TOOLS OF THE TRADE (October 24, 2011)

Q: Dear Natalia Rose Institute, How do I use bentonite clay? I have heard it is a detoxifyer, should I take it every day?

Thank you, Rebekah

A: The Tools of the Trade

We do not recommend the use of supplements. They address health in an allopathic way, where putting something in to a toxic system is an attempt to fix a problem. This lifestyle puts the focus on the removal of the obstruction that is the cause of the discomfort and disease. The following list of tools are all modalities to assist in the removal of toxic accumulation in the body.*

Bentonite Clay
Sonne’s Detoxificant No.7 is a pure bentonite clay that can be taken internally to help absorb a fatty toxic substance so that it can pass easily along instead of sticking in the tissue. It can also ease gastric distress caused by rancid substances (including those that have turned rancid because they have been trapped in the body at 98.6 degrees for too long).

It should not be taken therapeutically on a daily basis. It is bulky and could actually slow down movement in the system if taken with too much regularity.

Dosage: 1 tbspn with or following a meal

Good timing: Goat milk ice cream, or the occasional buttery sauce will lodge in the clay instead of the intestine and move through the body nicely. This is not a band aid or a repair of damage done, but more to use as a tool for the evenings of planned indulgence that keep us loving this life. Take 1 tablespoon right in the middle of the substance if possible, but afterward will work as well. For example, eat half of your serving, a tbspoon of clay, and then finish your portion.

Bentonite clay is also wonderful for children who are feeling poorly. Because of it’s absorbing properties it can often ease a toxin-ingestion stomach ache.

Aloe Vera
Herbal Answers Aloe is raw and 100% pure. It lubricates the intestinal tract and can soften very hard and caked-on tarry matter.

Dosage: 2-4oz (the cap is a perfect 2 oz measuring tool) each morning on an empty stomach for two weeks will help someone who is having hard and painful releases, or intense colonic treatments. It softens scabby baked-on matter. I like to recommend aloe for clients who have had heavy protein-based diets before cleansing, even if they were eating large amounts of nut-based dishes instead of meat. Think of aloe as a softener and lubricant to help the waste begin to mobilize.

Aloe vera topically straight from the plant (which is easy to grow at home or find in the wild in desert areas like Arizona and New Mexico) is a tried and true burn remedy, and also an herbal treatment for overexposure to the sun. Simply break off a spiny arm and use the clear gel that oozes out as a salve or balm on burn blisters, cracked lips, or on any part of the skin after a long day at the beach.

Castor Oil
Castor oil should not be ingested, but instead applied as a hot pack to the abdomen to help mobilize waste. It can aid the cleansing process by helping bowel movements and making colonics more effective.

Dosage: spread a light layer onto the abdomen and massage it into the skin while lying down. Next, cover the area with a cloth-wrapped hot water bottle and relax for 20 minutes. This method is very effective in the same circumstances as the aloe, performing even more of a lubricative task and helping the older hard matter to gently progress through the large intestine.

Good Timing: This is a nice way to relax before dinner on a cold winter night, in leu of a hot bath. It is also a wonderful remedy for children who are constipated or having hard and painful bowel movements.

CandiGone and Candex
These two herbal formulas help to kill off the Candida yeast that we attempt to diminish with a low starch and sugar approach to eating.

Dosage: Both Candex and CandiGone recommend a twice daily dosage, when in fact taking the whole day’s allotment at once is just as (if not more) effective.

Good Timing: Take these alone and on an empty stomach. Either in the morning or mid-afternoon several hours after lunch.

Oregano Oil
Pure oregano oil is what you want, and there are a lot of inexpensive mixes on the market. Pick the (pricier) glass dropper bottle with cold-pressed oil of oregano as its only ingredient.

Dosage: Two drops on or under the tongue on an empty stomach are an effective way to help irradiate yeast and fungal growth. You can also add a couple of drops to a salad, or a chilled soup (like gazpacho).

Good Timing: This can be taken in conjunction with Candex or CandiGone either first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon well after lunch.

Ascended Health products listed on the site are really special products that both Natalia and I have had great success with. They are able to pass through the stomach’s digestive juices and arrive safely to cultivate in the intestine. Dr Ohirra’s probiotic pearls are also wonderful.

Dosage: You can take the full recommended dosage at once, alone and on an empty stomach.

Good Timing: These work really well if taken several times a year until the bottle runs out. Alternating the two is a great move: first finish a full course of one, and then begin the other. This will cultivate healthy bacteria, which should begin to thrive in your fresh and clean colon.

Body Brush
Herba Prima, and several other companies as well, make wonderful natural bristle body brushes. Use them on dry skin, and first thing in the morning. Start with the feet and work upwards in small firm strokes towards the heart focusing on the lymphatic areas on the backs of the knees and front of the pelvis (bikini line/hip joint). Work towards your center. Then start at the fingertips and repeat, also moving in towards your middle. You can also concentrate some additional attention on the backs of the thighs, or other areas you would like to help loosen. This gives your epidermal layer a faster turnover time, and sends blood rushing through the body. Your chi will be free-flowing, and your lymphatic system properly draining. And just watch that cellulite start to diminish…

Coconut Oil
This is our favorite moisturizer. If applied after bath or shower time, the skin will be luxuriously soft and silky. You can use it on the face if it’s not too heavy for you, but often summer is not the time for such a greasy layer. Coconut oil and aloe vera also help the skin recuperate from sun damage, so if you’re spending your summer getting a little overexposed, ending your day with coconut oil before bedtime is a great way to love your skin.

ReboundAir and Belicon are the rebounder companies we’ve chosen to feature on the site. ReboundAir makes a model that folds neatly in half and slides under the bed or couch for easy storage (and easy travel). We favor this type of body movement for many reasons.

1. First, the impact increases bone density the way any impact aerobic activity will, without the accompanying joint and tissue damage of an activity like running. No aching knees or sagging breast tissue here! It’s safe and easy for bodies that may still be holding extra weight which would otherwise add too much strain to the frame of the body.

2. Rebounding helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, and makes a marked difference in cellulite areas. It tightens and lifts, and works the whole body at once.

3. The squeeze of pressure that you feel at the top of each just is assisting each cell in the body with detoxification.

Try starting with jazz-stye high kicks (landing on first one leg, then the other) with alternating arm swings. The kicking leg is using the whole front of the leg, the landing leg the back of the leg and buttock, the arms and abs are incorporated. You will really see and feel the results.

Youtube, and many bookstores have more rebounding video workouts to find the motion that feels right for you. Start with a 10 minute workout and build your way up to half an hour to 45 minutes. I’ve found rebounding to be most effective (like most workouts) when used daily for a period, followed by a break. Keep the body guessing. Or just use it on rainy or cold days when outdoor movement doesn’t feel right.
Note: When the body is more burdened with toxic accumulation rebounding will be more difficult. As you cleanse, you will be able to stay on your rebounder longer and longer.

*This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.