Deconstructed “Gratins”

Gratins are creamy and rich but contain way too much cream, butter and cheese to be fully enjoyed comfortably after. This version is a wonderful way to enjoy all the elements of the dish w/o the regret.

Cauliflower gratin: 8 cups of florets, 3 minced garlic cloves, fresh chopped tablespoon of oregano or marjoram, pinch crushed red pepper flakes, all tossed together with butter or coconut oil, roasted for ½ hour. Add freshly grated raw goat cheese (Alta dena brand works great for this one) and pop it back in the oven till it melts.

The following vegetables also work great with the above recipe but substitute for the following herbs and also add:

Fennel, sliced thin with thyme, orange zest, fennel fronds as garnish
Asparagus with lemon zest (I like the raw sheep pecorino for this one)
Portobello or cremini mushroom with minced shallot, thyme, parsley