Glossary Terms: Alkaline and Acidic

Alkaline substances: Substances with a negative ionic charge (more electrons on the atomic belt than there are protons in the nucleus). These are the most desirable, life-generating substances. They conduct abundant life force energy and promote healing! These include all properly grown, fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, and their juices, raw young coconuts, mother’s milk for babies, sunlight, clean air (think oceans, forests, and mountains), clean water, and all that promotes peace, joy, love, and inner connectivity.

Acidic substances: Substances with a positive ionic charge (more protons in the nucleus than electrons on the atomic belt). This charge is carried by all unnatural, synthetic substances, including wall-to-wall carpeting, pollution, electromagnetic radiation (such as TVs, computers, cell phones, etc.), all processed foods (such as soy, flour, meat, dairy, candy, coffee, etc.), and all that promotes acidic emotions and experiences.