Raw Food Detox Diet and Systemic Yeast, and Nuts and Seeds (October 20, 2010)

Q: Hello Ana,

I am looking for some clarification regarding Detox4Women. I’m unable to find how you differentiate between the classic detox for women program and the systemic yeast cleanse program (mentioned on pages 55 & 56). I would like to undertake the systemic cleanse and want to make sure I omit all of the right items. And how does this fit into The Raw Food Detox Diet? Please advise. Thank you.

Best regards,

A: Hi Kelly,

I’m glad you asked, I think the idea of a yeast cleanse has created confusion for others as well.

First, the Detox4Women approach to eating is the best and most effective way to eradicate yeast and fungal growth from the system. By staying away from processed starches, sweeteners, and high-sugar fruits we are no longer feeding the yeast, and by eating light-to-heavy and in quick-exit combinations we are moving waste quickly out of the body.

Second, many people write to me asking how to know if they have a yeast issue. The simple answer is that if you are a women, have weight to loose, skin issues, have ever been on antibiotics or birth control, or have eaten a high-starch diet, or a high mainstream meat and dairy (antibiotic and hormone laden) diet, I would assume you are yeasted. This obviously applies to just about everyone! Starting your transition into cleansing with a powerful yeast-fighting approach is the most effective way to get your body to where you want it to be. I tell my clients that Detox4Women is your big comfy chair. Yes, you may have a difficult time during the holidays, or want to try indulging in more fruit further down the cleansing path, but you can always come back to your chair. I find that I work best when I eat this way most of the time, or at least do a heavy yeast and fungus cleanse several times a year.

And lastly, clients often ask me how we can get away with sugar-sweetened dark chocolate, and the occasional Laloos goat milk ice cream night. My answer is that if you are doing everything else right, these “safe poisons” help you stick to loving this lifestyle for longer, and give you the keys to long-term success. A day filled with well-combined alkaline vegetables and vegetable juices can certainly lead to a night with a small treat like 70% or above dark chocolate or goat milk ice cream. And you will still continue to move forward with your cleanse and weight.

Q: Dear Natalia Rose Institute,

I noticed on a guest blog on your site that eating a lot of nuts and seeds can create a toxic situation and difficult digestion. I am eating a high level of nuts and seeds. However, I am not having any “forbidden” foods that would inhibit a detox such as caffeine, alcohol, preservatives, sugars, chemicals, meat, fish, poultry, etc. Does this still apply to me?

Thank you in advance,

A: Hi Kristy,

Nuts and seeds are certainly a bit tricky to navigate. Here’s how to handle them:

1. If you are starting a yeast/fungus cleanse with the Detox4Women approach these are not for you. They are too dense, and most people have trouble eating only a small amount. We are trying to move alkaline food quickly through the body with as much awakened waste as possible, and the density of nuts and seeds will not be helpful.

2. Most nuts and seeds are not actually raw. The shelling process involves heat, and takes away their vitality. Natalia recommends testing your “raw” nuts by sprouting them. If less than half are able to sprout, there’s your answer. They are not life generators.

3. Nuts and seeds are not optimal to me because they don’t combine with most of the things I love to eat! I much prefer a raw goat cheese salad followed by steamed spinach and sauce (nuts cannot combine with animal protein) or an avocado salad followed by baked yams (nuts cannot combine with avocado or cooked starchy vegetables). Quite honestly, they make a meal too boring and limited for me!

4. If you DO want to include nuts and seeds in your diet, keep in mind 2 rules: First, smaller is cleaner (so a seed will always be cleaner than a nut), and second, they should always be eaten in the company of a big pile of raw vegetables. Try making a sesame tahini dressing for your lunchtime salad!