The 80-10-10 Diet

Recently, a student asked me what I think of the 80-10-10 diet. As you can imagine, I am asked about various dietary approaches all the time and while the questions are all entirely valid (what do I think about raw or Paleo or blood type, Sugar Busters, Atkins, or Zone or Banting, 80-10-10, Clean, veganism, etc., ad infinitum), this is not the question that’s going to enable you to reach your highest physical, mental and emotional expression. There is a better question to ask: “How do life-systems work and how can I repair mine?” That is an exciting question with a much more rewarding answer. (Then, if you like you can measure the dietary approach in question against the truth of what you learn about the repair of your living-system.)

All life-systems, especially your unfathomably remarkable body, operate as an interconnected, life-force-conducting-network. If the threads that connect the network are compromised by being cut or having something blocking their conductivity, the whole system will be weakened. Weakened threads only grow weaker when an active remediation process is not applied. This is why we see steady decline in the human being – it is constantly exposed to an onslaught of daily events that weaken its threads.

Undertaking the repair of the compromised threads is the only meaningful M.O. of a self-healer (or a healing catalyst).
Branded dietary approaches merely distract from this…as you might guess, all the popular circulating diets have some germs of truth to them but a germ of truth is not going to raise us to our highest human potential. It will just keep us spinning out of health, steadily weakening the threads of our life-force-network.

There is no branded diet on the market that is dynamic enough to check every box for full remediation of the integrity of your living system. However, there is a process that will do that – deep tissue cleansing coupled with recapitulation process for the mind and heart. I go into these in great detail in all of my work so I won’t repeat what that means here. But therein you have the process required for your absolute restoration and anything short of that will simply not take you where you want to go — assuming you want to restore your human technology to its primo-functionality and live your highest potential.

As for 80-10-10’s effectiveness as part of this remediation process, that’s spotty – yes, theoretically, fruit is the most ideal food for man. Unfortunately, what we get in grocery stores today is not original fruit but a hybridized super-sugared up version of fruit. Wild fruit grown in humus rich soil 10,000 years ago and then entering the bio-chemistry of a healthy human (not infested with yeast, mold and parasites like the modern human is, and assuming clean intestinal tissue) would be an excellent way of transmitting solar energy into the human body. But that is a far cry from the scenario today.

That’s not to say that a lot of people don’t report feeling much more energetic and find they lose loads of excess weight going from a mainstream diet (or even a “sloppy” vegetarian or vegan diet) to 80-10-10. Naturally, one has to consider the upgrade from the previously heinous diet to intake of water-rich fruits and greens! But the situation is full of nuance – there’s the bio-chemistry of the fruit itself to consider (highly questionable), the body it is entering (its degree of pathogenic overload), the lineage of that body (Western European or from the Caribbean — that will have a huge impact), the frequency of bowel cleansing (loads of fruit and little bowel elimination is a recipe for disaster), whether the individual can navigate the awakening of poisons that takes place when large quantities of fruit are eaten and whether they will know when to back off when it’s not working for them any longer. Modern humans are not well suited to such major intake of hybridized fruit.
All that said, if an approach calls to you on your path, then you must explore it.

Don’t take my word or any one else’s for anything. First hand knowledge (though not always fun in the gaining) is indeed always the most satisfying. In the end, it’s your quest and you must pursue your pot of gold! I can only tell you what my personal and professional experience has shown me.
On my personal journey, I have found that there have been moments when large quantities of fruit have served me very well and other times, not at all.

On the cleansing journey we have to know what signs to look for so we don’t take yesterday’s truth into tomorrow, where it doesn’t belong. May your network of life be restored to its fullest integrity and resound in the highest frequency of love.

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