Ana Ladd-Griffin

Hi There Everyone!

In addition to all of the other hats she is wearing here at Natalia Rose Institute, Ana Ladd-Griffin is also going to be managing the questions that come through the Natalia Rose Institute submissions inbox (they will no longer be coming to my inbox directly).

I love reading your mail and Ana will share much of it with me but in order for me to be of service to you and keep creating new content that will help you along on your path I cannot spend hours each day in front of the computer answering one email at a time.

Ana is fully equipped with the knowledge and the heart to be a sure-footed guide to any of you that reaches out to her. All I ask is that prior to sending her a question you read all the information on the website (all the books, blogs – both current and archived as well as the FAQs) to find your answers (which you will find therein more often than not). I have strictly advised Ana not to spend time responding to questions that are already answered in the Natalia Rose Institute books and online content. Spending time answering the same questions (99 percent of the time they are the same core questions) prevents us from using our resources to move forward with all the important information we still need to share with you. Yes, there is more — so much more!

As always, we encourage you to send us your testimonials and always appreciate your personal stories and suggestions for improving the site. Your input is extremely valuable to us as we wish to provide you with the best support possible. Ana is also available for personal consultations; her reputation for excellent counsel is spreading quickly. I am no longer seeing private clients but Ana is an adept at this work and I encourage those of you looking for personalized guidance to reach out to her. She can be reached at You can read more about personal consultations with Ana here:

Please keep checking the Events Page: for upcoming gatherings as we have such a wonderful time together at our hikes and Detox Dates parties and I look forward to meeting more of you on these special occasions!

I will be traveling through the end of August but this Fall will bring many wonderful opportunities to connect!

With Love of Service to each of you,


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