In the Pipeline

In the Pipeline:

We at Natalia Rose Institute have some new projects in the pipeline that we wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to:

1. Natalia Rose Institute for Parents:
Wife, mother, executive & impassioned student of this work, Amanda Dennis and I are hard at work developing a community devoted entirely to adapting The Rose Program philosophy to family life – from pre-conception and fertility all the way through preganancy, childbirth, nursing, childhood, and adolescence. Our vision is to offer a fully comprehensive library of content spanning the parenting gamut.

While nutrition will be a major focal point, this vast offering aims to address the bigger-picture challenges and solutions for adapting this paradigm to the full spectrum of modern life.

We feel our parenting philosophy supports a life-generating domestic dynamic that has been lost to our culture. We feel the tools we offer can help you transfigure your family in the present and in the future.

As in the current detox community, there will be a powerful additional line of support in the parents community: the members themselves. In addition to carefully selected mentors, hand-picked by me, to offer support to those in need of personalized guidance, all members will be encouraged to share their personal journeys, challenges, tips, and recipes, and to enter into discussion with other members. In this way, all will have extensive opportunities to interact, turn to, lean on, lead, and support one another.

We are working at rapid-fire pace to develop the content and build the site. We will keep you posted on our progress and expected launch date (we’re shooting for Labor Day)!

In the meantime, we would like to invite all parents, kids, parents-to-be, and even hopeful parents-to-be to send us any testimonials, personal stories, questions, or topics that might apply during this content-development stage. Kindly send these to Amanda at

I am also working to further document our parenting and nutritional philosophy in a book format, scheduled to be released this coming fall.

2. The Detox Delivery Online Recipe Book:
Our beloved, ingenius Chef Doris Choi, Creator & Executive Chef of Detox Delivery, is compiling her extraordinary Detox recipes for you! This project goes way beyond recipes to include Doris’s expert tips from the market to the kitchen as well as photos of her mouthwatering recipes. Doris’s recipes are absolutely, utterly original and take all The Rose Program ideals into consideration – in short, they simultaneously delight your palate and your cells! You’ll want to stay tuned for this!

3. Part III of Emotional Eating S.O.S.!:
While this project is taking longer to complete than anticipated, it is also evolving into something far beyond what I’d even hoped. There has long been so much mystery around the multi-layered issues that drive some people to eat beyond their true need for nourishment. We are unshrouding that mystery in Emotional Eating S.O.S.! in ways that have seldom, if ever, been ventured. (Parts I and II are already available to community members).

I appreciate your patience, as I have so much to share with you and so little time to allocate each week to this project. Rest assured it is steadily moving forward and Part III should be available to community members in April. There will still be at least two more sections to follow after that. I hope it serves you well and dissolves the monster of emotional eating until it shadows you no more.

4. Advanced Detoxification Course at Organic Avenue!
Raw food boutique Organic Avenue in New York City and I are joining forces to offer a comprehensive study on detoxification & healing under my tutelage. The course will unfold over five consecutive Tuesday evenings (6pm-8pm) starting April 27th. For more information, please see the Events page or contact Organic Avenue directly at: or call: 212.334.4593.

CERTIFICATION FINALLY! This course will be the first to offer students an exam for certification in The Rose Program method. Due to the many requests for an official Rose Program certification, all current and past students of the advanced training classes will be eligible to take this exam to become certified. The exam will be available starting May 25th.

There is a $45 administraion fee for the exam. If it is not passed the first time, it may be taken one more time in a six-month period at no additional charge. If you are a former student who would like to take the test, kindly send your request to Ana Ladd-Griffin at

5. Join Me for Detox Walks to Kick off The Natalia Rose Institute Cleanse!
Starting Thursday, March 25 and going all the way through the end of June, we are meeting for weekly walks through Central Park. We know how much community means to your progress, so join us! It’s FREE and OPEN to anyone. Our resident Senior Detox Counselor, Ana Ladd-Griffin will also be offering a group meeting for anyone who wants extra support following the walk (for a nominal fee of $10/meeting). Liquiteria is also providing Norwalk-pressed “Green Lemonade.” You can read more about it on the Events page. We already have an amazing group brewing!

6. The Rose Bar Chocolate
 is going to launch early this summer. I am quite confident it will be the best-tasting dark chocolate (72%) you have ever experienced. Our chocolate is handmade in small batches by a master Belgian chocolatier in a secluded and exotic beach village in South Africa. Just wait and taste it for yourself!

As you can see, we are hard at work to give you all the tools and information you need for the best life-experience possible in the modern world. We love to provide this service because we want everyone to enjoy the wonderful life-experience we do!

All Love from me & the entire The Team,

Natalia Rose
Ana Ladd-Griffin
Doris Choi
Amanda Dennis


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