A Holiday Send-off

Farewell for a short while, my friends!

I’m off to the sunny skies and beaches of Cape Town, South Africa with my 25 frozen Norwalk Press green juices, kids and husband. Of course I have a juicer (a Breville I keep with my mother-in-law just for my annual winter holiday) there, but who wants to take the time to buy veggies, juice, and clean a juicer when you’re busy sunning and playing? I’ll wait ’til I run out of my frozen stash first!

Other than that, I have a few great books–mainly from the Vladimir Megre Anastasia series that I want to read again (after devouring the entire series over the last month). It is a remarkable series that will make a great present to yourself (and then you’ll want to buy them for all your forward-thinking friends and family members as I have)!

Will I know what to do with three weeks of free time? I think so! Running on the beach breathing air straight from Antarctica, watching my kids play with hermit crabs and lie on the warm stones around the cold saltwater swimming pool at our B&B, reveling in the Southern Cross pattern of stars that blesses the skies of the Southern Hemisphere–and, if I have my way, attending some great parties with loads of dancing and live music. Yea, I think I’ll survive the burden of so much free time.

Well, the car is waiting…

Let’s honor ourselves, our relationships, and our planet by following the highest light we know this holiday and always.

On a great ray of Life Force Energy,


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