Ladies, Please Share Your Success Stories for My Latest Book: Detox for Women

Happy Summer to you all!

I have a new book project in the works and am putting out a call to all the women who have had success with my program—particularly with the adaptations from the audio release, “Detox for Women.” I need your success stories for the new book, to be released next spring!

Detox for Women, the book, is designed to be the silver bullet solution for women. Many of you have wonderful, enlightening stories about your journeys—from mainstream dieting to this detox lifestyle, as well as typical raw food diet mishaps and guidelines. I aim to collect your powerful stories and include them in the book to inspire other women. The goal is to lift up the sisterhood with this information!

So, ladies, don’t be shy. Please take part in this exciting and uplifting project, and send your stories to me at Also, please copy my intern Britanie King at

I may not be able to post for the next few weeks as I’m on a tight deadline with this project, but there will be much more coming to you once this is done. In the meantime, take advantage of the summer produce and JUICE THEM GREENS!

All love,


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