosis to lupus. When used in conjunction with deep tissue cleansing, sunlight is instrumental in healing skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and acne. In ancient Egypt, gold (remember that gold may be likened to concentrated sunlight thus I believe this applies) was ingested for purification of the body as well as purification of the mind and sprit. It was understood that the gold essence stimulated the life-force and raised the vibration of the individual. It was also believed that wearing gold could heal all manner of illnesses. Colloidal gold (or “activated gold”) is still used in natural medicine today, particularly for the heart, circulation, treating arthritis and alcoholism.
5. The sun is the source of life. I could stop here. No sun, no fun.

4. The sun is the great beautifier (despite it’s reputation for making you look like a dried out prune). It’s not quite so black and white as that: when you are significantly tissue-cleansed, you can receive large amounts of sun daily and not burn – you simply receive the warm, intelligent penetration and turn a beautiful caramel-gold color all the while. In this cleansed condition, the sun will also tighten your skin (you read that right), rather than break it down. Post-cleansed individuals have an exceedingly positive experience with the sun (cosmetically, energetically and mentally), in sharp contrast to pre-cleansed individuals who generally consider the sun the enemy because so much heat and light makes them physically uncomfortable and mentally weary. Bear in mind that the sun is not the enemy; it’s the individual’s state of being that clashes with the desire of the sun to penetrate and heal. It’s not altogether different to what occurs when someone with a good deal of intestinal impaction drinks a medicinal green juice (naturally they should start on cucumbers and romaine, not parsley and kale). In fact, that’s a solid analogy. I used to burn to a crisp with my Irish-Russian heritage, but for the last 15 years I’ve sun-bathed with absolute abandon and never burned. I never use SPF (almost all of it is highly carcinogenic and made even more so when it chemically reacts with the sun – although there are natural options that are good to use in transition and when one is in the sun for prolonged periods). I’ll simply don a hat if needed and generous amounts of coconut oil (if anything). I prefer nothing get between me and my Sugar Daddy wink emoticon

3. The sun is an excellent example of what it means to love everyone equally and unconditionally. The sun doesn’t withhold its light, wisdom and warmth from some while it lavishes others. No ways — it gives of its life-generating bounty to all!

2. The sun makes the highest quality food! Sun foods are foods that are akin to eating sunlight – foods that contain the sun’s energy that’s simply been synthesized into material form. Chlorophyll is pure synthesized sunlight and therefore the closest thing we have to eating the source of life on this planet.

1. The sun teaches me everything about what it means to be a life-generator. It reminds me of the glow we all have within — that beautiful power in the center of our being that can sustain our whole individual proverbial “micro solar-system.” It reminds me that in steadfastness and consistency of goodness miracles of life naturally manifest. It reminds me to give my light and warmth to all and, finally, that radiant energy needs to do nothing more than to be itself – it’s okay to be a “one trick pony” if you’ve got a really great trick!

So, if the definition of a Sugar Daddy is “a much older man that lavishes gifts and support on a much younger woman,” the shoe fit and damn do we have a good thing going’!