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What I Really Want To Do Is Direct (continued)

Please take a minute to consider this key idea that just came to me, in light of the concepts I discussed in my last blog:Your choices are a natural outgrowth of your world view and consciousness.

Now, let me illustrate with a personal example how this works in real life.

When I had a more common world view, I fell into all the same traps as do those who seek my counsel today. I was not setting up causes that would bring about life-generating effects. In my choices, I followed the examples around me. I acted and reacted like the adults I had watched as a youngster, or like my peers. I assumed that they knew what they were doing, that this was simply how life was, so I adapted accordingly.

Like anyone else, I lived under the influence of common values (despite getting more than my fair share of religion). I was raised with family quarreling, abuse, constant dramas, and all the rest. Add to that extreme emphasis upon physical beauty, clothing, financial success, and other such qualities that were highly valued in my community. This is the consciousness or world view that I accepted from my youth and continued to be fed over the years. This consciousness was at the root of my values; my values were at the root of my choices; and my choices created the effects that constituted my life. My every life choice revolved around either the attainment of these values or the fear of failing to attain them.

With that world view directing my life choices, or the CAUSES I set up, you can imagine the fruits of those causes, or the EFFECTS. I fed and perpetuated dramas, addictions, lacked any understanding of what I truly was as a human being, and felt the intense pressure to excel in the designated areas just to gain the respect and approval of my community. Of course, in the meantime, I felt horribly trapped in this sad reality and was extremely dissatisfied with everything. I can tell you this for sure: I never felt the current of Life Force Energy flowing through me when I was at that level of blocked physicality and consciousness!

So, you see, I have been there. I have worn the foggiest glasses of all! It was not until my world view and consciousness changed and I released my misguided perspectives on life that my life experience dramatically changed.

One thing I did carry with me all those years was this nagging sense that there was more to life than what I’d been led to believe (even in all my years of going to church). Finally, when I was really sick and tired of the disappointing fruits of my life, I set out with everything in me to get to the root of the matter. I set about it like a woman dying of thirst for truth: I had to find it or die trying. I did not just knock on the doors of truth. I pounded, I wedged, I directed my thoughts toward this pursuit with an unyielding determination.

Little by little, like catching drops from the waters of life, I savored them until I got closer and closer to the source. As I integrated what I learned (the ideal ways to care for the body, relate to others, spend my time, invest my energies, etc.) with equal zeal, I finally found the gold—the inner nectar that connects us to the source of all life. It is a sweet place to be, a place that all of us can find and enjoy. It’s as simple (and as challenging) as replacing the old, tired self-conceptions with a higher vision and implementing that higher vision into every aspect of our lives. That is when our choices yield the most abundant, delightful, life-generating fruits.

So, once again, take a moment each day to reflect on the following idea until you feel all your choices are governed by a clearer consciousness: Your choices are a natural outgrowth of your world view and consciousness.Make deliberate choices from this higher consciousness and you’ll direct a beautiful life.

And…cut! It’s a wrap!

Your friend and fellow life-director,