Ana’s Lazy Girl Food Tip: College Life

Dormitory Eating

For all you university students, dorm eating is tricky. Bringing your own mini-fridge or renting one is essential. Stock your fridge with organic dark chocolate, raw goat cheese, and decent Dijon mustard (you can bulk order all of these from Then add some long-life veggies such as cabbage and carrots (Goat Cheese Cabbage Rollups or Dijon-Stevia Carrot Dip, anyone? (Just add stevia to Dijan mustard, et voila!) The Goat Cheese Cabbage Rollups can sit for a while without loosing as much vitality as, say, lettuce. This way, if you can’t get off campus often, you can still have late-night study group snack options. Top your fridge with a bowl of lemons and avocados.

Dining Halls and Cafeterias

The salad bar is the obvious choice. You can make a giant pile of veggies with lemon juice and stevia, and smuggled goat cheese or avocado from your room. But don’t ignore the hot meals. Steamed broccoli, marinara sauce on Italian nights, and baked root vegetables are commonly available. Many meal service providers (including Flick) will offer a steamed fish option, or will make you a fresh omelet. If there’s a sandwich station, you can pillage the Dijon mustard, tomato and red onion supplies. Don’t be afraid to ask for simple specials. Many cafeteria workers will sneak a sweet potato into an already hot oven, offer a steamed veggie without oil if asked, or bring out fresh salad bar supplies when it has been depleted. And remember the power of many: I once circulated a (misguided) petition to get turkey burgers on the menu on burger night, and they obliged! If only I’d known about Sunshine burgers back then!