Testimonial from Grace

Dear Natalia:

I feel the need to write to let you know that I am so happy to have come across your book, The Raw Food Detox Diet. I was introduced to the idea of raw foods about eight months ago. Between then and now, I’ve struggled with many of the theories and ideas put forth by raw food proponents. As well, I came from a macrobiotic background and felt that its approach was becoming too restrictive. By restrictive I mean having to make a choice between having vegetable juices (which are frowned upon in macrobiotic circles) or grains!! My body was telling me to have the juices. I had been over any temptation toward processed foods, white flour products, refined sugars, baked goods, fried food…My challenge had become choosing between foods that were already considered healthy.

I’ve read so much about raw foods that the idea of cooked food started to look scary to me, BUT intuitively, I felt that so much of the information was steeped in dogma. So for a while I’d been asking God/Universe to help me find MY way because I didn’t want to resort to endless spending on so-called superfood supplements that promised to make me “whole,” which implies I’m broken without them. And I wasn’t drawn to grains anymore either (brown rice, barley, etc.). I wasn’t drawn to sprouting, eating nuts/seeds, or having fruit all day. When I think of nuts/seeds, I can feel a heaviness emanate from my stomach. But I am drawn to sprouted bread like Ezekiel, at least for now.

I feel that I can connect with Spirit better if my “vessel” is cleaner. My light will shine brighter without all the sludge and anything I need will reach me from the outside more easily as well. 🙂

Recently, while surfing the net, I came across an interview with you and immediately felt relieved, like a heaviness had been lifted. My lungs expanded. Your approach makes soooo much sense to me. It never feels like an all-or-nothing situation. The rules for combined eating help answer so many of my questions. Its simplicity is superb. And although I’ve followed this for about a week, I feel the difference where my bowel movements are concerned. A shift in thinking has taken place. I’d read so much about cleansing that I really underestimated the power of elimination, which is where focus ought to be. Thank you for helping me understand.

With sincere thanks,