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Bionic Muscles

Bionic Muscles!

Balance is the quest to bring together forces that both oppose and complement one another. In our world of form, we live in and among countless opposing factors – the yin/yang forces you’re familiar with: light/dark, contracting/expanding, levity/gravity, inward/outward, male/female, and so on.

When these forces are not balanced (complemented by their polarity-partner, where they can triumph in balanced unity), stagnation and the decay cycle sets in. Over polarization of one of the forces undermines life.

So we must be vigilant not to over polarize toward one force, forsaking its counterbalancing mate. This much you know. Moving along…

When the counter balancing mates are used consciously, something amazing happens: we can actually grow dynamically and exponentially when we stretch one force along with it’s complementary force equally! For example, if you take a long stride with your right leg and then an equally long stride with your left leg and what happens? Well, you get farther, your limbs realize a greater potential than when you were taking smaller steps and, from there, you can continue to challenge yourself and reach greater potential! Again, you know this…

But now, I want to invite you to look at how this applies to muscle development in the fitness category.

Good exercise physiologists and trainers will guide their clients to “opposing muscle development” which creates a supportive netowork for the musculature, preventing injury and many other problems. Opposing muscle development is what is what is done when one strengthens the abdominals along with the lower back, the hamstrings with the quadriceps, the biceps with the triceps, you get the idea.

But there is an aspect to muscular development that is still missing and because it is missing, fitness enthusiasts are actually fast tracking their own decay by the very way they are aiming to strengthen themselves and attempt to increase their longevity.

The missing element is applying the complementary, counter-polarity-partner of absolute malleability with muscular increase/development. Muscles must only be increased with absolute malleability, which requires an absence of obstruction in the muscle tissue. When you combine development/increase with absolute malleability (which at the outset may sound like an totally incompatible concept) you will have a truly enviable muscular system both cosmetically and mechanically. I like to call it a bionic muscular system (even though “bionic” connotes something artificial, I still like the ring of it and the image of a dynamically powerful muscle it conjures up for me).

A life-generating musculature has nothing in common with the traditional, modern muscle building approach which breeds stagnation with every lift and crunch and is rather a menace to the conductivity and flow in your body which give you your youth juice.

Granted, most body builders and gym-goers are consuming highly toxic shakes, bars and meals designed to encourage muscle development so they are already doomed as these ingredients will destroy healthy tissue and are the harbingers of rapid aging. But for you, who are not mismatching strength training with toxicity, you could be getting so much more bionic power circulating in your body!

As you develop your clean-celled musculature, make a point of keeping your muscles very, very supple. You don’t want armor, you want strength and true strength is primal fire flowing through your physical form – the primal fire (Qi, life force, force from the Source, as you like) is the big boss.

Your muscles should be developed as part of your body’s endeavor to express each of it’s systems as the primal fire would have it done. In this light, your lungs are a servant of the primal fire; your kidney’s are a servant of the primal fire, as are your bones and muscles. When we invert that truth we have big problems! Put the primal fire’s requirements first (which are, namely to conduct, move, express, expand, experience) and you’ll know how to support your body’s systems on behalf of the primal fire that depends on them. You’ll be living life in your body right side up in stead of upside down.

So, by all means, increase the fortitude of your muscles. But do it by consciously complimenting development with malleability. Note bene: flow is the cousin of malleability; flexibility serves these cousins — flexibility is a tool to increase flow and malleability, not the other way around.

There are several excellent, easy, free practices you can do daily to make sure you are optimising your malleability as you train. Daily massage is an obvious first stop (self massage more than suffices and can be done whenever it suits you). Intuitive dance and intuitive yoga for even a few minutes is a great way to ensure fluidity!

But, this is one area where visualisation is highly effective! Take some time once or twice a day to visualize all the condensation of energy, all the stagnation, emotional residue and mental tension leaving your muscle tissue.

If we want to become living embodiments of the primal fire (which we do, believe me), we have to live the primal fire lifestyle and think like primal fire thinks. We can’t let anti-primal fire stuff set in – not in our organs, not in our connective tissue, our joints, our hearts, our minds or our muscles. Best of all, you can expect your muscles to be stronger. So, lift your weights, sculpt your yoga muscles, run, cycle, climb, row, whatever suits you best but remember for all the development you do, you need to clear, clear, clear stagnation from that muscle tissue.

If you’ve read the Socrates book series by Dan Millman (one of my all time favorite set of books — I cannot recommend it highly enough), you may remember that the main character, Socrates explains that our bodies should be so malleable that we should be able to be massaged right to the bone! That’s a good image to keep in mind — to strive for. With muscles, increase and malleability = strength. Those are the complementary forces for bionic muscles.

I love my bionic muscles. They make me feel almost other-worldy, like I’ve got a secret in them, like they can do things that I’m not even fully aware of yet. Ah the ever unfolding mysteries of the inspired, syntropic, ecstatic life!


Que Sera Sera/ Keep Calm & Carry On

Two expressions I’ve always personally found deeply disturbing: “Que sera sera.” And, “Keep calm & carry on.” After a vibrant family discussion about why these two adages annoy me (turns out I stand apart as the only one profoundly bothered by them), I thought I’d openly express just what it is about both of them that ‘gets my goat cheese.’

1. Que sera, sara: My mom tells the story: I was about 7 or 8 years old and she was singing, the “Que sera sera” song when I interrupted and asked her, “Mom, what’s ‘que sera’ mean? She went on to translate, “Honey, it means, ‘whatever will be will be’” and then carried on singing the rest of it…”the future’s not ours to see, que sera sera…”

As she tells it (and I recall) I became pretty upset by the end of the song, went to my room and closed the door. A little while later I emerged again, looked my mom squarely in the eye and said, “Mom, I don’t like that ‘que sera sera” stuff. I’m going to make my own future…none of this ‘what will be will be nonsense!”

To this day, with the exception of it’s reasonably appealing melody and my mother’s signature, beautiful voice singing it, I cannot find anything redeeming in that song (and secretly I roll my eyes whenever it somehow crosses my audio waves). We are not living in a “Que Sera, Sera” universe. We are self-determined creators. And thank goodness for that!”

2. “Keep calm & carry on.” I understand that message served a purpose to prepare the British civilians’ morale for WWII blitzing. But today it is everywhere as a design trend: on bags, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets and posters.. Can we look at this adage afresh and the influence it has on our psyches in the modern day?

To be told to “keep calm” implies that you are not calm. If you are not calm, there’s probably a very good reason (even if that reason is that you need to address your inner demons). To ignore the undercurrent rising in you and rather “keep calm” is an affront to your spirit — it’s a directive to suppress your true feelings. For who’s benefit? Not for yours!

Do we really want to suppress our feelings and moreover do we really want to be focused on a time when we had no choice but to prepare for a blitzing of our homes? This kind of messaging subliminally reminds us of the oppression of war (all mixed up in the decadence of fashion which is hard for a balanced mind to process without instinctually rejecting it because it rings with insanity). And then there’s the deeper message that reaches our subconscious mind reminding us that when the governing command says so, we must walk in lock-step. It’s a dark, oppressive wolf of a message dressed up as design mutton.

I’m not saying the bags, t-shirts and signage are deliberately designed to keep us subconsciously in a state of oppression (though I’m not saying that’s not the case either). I am simply saying that before we adopt a slogan in our subconscious mind and in our collective via a seemingly innocuous outlet like design trends, we should think about the message a bit more.


Tongue Scraper

If you think you’re sexy…but you don’t use a tongue scraper, I hate to break it to you, but it maybe that you’re not as sexy as you think. The mouth is a major eliminative orifice. Researchers in the Netherlands discovered that a 10 second French kiss can spread 80 million bacteria between mouths.

But hang on and let’s go a level deeper because those germs are just the effect of pathogens developing among the waste that’s being excreted from deep in the body into the mouth (we always want to get to original cause, not get stuck on the symptom). What you need to know (and you’ll never hear this in a toothpaste commercial) is that intestinal waste moves through the tissues (even through the tiny channels that link the gums and intestines to other organs in the body) and it makes its way into the mouth (that’s why some people’s mouths actually smell like poo). Gross, sorry!

Never forget that your organism is a dynamic interconnected network that is nothing if not porous and pouring substances from system to system constantly.

I wouldn’t focus on the germs, that’s the superficial end effect – the tail wagging the dog. I would rather consider the way the body excretes its waste — through all its eliminative organs. Not so sexy to contemplate at first glance, but very sexy when you understand how it works and get a handle on real hygiene and what that means to you (and the one you play kissy-face with).

The stronger the fortitude of your organs, the more efficient the eliminative process is. So, when you are in the throes of deep tissue cleansing and beyond, you will want to be even more on top of your scrub-a-dub-dub routine. And always, always, always clean your mouth after exercise. For goodness sake, your body is sweating and expunging which means eliminative orifices are activated ever the more!

Tongue scraping is done before and/or after brushing — it should be done several times a day. In fact, brushing should be done 4-5 times a day, not 2-3 (always with a soft tooth brush) and taking care not to ram the gums as excessive brushing done improperly can recess the gums. And, of course always use fluoride free, natural toothpaste. Let’s not destroy brain cells when we brush.

Many years ago, I read somewhere that a clean kitchen sink was the mark of a clean house. From that day forward, I have kept an immaculate kitchen sink (and strive for order at home throughout as our spaces greatly influence our life experience). But here’s what I’m getting at…your mouth is like your kitchen sink. It should always be clean and there’s really nothing like a proper metal tongue scraper to ensure that’s the case.

Don’t be overzealous with your new tongue scraper in the early days as you can scratch your palate which isn’t nice (heals quickly tho). But over time, you’ll find just the right pressure and rhythm for the unique make-up of your mouth. I haven’t been to the dentist in over 7 years. I never get so much as a sensitivity in my mouth simply because the insides of my body are clean and I am fastidious (but never harsh) with my brushing and tongue scraping routine. They should be used in tandem multiple times daily. I know dentists and dental hygienists might get annoyed with me for saying so but this combo far exceeds the benefits of brushing and flossing by comparison.

Enjoy the sensation! Kiss kiss.


Crowning Glory

It used to be that only men faced the strong likelihood of baldness as they aged. But today, one of the biggest concerns among women is losing their hair. Female pattern baldness is practically a household term now. Give it a generation or two and, like practically everything else, female pattern baldness will be relegated to some kind of unfortunate genetic lottery just like male pattern baldness, rather than by its original cause: the systematic ravaging of the bloodstream with toxins. Make no mistake, this rapidly growing symptom is a clear indication of how toxic womankind has become.

One of the earliest indications of toxicity in women presents in the form of bladder issues. The bladder-kidney meridian is extremely sensitive to acidity and will let you know the moment your pH starts to dip (the beginning of all problems to come). To be clear, this means that those bladder infections are telling you that you’re now on the highway to rapidly de-spiraling health.

The next major indication for women comes with their cycles. ‘Aunt Flo’ should have a brief, non-eventful visit – arriving without fanfare, causing minimal inconvenience and leaving you feeling refreshed. If that is not the case, you have accumulated too much waste and toxicity and it’s time to glean ‘Aunt Flo’s’ keen insights before more unpleasant symptoms present.

By the time a woman has suppressed these symptoms for a couple of decades, her glands can no longer be expected to function normally. Hormones cannot be expected to secrete as designed. In addition, the accumulation in the intestine (which has now permeated deep into the body through the porous tissues and interconnecting channels) is housing all manner of entropic material, including heavy metals, machine oils and radiation, which are rapidly reproducing pathogens and decaying the entire system.

Meanwhile, the outward quest for beauty continues while the inner being is ravaged (and the damaging lifestyle is continued). Symptoms worsen, suppression increases, appearance suffers, application of toxic cosmetic products and procedures increase. The puff increases, the pathogens proliferate, the toxicity deepens, the decay accelerates. That is the inglorious cycle.

But, of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. In order for a life-generating cycle to ensue instead, the original cause must be nipped from the very start: the saturation of acidic, toxic accumulation must be addressed. That is where the healing must be directed. Any other starting point will fail. The waste must be removed. And then: the decay will slow, the toxicity will depart, the pathogens will die off, the puff will decrease and the procedures and products will become not only unnecessary but perceived to be the major contributing cause of decay and disease that they are.

Hair and nails are like the leaves on a tree. If you have a healthy tree with a robust, well nourished root system and loads of life force conducting in an unobstructed rush up through the branches, you will see lush leaves, fruits and flowers blossoming forth. But, if the opposite is true and the roots are weak and hardly any life force rises through the branches, you will find lackluster leaves with high entropy fruits and flowers (if any) gasping from a dying tree.

Female pattern baldness is only in its early stages in our culture. I predict that it will among the very fastest growing symptoms for women in the near term. The answer is not going to be a toxic re-growth pill, chemical creams or playing more hormone roulette. Those approaches will result in even more unbearable symptoms like even greater infertility and auto-immune diseases the likes of which we have not yet ‘er seen (nor ever want to see!).

The solution has always been there. Awaken & release the waste from your cells, tissues and organs and you will the process reveals you very own abundance of lush leaves, fruits and flowers. Your hair is your crown — don’t let a misguided lifestyle steal your crown from you, Princess!



There’s a story I heard many years ago that stuck with me forever — a sad tale with layers of priceless insights…

Once upon a time there were three very sensitive little kids, around 8-10 years old. They stared in wide-eyed-wonder as they observed the mesmerizing metamorphosis of cocooned caterpillars emerging into beautiful, richly colored, winged butterflies. They loved these caterpillars-come-butterflies but they were also deeply disturbed by what they perceived to be unnecessarily hard work the butterflies had to endure in order to emerge from the cocoons.

One day, they had an idea: if only they could cut away the cocoon just before the transition, the butterflies would not have to struggle! So the kids found a tiny little pair of nail scissors and, at what they deemed to be just the right moment, they carefully cut away the cocoons of the butterflies, confident that their butterfly friends would thank them for it.

As you may have guessed, it did not turn out at all the way the children had anticipated. While the butterflies were indeed fully-formed, they could not fly. The children fell into piles of tears, realizing that their attempt to assist the butterfly babies actually resulted in forever handicapping them.

Metamorphosis literally means, “to change form” –with a connotation to a higher, transcendent form. Like a baby ready to birth or a butterfly ready to emerge from it’s cocoon, there is no escaping the reality of the authentic journey, and there is not usually even a conscious awareness that a transcendent change of form is at hand. In many ways, if we knew wings were waiting on the other side of a painful journey, the passage would be far easier. No such luck. Its as if the very absence of knowing is what earns us our “wings.” It is the commitment to doing what is right despite how hard it might be, to following our deepest knowing even in the face of absolute fear, that these miraculous transformations are won.

The baby and the butterfly do, however, offer us a set of fail-proof tips for dark, difficult, intimidating metamorphosis moments: they demonstrate perfect presence, intuition and instinct. Achieving that perfect posture requires putting all projection and apprehension aside so that natural, real intuition and instinct can guide the passage.

There is a confidence we gain when we have to persevere through the dark tunnels that link our transformations. Our beautiful lives are filled with these opportunities but, typically, we tend to just take one look at these challenges/opportunities and see nothing but pain, making a bee-line for the path of least resistance (if we can find one). When we choose instead to undertake our challenges armed with our fullest truth, something else happens, we evolve!

Evolution and syntropy are very similar concepts. Syntropy (more popularly known as “neg-entropy,” the opposite of entropy) means to rise to higher, more rarified orders from lesser, more chaotic arrangements. Syntropy promises unlimited rising to higher forms of life – a kind of gateway to immortality in effect. We can live the syntropic life if we can be really present in the most challenging of times and have the presence of mind to hear and follow our intuition and instinct over our knee-jerk fears.

I don’t know what your unique challenges are but I do know that in them you’ll find your greatest opportunities for metamorphosis. Difficult? Indeed, sometimes more than you think you can bear. But, there is a way through if you maintain the presence of mind and intimacy with your essence such that intuition and instinct can be your steady compass. It is through seizing these moments that we can swing up the syntropic spiral, coming into closer sync with our immortality. For those of you who find immortality too far-fetched, imagine, at least that you will rise out of your perceived land-bound limitations, taking wing with new life.


10 Things I Love About my Sugar Daddy

10 Things I Love About my Sugar Daddy (I’m totally talking about the SUN. As if!)

10. The sun transmits the intelligence of the cosmos directly into our field and bloodstream from the the great galactic energy center of our central sun (Plato referred to the central galactic sun as the “supra-celestial” sun). Our sun acts like a step-down transformer for this celestial-sun, bringing the most powerful waves of cosmic intelligence right into us. When we expose our skin, eyes and energy centers to it, we receive a download of galactic proportions!

9. The sun’s healing power is so magnetic and ever ready to purify us that it pulls toxins to the surface (but then, winds up designated a cause of cancer rather than what it truly is: a magnet for cancer and a lens into the state of the internal terrain of the body). It’s not easy being a super-toxin-magnet.

8. The sun is steadfast. As we hurdle through space at lightening speeds, the sun holds center for our solar system, just as the great central sun holds center for our galaxy. It is so “grounded” in space that it holds the whole hurtling cosmic complex together. I like a man with a steady hand in the midst of rapid propulsion. Ladies?

7. The sun may actually have the original Midas touch! That’s right, legend has it that the gold in the earth is made of eons worth of concentrated sunlight! Now, I know that concept is not widely circulated or accepted but from what I know about the qualities of gold and sunlight, I find this quite an easy leap to make. You can decide for yourself.

6. The sun cures! Helio-therapy is one of the most ancient treatments in history. Solar rays have been proven to cure otherwise incurable diseases from tuberculosis to lupus. When used in conjunction with deep tissue cleansing, sunlight is instrumental in healing skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and acne. In ancient Egypt, gold (remember that gold may be likened to concentrated sunlight thus I believe this applies) was ingested for purification of the body as well as purification of the mind and sprit. It was understood that the gold essence stimulated the life-force and raised the vibration of the individual. It was also believed that wearing gold could heal all manner of illnesses. Colloidal gold (or “activated gold”) is still used in natural medicine today, particularly for the heart, circulation, treating arthritis and alcoholism.
5. The sun is the source of life. I could stop here. No sun, no fun.

4. The sun is the great beautifier (despite it’s reputation for making you look like a dried out prune). It’s not quite so black and white as that: when you are significantly tissue-cleansed, you can receive large amounts of sun daily and not burn – you simply receive the warm, intelligent penetration and turn a beautiful caramel-gold color all the while. In this cleansed condition, the sun will also tighten your skin (you read that right), rather than break it down. Post-cleansed individuals have an exceedingly positive experience with the sun (cosmetically, energetically and mentally), in sharp contrast to pre-cleansed individuals who generally consider the sun the enemy because so much heat and light makes them physically uncomfortable and mentally weary. Bear in mind that the sun is not the enemy; it’s the individual’s state of being that clashes with the desire of the sun to penetrate and heal. It’s not altogether different to what occurs when someone with a good deal of intestinal impaction drinks a medicinal green juice (naturally they should start on cucumbers and romaine, not parsley and kale). In fact, that’s a solid analogy. I used to burn to a crisp with my Irish-Russian heritage, but for the last 15 years I’ve sun-bathed with absolute abandon and never burned. I never use SPF (almost all of it is highly carcinogenic and made even more so when it chemically reacts with the sun – although there are natural options that are good to use in transition and when one is in the sun for prolonged periods). I’ll simply don a hat if needed and generous amounts of coconut oil (if anything). I prefer nothing get between me and my Sugar Daddy wink emoticon

3. The sun is an excellent example of what it means to love everyone equally and unconditionally. The sun doesn’t withhold its light, wisdom and warmth from some while it lavishes others. No ways — it gives of its life-generating bounty to all!

2. The sun makes the highest quality food! Sun foods are foods that are akin to eating sunlight – foods that contain the sun’s energy that’s simply been synthesized into material form. Chlorophyll is pure synthesized sunlight and therefore the closest thing we have to eating the source of life on this planet.

1. The sun teaches me everything about what it means to be a life-generator. It reminds me of the glow we all have within — that beautiful power in the center of our being that can sustain our whole individual proverbial “micro solar-system.” It reminds me that in steadfastness and consistency of goodness miracles of life naturally manifest. It reminds me to give my light and warmth to all and, finally, that radiant energy needs to do nothing more than to be itself – it’s okay to be a “one trick pony” if you’ve got a really great trick!

So, if the definition of a Sugar Daddy is “a much older man that lavishes gifts and support on a much younger woman,” the shoe fit and damn do we have a good thing going’!



How do life-systems work and how can I repair mine?

Recently, a student asked me what I think of the 80-10-10 diet. As you can imagine, I am asked about various dietary approaches all the time and while the questions are all entirely valid (what do I think about raw or Paleo or blood type, Sugar Busters, Atkins, or Zone or Banting, 80-10-10, Clean, veganism, etc., ad infinitum), this is not the question that’s going to enable you to reach your highest physical, mental and emotional expression. There is a better question to ask: “How do life-systems work and how can I repair mine?” That is an exciting question with a much more rewarding answer. (Then, if you like you can measure the dietary approach in question against the truth of what you learn about the repair of your living-system.)

All life-systems, especially your unfathomably remarkable body, operate as an interconnected, life-force-conducting-network. If the threads that connect the network are compromised by being cut or having something blocking their conductivity, the whole system will be weakened. Weakened threads only grow weaker when an active remediation process is not applied. This is why we see steady decline in the human being – it is constantly exposed to an onslaught of daily events that weaken its threads.
Undertaking the repair of the compromised threads is the only meaningful M.O. of a self-healer (or a healing catalyst).

Branded dietary approaches merely distract from this…as you might guess, all the popular circulating diets have some germs of truth to them but a germ of truth is not going to raise us to our highest human potential. It will just keep us spinning out of health, steadily weakening the threads of our life-force-network.

There is no branded diet on the market that is dynamic enough to check every box for full remediation of the integrity of your living system. However, there is a process that will do that – deep tissue cleansing coupled with recapitulation process for the mind and heart. I go into these in great detail in all of my work so I won’t repeat what that means here. But therein you have the process required for your absolute restoration and anything short of that will simply not take you where you want to go — assuming you want to restore your human technology to its primo-functionality and live your highest potential.

As for 80-10-10’s effectiveness as part of this remediation process, that’s spotty – yes, theoretically, fruit is the most ideal food for man. Unfortunately, what we get in grocery stores today is not original fruit but a hybridized super-sugared up version of fruit. Wild fruit grown in humus rich soil 10,000 years ago and then entering the bio-chemistry of a healthy human (not infested with yeast, mold and parasites like the modern human is, and assuming clean intestinal tissue) would be an excellent way of transmitting solar energy into the human body. But that is a far cry from the scenario today.

That’s not to say that a lot of people don’t report feeling much more energetic and find they lose loads of excess weight going from a mainstream diet (or even a “sloppy” vegetarian or vegan diet) to 80-10-10. Naturally, one has to consider the upgrade from the previously heinous diet to intake of water-rich fruits and greens! But the situation is full of nuance – there’s the bio-chemistry of the fruit itself to consider (highly questionable), the body it is entering (its degree of pathogenic overload), the lineage of that body (Western European or from the Caribbean — that will have a huge impact), the frequency of bowel cleansing (loads of fruit and little bowel elimination is a recipe for disaster), whether the individual can navigate the awakening of poisons that takes place when large quantities of fruit are eaten and whether they will know when to back off when it’s not working for them any longer. Modern humans are not well suited to such major intake of hybridized fruit.
All that said, if an approach calls to you on your path, then you must explore it.

Don’t take my word or any one else’s for anything. First hand knowledge (though not always fun in the gaining) is indeed always the most satisfying. In the end, it’s your quest and you must pursue your pot of gold! I can only tell you what my personal and professional experience has shown me.

On my personal journey, I have found that there have been moments when large quantities of fruit have served me very well and other times, not at all.

On the cleansing journey we have to know what signs to look for so we don’t take yesterday’s truth into tomorrow, where it doesn’t belong. May your network of life be restored to its fullest integrity and resound in the highest frequency of love.


Harebrained Hormones

Chances are you’ve heard about the celebrity “secret youth potion,” Human Growth Hormone (HGH). In case you’ve been tempted to use HGH to look younger, lose weight, build muscle, etc., let me share with you why you absolutely DO NOT want to go the hormone cocktail route.

When you see an A-list celebrity appearing to look fabulous thanks to a hormone cocktail, I’ll tell you their glands and blood stream are paying the price. You simply could not pay me enough money to take their potion even once (or to get injected with Botox or fillers for that matter, even once).

What you need to know is that amidst this frenzy around HGH, there is a quiet truth – foreign hormones (which are any hormones introduced to the body externally rather than organically secreted within), cannot be synthesized in the same way as the body’s naturally secreted hormones. This is true whether the hormone is a so called “bio-identical” or not.

In fact, as foreign entities these externally introduced hormones instantly destabilize the precious, natural eco-system of the body’s indigenous hormones. I can promise you this does you no favors in the long run.

I wanted to share this just in case you’ve been tempted to subject your intact secreting systems in the hopes of extending the shelf life of your looks.

The second thing to know is that all the HGH in the world is not going to remove the copious accumulated rubbish from decades of unfit substances which is what really ages people (along with accumulated emotional and mental toxicity). Therefore, your body is still going to be rotting from within even if there appears to be a cosmetic glow.

Making the choice to live in a beautiful state of consistent self-regeneration is not for everybody. But it is true, real and dependable – it will strengthen rather than harm you.

The external means of beauty and the internal means of beauty I guess simply come down to separate beauty mentalities altogether. What the hormone cocktails aim to preserve is the beauty mentality that tells us that in order to be beautiful we need to “hold it together.”

Our human blueprint is held together when it is cared for magnificently – with sunlight and clean water, good soil and ozone-rich air. When we refuse to be bullied and pushed around by things that repress and block us up, we honor our human blueprint and there we find that the integrity of our tissues actually remains pretty great indefinitely, inside and out and in all the directions in which we radiate.

The fear and stress of the world is what wrecks our hormones. You want a hormone cocktail that really secretes youth juice through you 24/7? It’s within you. It will all come rushing in to bless you like you’re mainlining ecstasy the moment you realize this priceless eternal-youth truth.


Final Feverish Installment

Just because fever is an alkaline response and pathogen infiltration is an acidic event does not mean suppression therapy and antibiotics are never to be employed when you’re on the healing path. If fact, in certain circumstances, depending on where you are on the “transition bridge” those substances may actually be the appropriate choice and you may just have to be alright with your alkaline reserves not being up to scratch just yet. The higher knowledge is provided to demystify and bring to your awareness a vaster way of seeing things that most people just take for granted, not to work you further into a corner. And as much as everyone enjoys a tip or a recipe, I’m selfishly far more interested in sharing the deeper secrets of which I have an endless supply and serves me no purpose without sharing it with you.

In order to know whether you are a solid candidate to ride out natural self-healing when fevers and bacterial infections present (which they can and often do even when you are deep into your cell cleansing journey), you have to be able to ascertain your own alkaline reserve at any given time. That alone takes an uncommon sense of awareness that usually only comes from years of deep-tissue cleansing.

One must be able to determine for oneself whether one is beyond the need for those acidic world necessities at any given moment. And just because one may be today, next month and next year’s circumstances may be quite different, requiring fresh evaluation. A true master of cleansing would never totally write of the possibility of needing meds because there can always be unexpected variables. And for the rest of the world, at least some of the time they will require antibiotic help since they just don’t have the alkaline reserve to mange the infestation.

So to be clear, the benevolent-fire cannot be assumed to have perfect intuition in a body that’s been acidic for years. And the acidic body may not have the wherewithal to eliminate the pathogens, in which case, until your alkaline/voltage reserve is richer down the road, you may well have to take an antibiotic if you get very sick in the interim.

On my 15-year-long (fairly extremist) journey with tissue cleansing I’ve probably only taken an antibiotic once, about 5 years in. Before cleansing, I was on multiple courses of antibiotics each year. I have not taken an aspirin or suppressant of any kind in any of these years though I have had one or two high fevers a handful of colds. Living in New York City, the air quality alone was a killer and I think I fared pretty well. But take your average person riddled with the modern stressors, toxic accumulation, symptoms of all kinds and then ask them to just lay in bed and get better and I tell you, chances are not so good that they’ll get better on their own.

Of course, there are the natural tools which should be used in my opinion on a regular basis in today’s world (particularly colloidal silver and high quality essential oils) all of which I go into in detail in so many places so I’m not going to do that here – but they are very effective. The thing is, you want those healing tools to be part of your long-term protocol as it supports the deep cell-tissue cleansing lifestyle, not just to reach for them in a panic when you feel yourself falling to pieces. It’s usually too late for them to be much help at that desperate point.

Now, to answer the final question I set out to answer: What is the best way to support the body when we do get a fever? Well, when you get pulled into the fever place, there’s not much you can do but manage the ups and downs of the chills and sweats with fresh sheets, hot ready baths, herbal teas and comfortable cotton clothes. If you’re really lucky you might have someone nearby who’s not afraid to get close to you who’ll lovingly massage your feet with essential oils of Rosemary, Thyme, Fir trees and such (which I’d also place on my throat, chest, neck, crown and nape) and again, if it were me, I’d put a few drops of Cyprus and oregano oil on my tongue every few hours and sip lemon water with colloidal silver drops.

Ironically, you’ll find out just how healthy you are by how your body works through sickness. It’s a sure sign you’re in a high alkaline state if it only takes you 3-4 days to be back in your strength. By contrast, the worst part of being so vulnerable to needing meds is that it can take quite a long time (sometimes several weeks or more) to regain even some semblance of your previous power.

As Jim says to Huck, in Huckleberry Finn, “You gwyne to have considable trouble in yo’ life, en considable joy. Sometimes you gwyne to git hurt, en sometimes you gwyne to git sick; but every time you’s gwyne to git well agin.” — Mark Twain


Literally Fighting Fire with Fire

On the topic of fever, a friend asked an excellent question, “What does it mean if one rarely experiences fever? Is it a sign of being healthy or further suppression? While my son does not have fevers, he does have eczema.”

What a perfect entry point for deepening our knowledge as it relates to two kinds of fire in the body. I’ll call the one “functional-fever-fire” and the other, “dysfunctional-inflammatory-fire.”

Think of the functional fever-fire as your inner benevolent dragon. By contrast, the dysfunctional-inflammation-fire that irritates and reddens the cells and tissues is the domain of the malevolent dragon. The redness/irritation of inflammation comes directly from the pathogenic forms we know of as fungus, bacteria, viruses and mold. These rogue microbes, in all their life-destructive madness “raise the red flag” so to speak in the body.

In a strong, alkaline body, your benevolent dragon will exterminate them rapid-fire. As a less alkaline body scours for the vital energy reserves required to rouse its functional-fire-breathing dragon, those ill-mannered micro-beasts will be multiplying; a situation grossly exacerbated by the vile waste they excrete (i.e. pus, fermentation, noxious gas, putrefaction, etc.). This decay-breeding eco-system inflames all the healthy cell and tissue eco-systems around it, quickly turning them just as rogue (think zombie apocalypse on a microbial level). That is what dysfunctional-inflammation-fire looks like and it has many, many names based on where it is taking place in the body. If it’s an “itis” as in bronchitis, tonsillitis, pancreatitis, encephalitis, meningitis, colitis, diverticulitis, and so on, it translates to “inflammation” of that corresponding system/part/gland/organ.

Now, on one hand, Eczema can be seen as the skin organ having a fever. Eczema comes from the Greek “ekzema,” which literally means “something thrown out by heat.” When you see a symptom marked by redness or irritation, there is a true battle of the flames taking place. Dysfunctional-inflammation starting the fire – a kind of microbial pyromaniacs club you might say – and functional-fever-fire working to put it out.

One thing all symptoms have in common is their origin. There is one cause of all disease: the interruption of the conductivity of life-force within a given living network. When this happens (either through blockage or severing of the sacred threads of life within that network – both the visible and invisible threads), life stops pulsing in those places. When life detects it’s own network is in jeopardy, it responds protectively. It sends alarm bells to the “chief” of the organism in a way that can be seen and felt (and not enjoyed) so that the hazard might be immediately rectified. So you can see, in the case of Eczema we can see this whole drama played out to at T.

You can quickly strengthen your functional-fire and put out the dysfunctional inflammation with diligent application of life-generating principles. On your path to healing, however, there are three significant additional factors I would suggest keeping top of mind to best understand what a real healing journey entails:

  1. Alkaline reserve: With the right applied knowledge and dedication, the human system can be totally restored to a life-generating, non-inflammatory state. But it can take a while for the individual’s “alkaline reserve” (the negative-ionic-electron voltage in the body) to steadily rise from the state in which it developed such symptoms to the state where it is not readily hospitable nor susceptible to such symptoms. As the alkaline reserve increases by the tissues being cleansed of waste (appropriate use of all the tools we use for that, carefully applied transition diet, etc.), the individual will transform completely. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do it and/or don’t hang in long enough, falling prey to fear, social customs, unhealthy work life, lack of discipline, self-doubt and countless other saboteurs. If someone with a strong alkaline reserve should temporarily find themselves over taxed by stress or over exposed to toxicity, they will have the advantage of their rich alkaline reserve to support and they will recover rapidly. In fact, under such conditions, typically the body will waste no time bringing about a high fever and drenching sweats to burn and expunge the offense to it’s harmony. So developing, increasing and sustaining a high alkaline reserve is key.
  2. Lineage: Our health is in our lineage. These days, that’s not good news. What our forefathers and foremothers did (physically, emotionally, mentally) informed our DNA and while we’ve been in a steady decline since the advent of the Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago when we went from living on wild (highly intelligent) foods, our physical integrity though our DNA has been in a veritable free fall over the last 150 years. Our weakened organ/gland fortitude coming down the pike coupled with the disaster of modern consumption and exposure to frequencies in our environment that unravel the integrity of our coding should explain why new medical reference guides to document the latest diseases is never ending (and the symptoms become increasingly devastating). Every generation is significantly weaker than the one that came before it because we are living an entropic life model. However, that’s not the whole story because our spirits today, this great burgeoning power were finding within to take hold of our truth, will triumph and those who wish to can fully restore their human technology right now.

    The point is that keeping the “lineage factor” in mind will help you appreciate why your symptoms seem so hard to overcome.

  3. Emotional consideration: Equal in measure to the physical factors is the emotional factor. To use Eczema as an example once again, we see how deep suppression of unsupportive physical and emotional accumulation conspire to create one diagnosis on the surface that actually has a complicated, dynamic root system (linage, pathogens, emotional pain/stress). There is always an emotional component to an illness. We have to listen closely to hear what the illness is trying to tell us.

A few final points on fevers:

Fever is not an acidic event. It is an alkaline event. First a hearty store of alkalinity (reserve electron-voltage) is required in order to generate the heat needed to create a fever (its much more challenging to rouse a needed fever if you’re already very week/acidic). Fever-fire serves the organism back it’s own power in a self-regenerating circuit. This is known as implosive force, centripetal force, which I’ll speak more on next time.

Fevers are so valuable that there will surely come to market a product in due time to simulate a fever once everyone comes to realize it.

When people realize the power of the fever, they will want nothing more than to have the natural fever standby at the ready to eviscerate their pathogens. However, by then they might not enough of an alkaline reserve to get it back. In future, when a man asks his doctor, “Can you help me get it up,” he won’t be referring to a prescription for Viagra?

In the natural fever we have something that kills everything harmful but leaves the healthy microbes flourishing. Show me, in all of medical history anything that can do that?

Finally, those of you who understand cancer to be merely an extreme expression of pathogenic overtake in the body (namely fungus) will appreciate that fever may be considered the original cancer prevention mechanism: Should the body experience unsuppressed fevers at the naturally and necessary intervals, the proliferation pathogens that [may] define cancer arguably could never develop (assuming, a generally life-generating lifestyle of course).

On that hot note, I’ll sign off…


My name is Fever.

My name is Fever. I’m not much appreciated. In fact, I’m rather disdained. At the mere hint of me, they seek to put me out. I seek not to harm. I seek to heal. True, there have been times when the body could not sustain the heat needed to kill the threat. But, I was not the threat. I was only trying to help. And almost every time, I did help. But then, some are only remembered, selectively, for their failures.

As they suppress me, I’ll just have to burn hotter the next time because, by then, much more heat will be needed to eviscerate the real danger. And so, suppression of my truth makes me repellant in their eyes….My name is Fever and I’ve been so misunderstood.