Big News Is Just Springing Up!

Dearest Friends:

Sorry if I seem to have gone quite from blogging. I’ve had some very exciting new developments that have required my full attention. One of them was setting up the Natalia Rose Institute Community which is absolutely flourishing.

We have nearly 200 members already — sharing brilliant tips, genius recipes and so much loving support for one another. I’ve also been busy creating lots of fresh, exclusive audio releases for the community. In case you missed it, all the audios (Detox for Women, Guidance for Mothers and all the new audios as well as The New Energy Body ebook are FREE when you join the community). Also, remember that we are offering “scholarships” for those who are genuinely unable to pay the $50/yearly fee. See the launch blog for details.

The next bit of very big news is that on June 1st we will be launching DETOX DATES! This will be an online community (with an offline event component) with the aim of connecting CONSCIOUS, AWARE SINGLES WITH OTHER CONSCIOUS AWARE SINGLES!

There is no question that the time and environment are ripe with need for this service and I cannot wait to offer it to you with the intention of bringing life-generating relationships into your lives.

Clearly, healthy, life enhancing partnerships develop best between independent, individuals of balanced and sound mind, body and spirit. It’s time for you to step out of the common dating pools that make very little sense to those who are opening to more truth and have the opportunity to meet other people who aspire to be whole within themselves. To this end, DETOX DATES brings greater opportunity to find love-relationships among like-minded, like-hearted dates and mates.

I’ll post more about this later and the cost is still TBD (though it will be very reasonable) and for now it is entirely FREE!!

There’s a whole world out there and among our community of conscious, inspired, clear-minded people to meet.


I hope everyone is loving the light of Spring and finding great joy in the magical states of being this process brings.

All Love,

One thought on “Big News Is Just Springing Up!”

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